FAIRMONT, W.Va. — The brother of U.S. Senator Joe Manchin claims the senator and his other brother Roch Manchin owe him $1.7 million from a loan that originated in the 1980s.

(Read lawsuit here)

Dr. John Manchin II filed the civil lawsuit Thursday in Marion County Circuit Court. It claims he loaned the money to his brothers to help their financially distressed business, the Manchin Carpet Center, with the promise he would be paid back.

The lawsuit said the most recent repayment promise came in July 2012 in a Funds Sharing Agreement but still no money has come his way. Dr. Manchin also claims that he was promised if he held off filing a lawsuit against them he would be “granted, conveyed, and provided a one-third interest in the coal reserves and coal brokerage businesses and other businesses incorporated, formed, and owned by them.”

The lawsuit also claims Sen. Joe Manchin and Roch Manchin dissolved the Manchin Brothers business without knowledge of John Manchin II.

The civil suit alleges violation of the Uniform Partnership Act, unjust enrichment, constructive fraud, breach of fudiciary duty, breach of contract and civil conspiracy.

Sen. Manchin is not commenting. His office told MetroNews Friday the lawsuit was a family matter.

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  • NotRepublican

    What?! Manchin boy wonder skipped out on a loan?! What?! He owns a coal brokerage firm?! Well that just shocks me, he gets rich by voting for his own interests while the state residents get the shaft, yet he throws a little accent in and all these gullible idiots vote for him... I admit I voted for him for WV gov once, I was naive... I was 18... But I quickly learned my lesson and haven't voted for him again. He's the reason why I no longer vote a straight Dem ticket. I always vote for the mountain party candidate over that fool

  • susanf1218

    I hope he DOES run for President! Hopefully, that would divert his attention away from running for Governor again! WV does NOT need him back as Governor! But sadly, there are far too many ignorant voters who will cast a vote for him just because he has a D beside his name.

    • Aaron

      Like it or not Joe's a take charge kind a guy and he is not happy being one of 100. He WILL be the next governor of West Virginia.

      On a positive note regardless of what you think of his politics I cannot imagine that this past legislative session would have been as horrendous as it was if he were in charge.

      • Lucinda

        Many people voted to send Manchin to Washington for the sole purpose of shipping him out of the state.

        So sorry that he is not pleased with being 1 of 100. So be it. Byrd did an excellent job for West Virginia being 1 of 100.

        Looks like Manchin has failed at Byrd's job.

  • Status Quo

    People will put him right back in as governor as he anticipates being picked up on the national ticket.

  • joe biden

    Give the senator some time. He hasn't been in the senate long enough to enrich himself. Just a matter of time? Hey Joe, any thoughts on our Marine who's been in jail in Mexico for 4 months.....without any assistance from the prez or congress?

  • Mr.P

    The Manchin family is a disgrace,for not being able to resolve issues behind closed doors, instead now the whole state knows

  • WVU 74

    Is there another Reality TV program in our future?

  • Jonus Grumby

    The reception for some might be a little chilly at the Manchin family reunion this summer.

  • PMQ

    BloJoe, please just go away. You are a joke and disgrace. I hope your days of self, and family promotion is over. Slither back to the hole you came out of. We are very very tired of your act.

  • Bill

    The Governor we have now is no better, he's cut from the same cloth as "old joe".

  • Cnm

    Hello MetroNews Reads, instead of complaining...do something! It is easy to sit back and complain. How are you any better off?

  • Randy

    I'm sure as daughter Heather "thinks she remembers going to her graduation", the Senator "thinks he remembers paying his brother back." And to think the talk this week was about a presidential bid. I would have never really thought that was likely. I could see his name on a long list of VP possibles. And for my money, I feel brother Roch/Rock/D***** Bag could out sleeze his brother Joe any day.

  • Dave

    Why would anyone expect a politician to tell the truth.

  • Tobias Sampson

    Now that Mama Manchin has gone to her reward, will Fredo (Joe) go fishing?

  • The Truth

    As a State worker who suffered under Jug Head Joes time as governor. All I can say is HA HA. Karma does work. Jug Head Joe has always been about himself.

  • Kelly

    How did he pay for the yacht?!