FAIRMONT, W.Va. — The brother of U.S. Senator Joe Manchin claims the senator and his other brother Roch Manchin owe him $1.7 million from a loan that originated in the 1980s.

(Read lawsuit here)

Dr. John Manchin II filed the civil lawsuit Thursday in Marion County Circuit Court. It claims he loaned the money to his brothers to help their financially distressed business, the Manchin Carpet Center, with the promise he would be paid back.

The lawsuit said the most recent repayment promise came in July 2012 in a Funds Sharing Agreement but still no money has come his way. Dr. Manchin also claims that he was promised if he held off filing a lawsuit against them he would be “granted, conveyed, and provided a one-third interest in the coal reserves and coal brokerage businesses and other businesses incorporated, formed, and owned by them.”

The lawsuit also claims Sen. Joe Manchin and Roch Manchin dissolved the Manchin Brothers business without knowledge of John Manchin II.

The civil suit alleges violation of the Uniform Partnership Act, unjust enrichment, constructive fraud, breach of fudiciary duty, breach of contract and civil conspiracy.

Sen. Manchin is not commenting. His office told MetroNews Friday the lawsuit was a family matter.

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  • thornton

    Thanksgiving should be a blast.

  • Protechcpa

    "Move along. Nothing to see here." The facts speak for themselves. Pull up a chair, get a good front row seat. Let the unraveling begin.

  • 2XLPatriot


    The real Joe! Those pesky democrats.

  • william

    The rich get richer!
    How much money does one family need?
    What is the net worth of all these family members?
    Joe Manchin
    Roch Manchin
    John Manchin
    Daughter Heather Bresch
    Joe, Obama says -

  • Mike

    Politicians and diapers are closely related in that both should be changed often and for similar reasons.

    A politician "not commenting" is code for not yet having made up their story or developed the spin.

    • cutty77

      @ Mike,
      I always like that statement. Thanks for bringing it up again.lol

  • robert

    As a state senator, I'm not sure a $1.7 million debt is a family matter. That's the type of money that causes politicians to self-deal on legislation.

    When you are a public servant vested with the public's trust, you need to be transparent with this type of situation. Senator Manchin needs to address the matter, publicly.

    • Chalkdust

      Well put. But I don't expect a public airing.

  • Chuck Lovinski

    Say it ain't so Joe

  • cutty77

    Just look how much trouble This Family has caused WV. From Heather to now Joe and every Manchin in between. This Family thinks WV owes them every red cent they can pull out of The State.

  • Mister G!

    A person who would willfully screw over his own brother is capable of anything. Anything.

  • Greed

    The lawsuit of the crooks. The Manchins are a bunch of crooks. Wonder if brown lips Hoppy. Will have this on his show.

  • Jim N Charleston

    Oh what fun that will be had with this

    All I got
    I'm Jim N So Charleston

  • BFsFinest

    Maybe he can get the state to add more harmless animals to their wild and dangerous list to recoup some of the money for him!

    • Karma

      The only animals that should be banned in WV are politicians. All of them!

  • systemwaxingworse

    "Sen. Manchin is not commenting. His office told MetroNews Friday the lawsuit was a family matter."

    I think it ceases to become a family matter when all the chords are loosed in a public court that lend further to public opinion. If I'm paying for it, (tax dollars) then I want to know all the details.

  • Carmen

    The Senator is not having a good week with family.

    This suit promises to reveal how he has managed to live the high life without any visible means of income.

    His brother and lobbyists have been footing the bills.

  • RogerD

    The senator sure has issues with family members. First it was with his daughter and now his brother. Watch out if he starts saying the people of West Virginia are like family!