CHARLESTON, W. Va. —┬áThe National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down in Ritchie and Pleasants Counties during Sunday’s storms.

Meteorologists from Charleston traveled to inspect storm damage along French Creek Road, according to the office.

The preliminary results of their findings indicate it was an EF-1 tornado with max wind speeds reaching 100 mph, based on the healthy hardwood trees which were snapped and uprooted.

It touched down at 7:15 p.m. west of Poynette on County Route 20 in Pleasants County, then traveled roughly four miles to the end of the┬ápath in Ritchie County on Old Street — an area along the Pleasants and Ritchie County Line — and ended at roughly 7:30 p.m.

At its widest, it was 200 yards wide.


No injuries were reported.

Earlier this month, the NWS confirmed EF-1 tornadoes from the July 7 storms, with one in Marion and Monongalia Counties and the other in Taylor County.

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  • Shadow

    Why does every report of high wind have to result in a field trip for the boys and girls? Who cares? Let the Media report it and reduce the deficit by a Reduction in Force. One would suppose that they don't have a real job and sit and wait for a reported wind.

  • Drama Queen Conservative Troll

    So, we are talking about regular tornado outbreaks in West Virginia, and there are still people that don't believe we have a serious issue with climate change?

    • Shadow

      I like the Nom de Plume, it fits.Nonsense verse.

    • FungoJoe

      Climate change is natural and it happens every day. One day is sunny and 75. The next day it is raining. The next day it is 85 degrees out. That is real climate change. The "climate change" the liberal, elitist, repressive Progressives talk about is nothing more than faux science. Total number of tornadoes and their severity are way down. The number of Atlantic hurricanes are way down. All the liberals warned us about Global Warming Hurricanes that would always be the size of Katrina. Funny how that has worked out. Hardly a hurricane since Katrina.
      The global warming hoaxsters haven't got anything right yet.

  • Fred

    Ritchie County was wiped out. Damages approached $500.

    • ffejbboc

      Hey now, you should take this seriously. I heard a whole pallet of windshield washer fluid was destroyed at the Go Mart!

    • WV Guru

      Inflation hits everywhere!