HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — The former manager of a Huntington apartment complex who funneled $150,000 in public housing funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development into her own personal checking account will spend 18 months in prison.

Connie Lynn Whitley, 51, of Proctorville, Oh., was sentenced in Huntington Federal Court on Monday after pleading guilty to embezzlement charges in April.

Whitley had worked at Uptowner Inns. During a four year period, federal prosecutors said she would take the HUD money, which covered a portion of the rent from qualifying tenants, for herself. She hid the fraud by falsely recording that that money was spent on maintenance and other items for the apartments.

State Police, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the FBI were part of the investigation focused on Whitley.

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  • the truth

    Lucky this was federal court. If it had been the PA of Cabell they would have done a diversion with no jail time and I doubt restitution. Laziest prosecutor's office in the state.

  • Mr.P

    The entire H.U.D.system is CORRUPT!!

  • Dumb Liberals

    Based on rough ciphering, she's making $8,333.33 / month while enjoying the comforts of Club Fed. Plus she gets to keep her "salary" for the time frame. Where's the punishment for the crime? She must be a card carrying liberal, democrat, (d), socialist. (For that matter, so must the judge!) What yours is mine! Share the wealth! Where my free m0r0n phone! I want free m0r0n-care! We pay - she plays!

    • yep

      What are you talking about? Though it's not in the article, I'd assume that she would be responsible for repaying the money that she stole and any other fees assessed. She is no longer the manager so no salary from that job. She will be reporting to prison soon. Prison and repayment sounds like punishment to me. Your political rant is irrelevant to this story and you seem confused..

      • Dumb Liberals

        Yep! You are true definition of assume. Carry on dumb liberal.

        • Compassion?

          She lost her job and must repay what was taken byway of a court ordered restitution. This is neither a liberal or conservative matter, rather a legal issue. She broke the law, lost her job and freedom, must repay the money in her last years on earth, and forever will be a felon. There's no sense in being a cruel asshole. To gloat through another persons struggles is disgusting.

          • Dumb Liberals

            I have no compassion for her or any other felon. Her choice, her life, her time. Every person hired in those jobs are liberals "do gooders" that are stealing from the taxpayers. She just got caught, so she isn't that smart. I'm off to gloat while she gets free room and board at our expense. Oh, and BTW, I could care less if she swings from a sheet too.