MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Following weekend commitments from Martinsburg safety Deamonte Lindsay and offensive guard Jah’shaun Seider of Glades Central, Fla., West Virginia’s 2015 recruiting class ranks 26th nationally, according to

With 16 nonbinding pledges, the Mountaineers hope they’re building toward one of the top-rated recruiting classes in program history. They currently own the No. 2 class in the Big 12—one notch behind No. 25 Texas and one spot ahead of No. 27 TCU—though it’s a long way until national signing day in February.

West Virginia seemed to be the obvious frontrunner for the three-star Seider, who’s the brother of WVU running backs coach JaJuan Seider. Yet scholarship offers from LSU, Louisville and Ole Miss gave the 6-foot-2, 287-pound Seider plenty of options. He also is being recruited by Minnesota, South Florida, Illinois, Marshall, Cincinnati and others.

“Seider appears to have quick feet and a great explosion off the line,” said Rivals writer Keenan Cummings, who reported the commitment for “His quick feet help him get good position in pass protection, and even though he is shorter than most traditional tackles, he as good arm length and easily keeps defenders at bay. Even more impressive than his quickness is his raw strength when blocking in the run game. Seider is a relentless blocker and doesn’t disengage until the whistle is blown.”

With Seider becoming the fourth offensive lineman committed for 2015, West Virginia reportedly is pursuing a couple more prospects up front. One of those is Jamie Herr of Elkton, Md., who committed to WVU for the 2014 class but failed to qualify and opted to remain at Eastern Christian Academy for an additional year.

Martinsburg’s Lindsay is the second in-state prospect to commit to West Virginia for 2015, joining Morgantown tight end/defensive end Stone Wolfley.

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  • Cato is the MAN

    Go, CATO!!!!!!

    • Jabo

      You shop at Cato?

  • Wayne county bill

    The best thing about Marshall is the movie we are Marshall. At least it wasn't a plane crash that destroyed the football in huntington the past decade or so it was the lack of coaching and talent.

  • Tommy Johnson

    I really like the blue suit that Dana wore to Big 12 Media Day. Where did he buy this nice suit? Someone, please ask him for me. I also like the WV lapel pin.


    I am a Marshall fan and so are most of my friends. We all root for Marshall and WVU when they are not playing each other. I really don't know any WVU haters. However, there are entire twitter accounts devoted to hating Marshall. Search "Herd Hater" if you think I'm making this up. You can even find websites of the same purpose. Marshall's fans have been rated as the most hospitable and friendly in the league. This can't be said for WVU fans unfortunately.

    • Jabo

      All 20 of you?? You don't have enough fans to be called a fanbase.

    • SCOTT guys sure were friendly when we came to your place....cussed at..spit was great!!!!

      But really, it goes on everywhere...went to a wvu-uc game and was scared for my life...and i live in Cincy.....anyway

      go herd


    • james hicks

      I am a WV fan and do root for Marshall when they play. You need to just read post on this sight from Marshall fans not saying that. Most of the hard feelings came from Bob Pruett when telling lies about WV trying to get home and home. games. That would have helped Marshall but would have done nothing for WV. Marshall should win all their games this year with a very very weak set of games. Read post here if they do even though the WVU will play every team stronger than Marshall.

    • An actual athlete

      Who cares?

      • Tyrone

        I second you there An actual athlete....................Who cares.?

        • WV Proud

          An Actual Athlete and Tyrone. The Ohio State and Pitt sight are open for people who do not care. I suggest you try that sight. You can watch the Ohio State band and The Zoo videos. Give it a try guys.

  • any major dude

    I would hope that we would have the inside track on actually signing both these guys. As Allan pointed put, it's a long way to February. But Seider being the brother of our coach and Lindsay being a WV guy, lets hope! Actually Seider, at this point, sounds like one of the better OL recruits in a while, if he can pass up LSU and some of the other big boys. Family ties!

  • DWM

    The only time I don't root for Marshall is when they play WVU, which is as it should be for every West Virginian.

    Both are major programs that represent the state.

    • Mitch

      @ DWM,

      It should be, but I guarantee you they don't feel the same way.

    • Big Jim

      Agree 100% DWM

      • richard

        i like marshall. but i'm a WVU fan to the core. just because i say something that may not be 100% marshall doesn't mean i don't like them. i hope they win them all this year. but until they get out of conference usa......they will be just another mid level team.

        • An actual athlete

          I dont much care for marshall or huntington for that matter. But i respect Doc, in all reality i would not say anything derougetory of marshall if not provoked my a herd fan.

  • TruthTeller

    Enough of this stupid caveman tribalism. Any body that is mature and has some intelligence
    would agree that your football team does not make or break who you are. Marshall and WVU
    are not rivals. They both represent the state of WV. Enough of the its us against them attitude.
    I wish a good season to both teams this year.

    • Mitch

      @ Trurh Teller,

      Tell that to Marshall fans.

    • In da stickes


      • An actual athlete

        I agree not a rivalry at all.

  • Jabo

    Where is Marsha's class ranked?? 100 something I think.

    • WV Proud

      Marshall does not control the conference they are in. If WVU had not jumped when they did, they would be in the AAC. Marshall was not afforded the same opportunity.

    • Steve

      Obsessed much?

      • Jabo

        No, I just like funny things....Late Night tv, Tosh.0 and Marshall's recruiting classes.

    • Aaron


    • JSimmons

      Nope, 100 something is Marshall's strength of schedule ranking.

      • Jason

        Well...what about the rankings that actually matter...currently the best ranking to look at is the preseason team ranking...and let's see what their team ranking is at the end of the year. Most D1 coaches do not pay much attention to recruiting rankings, too many variables if the players actually pan out or not.