NITRO, W.Va. — A man and two women are in custody after police say they committed an armed robbery Wednesday.

Nitro police have charged Kaleb Johnson, 19, Megan Long, 21, and Kayla Levitt, 23, with first-degree armed robbery.

The three allegedly robbed Tiffany Taylor of Eastwood Acres after she agreed to give them a ride. Taylor told police Johnson held a sawed off shotgun to the back of her head while the women went through her purse.

Nitro police said Johnson, Long and Levitt all confessed to the crime. They are in the South Central Regional Jail.

Police found the weapon they believe was used in the crime.

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  • Gary Karstens

    Three young adults and already indoctrinated with an instrument of death.....YEESH!

    • Aaron

      If you are referring to the drugs involved, I agree Gary. By the way, how is Momma Karstens doing? I loved her comments the other day. It explains a lot.

      • Savage

        He's referring to guns and gun control. He fails to comprehend gun control means hitting your target.