CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Board of Osteopathic Medicine unanimously approved a summary suspension of Roland Chalifoux’s license after the Marshall County neurosurgeon was accused of reusing syringes on multiple patients.

In the wake of Friday morning’s vote, Chalifoux has the right to a hearing before the Board of Osteopathic Medicine within 15 days.

Diana Shepard, executive director of the Board of Osteopathic Medicine, said the suspension essentially puts Chalifoux’s Valley Pain Management clinic in McMechen out of business.

“There is no other physician working in that practice. So by virtue of him losing his license, there will not be any medical services allowed to be offered there at that clinic,” Shepard said.

Part of the board’s concern involved Chalifoux’s refusal to provide a list of his patients to the state Department of Health & Human Resources. The agency wants the information so it can notify current and former injection patients they may have been exposed to hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

Chalifoux was not notified of Friday’s emergency meeting, and the board’s legal counsel Jennifer Akers said notice was not required. All the board needed was information from an investigation by the state Bureau of Public Health, which began last year.

“Things their epidemiologists had actually observed, it involved non-sterile techniques. A number of things they observed that were very troubling,” Akers said.

Dr. Chalifoux responded to the Bureau of Public Health’s claims on Thursday in a written statement claiming:

“The West Virginia Bureau for Public Health findings from the investigation of my practice did not include the re-use of needles or syringes for multiple patients by me or my staff for any reason. This is a false allegation that is only found in the state of Ohio release.”

The Board of Osteopathic Medicine licensed Chalifoux to practice in West Virginia in 2004 after a year-long vetting process, one that typically takes only two to three weeks. Shepard recalled that board members were more cautious in their deliberations then because Chalifoux had faced allegations of malpractice in Texas.

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  • Christopher Everspark

    Dirty syringes can hold many diseases. To think that some, or many, were infected because of this doctor will be a terrible burden for these patients to bear for many years.

  • dale

    I just figured out why u put huh as your name haha

  • dale

    If the only pain I had in life was repeating to my mom what I wanted to eat from the basement I'd say the same ignorant crap huh

  • Jake

    I think a lot of the time these center around reusing vials, drawing from either the same vial or additional vials with one sharp. I'm sure there are instances of a clinician reusing sharps, but the manufacturing of these items is so poor (not for the intended one use, but if used multiple times) I'd imagine patients would soon complain.

  • fair and balanced

    Are you serious; your duplicity is exceeded only by your ignorance. To draw a relationship between the Affordable Care Act and this suspension is stupid beyond belief. Own it.


    Overly-sensitive, internet, poster, addict you must be.


    Spit-take, you owe me a keyboard.

  • Pain

    very well said!

  • Pain

    You have no idea why people go to pain clinics do you? Do your research before you open your mouth and accuse people of being addicts. Your a real special kind of stupid aren't you?!

  • Dumb Liberals

    Get used to seeing this type of headline. Brought to you by 100% of the liberal democrats in the Dysfunctional Capital. It's called m0r0n-care! Making your healthcare their business.

  • justplainshocked

    If you want to know just how bad this type of conduct is, look up Dr. Dipek Desai of Las Vegas, NV. Over 40,000 patients had to be tested for Hep C, etc. and 7 contracted the disease, 2 have since died. At his clinics, syringes and vials of propofol were reused for colonoscopy exams.

  • Knots

    He should be charged with attempted murder

  • Alex

    “Things their epidemiologists had actually observed, it involved non-sterile techniques. A number of things they observed that were very troubling,” Akers said.

    Did he reuse needles (bad) or syringes?

  • Huh

    Sorry, I totally misstated that, what I meant to say was "most people who go to "pain clinics" to see doctors who aren't really doctors are just going to get pills because they are addicted to them".

  • Chanellness

    Right, pain management is around chronic pain and assistance to reduce that pain. Chronic pain can be from lost of things and not due to drug addictions although anyone has capacity to be addicted to prescription drugs due to long time usage. Doctors are to effectively monitor this to decrease chances of this occurring, however, addictions may occur.....example Michael Jackson and others who are not celebrities.

  • Chanellness

    He knows better and need to go to jail. He has put the client's lives in jeopardy-at increased risks considering diseases and he violated health policies for money in his pocket.

    He can cut back expenses - costs in other areas. If they look in his past history of doing business I am sure there are accounts of this type of conduct. He won't have his license much longer cuz negative impact will clearly surface.

  • SNmith

    I am sure that is true for a multitude of people. However, the belief that "everyone" that goes to a "pain management" clinic is an addict is surely one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. Not all addicts use needles either so the statement about "sharing needles" further proves your overwhelming desire to stereotype people without first educating yourself.

  • 2peachy

    sorry you are ignorant!

  • 2peachy

    No they are not drug addicts.. real people with real spine issues that are seeking alternate treatments to avoid not categorize everyone seeking alternative spine treatments due to pain as druggies!! Shame!

  • Huh

    It's obvious I touched a nerve, sorry you are an addict.

  • Jima

    To "Huh"!....your such a fool....dirtbags like you make me sick!

  • IfItWalksLikeADuck

    He probably thought, "well, they are 'system allotted medicare patients,' and who'll find out anyway? Couldn't be much worse that the drunk sleeping under the bridge with the other drunks." You know, sharing from the same wine bottle, just passing it around, back and forth, back and forth, just passing it around."

    Never know what you're going to get when you seek out the services of some of these quacks! Overhead! Gotta keep the overhead down, man! Yeesh!!!

  • Mason County Contrarian

    He must have missed the Internet lesson on sterilizing.

    Drat those dadgum online degrees!

  • Huh

    Aren't people that go to "pain clinics" really just going because they're drug addicts? They probably share needles all the time in their personal lives.