CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The petition the Kanawha County Commission will file with the state Supreme Court, asking for the removal of Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Plants from office, could be finalized by next month.

On Thursday night, the Commission voted unanimously to take that step as Plants continues to deal with his own misdemeanor charges of domestic battery for allegedly disciplining his son with a belt along and violating a protective order.

Kent Carper, Kanawha County Commission president, said it’s a move he’s making reluctantly. “I don’t want to remove Plants. I don’t want to get engaged in this. I’ve avoided it for several months,” he said on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

In an attempt to resolve the charges, Plants recently agreed to be part of a batterers intervention course in Putnam County. That course lasts 32 weeks.

An appointed special prosecutor with assistant prosecutors and other support staff have been handling the cases Plants cannot because of possible conflicts while his own domestic charges are pending.

Up to this point, Kanawha County has paid $92,000 for the special prosecutor’s office. By the end of the intervention course for Plants, the special prosecutor bills could total an estimated $240,000.

“This is a tremendous amount of money, plus it’s just not right and it’s causing trouble,” Carper said of the controversy surrounding Plants.

In comments to The Charleston Gazette, Plants called Carper and Kanawha County Commissioner Dave Hardy “political bullies” and said all he wants is “his day in court.” He said the county should seek assistance with the domestic cases from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. That help, Plants argued, would cost the county nothing.

The next meeting of the Kanawha County Commission is scheduled for Aug. 14. The petition could be finalized at that point.

Once a petition for removal is filed, the state Supreme Court will appoint a three-judge panel to hear evidence in the case and determine if Plants will stay in his elected position.

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  • WV Worker

    Do like the rest of the work forces
    FIRE HIS BUTT, end od discussion.

  • Judge Judy

    Let's get this over with. For God's sake, how long does it take to prepare a petition? I realize they want to make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed, but this has gone on long enough.

  • Bill

    Pure politics plain and simple! I heard Kent Carper on Hoppy's show this morning saying he didn't want to do it but he voted to do it. It's one or the other, he's straddling the fence, as always. He sounds like Judge Smailes in Caddyshack "didn't want to do it but I did it for his own good. Pleassssse!

    It's costing to much money so let's spend more money pursuing this nonsense.

  • Gary Karstens

    The problem I have with this whole situation is that many of these commissioners and mayors are using this whole incident as a sounding board for MIC time for themselves. Tell a news outlet about the will spread.....go about you business and most of all....TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.

    Too many of these guys like the MIC time...the Hardys, the Carpers, the Jones, etc. This isn't a soap opera. Do what you are supposed to do. YEESH!