ST. ALBANS, W.Va. — St. Albans police allege a man stabbed his roommate early Wednesday morning in an apartment on Washington Street. 


Pedro Munos

Investigators charged Pedro Munos, 32, of St. Albans, with malicious wounding after taking a report from his roommate Jeremy Martin.

Martin, 29, ran a neighbor’s house after being stabbed. Police said he did have a puncture wound near his chest.

Investigators said they weren’t sure what caused the incident but alcohol may have been involved.

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  • Friend

    Oh my goodness I know both of these people really well. Especially Jeremy the one stabbed! I am sooo saddened to hear this and hope he will recover okay! The guy that stabbed him... I knew him back bout 5 years ago and he was never a very good guy... and just seems hes getting worse! Especially if your going to stab your roomate/friend obviously he has a bad mentality. Hope he ends up in the pen!

  • hillbilly

    The only tattoo he is missing is the capital L on his forehead.

  • SA Resident

    This happend right across from the Hansford Senior Center.

  • Dumb Liberals

    If you've been paying attention to this type of scum you will notice that a high percentage have adorned themselves with neck and facial tats. It's also amazing to note most are street urchins. Maybe the generation's "self expression" does come with lifetime consequences. Their lack of common sense can been seen long before they walk thru the door on a job interview. And they wonder why they didn't get the job.

  • Voter

    Come on SAPD, get this type of scum out of the city. Is this guy even a legal citizen of the US? You can tell by the tattoos that he doesn't work and our tax dollars are supporting him in some way.

    • Friend

      Yeah that's the problem with SAPD. They say theyre cleaning up the streets and all of this but are they really? They always look over the people that anyone with two eyes knows is up to no good! They look right over them and insted of worrying bout violent people and people high on drugs in the street.... they seem to be more worried about speeding or running a red light or jay walking! SAPD stop worrying bout the petty stuff and actually do something and quit looking over the criminals. Hell.. they over look all the criminals... but seems they pull over and stop everyone who isnt and try to pen something against them and make them into a criminal! By the way yeah that guy definently doesnt work at and yes are tax dollars support him and prolly all of his drug habits too!