ELKINS, W.Va. — Congress is about to get a letter on the importance of completing Corridor H. The Robert C. Byrd Corridor H Authority met last week and passed a resolution which they have sent on to the House and Senate.

“We’re calling on Congress to please get through their stalled negotiations on a transportation bill and pass a six-year funding bill so that states, West Virginia and every other state, can plan their transportation infrastructure improvements,” authority member Robbie Morris explained

The final 25 percent of Corridor H will cost between $400 and $600-million.

Congress is balking at passing long-term funding for the federal Transportation Trust Fund. They’re leaning towards supplementing the fund for another 10 months. Morris said that is not what is best for Corridor H or thousands of other transportation projects currently on hold because of the funding delay. He’s hoping the resolution will show the need for action.

“This is just another means to relay our wishes that the transportation funding bill be completed so that we can get Corridor H and a lot of other transportation infrastructure in the state done. It’s difficult to do when you don’t know how much money you have to play with,” stressed Morris.

Construction on Corridor H got started back in the 1960s. As of the end of this year, the four-lane from I-79 in Weston to the Virginia state line will be 75 percent complete. But building that last 25 percent is estimated to cost between $400 and $600-million.

Morris said as long as Congress continues to work on a year to year basis, there will not be enough federal funds available to complete the corridor by 2020.

“We’re trying to gain some of the ground that we lost in the past few year. We’re doing that. We just need to keep the pressure on,” according to Morris.

That means more than just sending a resolution. Morris said they are keeping in close contact with state Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox and federal Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. They’re also urging West Virginia’s congressional delegation to back a six-year deal.

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  • ViennaGuy

    A six-year plan is all well and good, but the presence of a plan does not guarantee that the funding will be available. According to the Anti-Deficiency Act, the government cannot enter into a contract that is not fully funded at the time the contract is signed.

  • In da stickes

    Corridor H. Finish it!

  • Jason412

    I don't understand the whole "highway to nowhere". When completed it will be a direct connection from I-79 to I-81, just a few miles from the I-66 interchange. How is that nowhere?

    It's hard for a highway to "save" towns when it's missing pretty much the entire middle section of the highway. But, it's worth noting Buckhannon seems to be doing a lot of development in the area of town close to Corridor-H.

  • AJ

    I really like that idea. Don't expect anything coming from Washington in the next 4-5 years.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Maybe Sen. Joe can borrow the money from his brother.

  • Jonus Grumby

    I've been saying that for years. They can't fix the ones we do have.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Bring the adult illegals here and put them to work on this.

  • Fred

    I wonder if Senator Byrd's KKK membership kept him out of heaven.

  • WV Hillbilly

    Wasted $$$ please name the towns that have died where this road has already been built?????

  • Tony

    The road is nice. I recently traveled it to get to Washington D.C. It's a beautiful route and when it's finished will be a nice direct route.

  • wasted $$$

    it shouldnt of taken 40 years , byrd a dead or not

  • wasted $$$

    because we need to waste 40 more years of time and dollars on a highway that goes no where.....every town that this project was supposed to save has died and withered away already.....

  • I'm honest at least

    If this state cant fix the roads we have then what is the point in finishing that one. The existing roads are in bad shape and throwing a little asphalt in a pothole is like peeing on a forrest fire and expecting to put it out.

  • Sue

    $400-$600 million is much less than the $4 billion Obama currently wants to take care of the illegal aliens storming our southern border.

  • rick

    Good luck...the Repub's dont want to invest in any infrastructure. Bob Byrd is still dead and no one will help get us another penny for this project.

  • JTC

    McKantly and CapiNO have done NOTHING to help with this project, just finish it!!

  • Aaron

    While I understand Congress needs to pass the Transportation Bill, West Virginia lawmakers need to stop depending on Washington to build and maintain our roads and do more at home. While that very well may require a short term tax increase, long term, the funds are available through proper taxation of our fossil fuels, particularly in the Marcella and Utica Shale regions. In those areas there is potential to fund both maintenance projects and construction of new infrastructure.

  • Ordinary WV Joe

    Not to worry. I recall Nicky Joe claiming that he knows how to build roads and taking credit for all of the roads that he has built. Must be true since his name is plastered all over bridges and parking garages throughout southern WV. He'll pull off his infamous hat trick to get the highway funding bill passed. After all that's what he does best. Oh, that and creating high paying WV jobs. And not to forget pulling WV to the top of every "best of" list. And....

    Maybe we need WV LEADERSHIP capable of getting things done without rooting at the public trough!! Wouldn't that be novel... and refreshing