CHARLESTON, W.Va. — There have been five confirmed tornadoes in recent weeks in the Mountain State but that’s not that unusual according to the National Weather Service.

“West Virginia normally averages at least two tornadoes per year so we’re really not out of a normal range for tornadoes,” NWS Meteorologist John Sikora said.

This summer’s storms have produced tornadoes in Cabell, Monongalia, Taylor, Ritchie, Pleasants and Harrison counties.

“When you get a pretty warm air mass over top of us and you’ve got a cold air mass trying to push it out—when the two air masses clash you’ll get the severe weather,” Sikora said.

All of the tornadoes confirmed in West Virginia in recent weeks have been either EF-O or EF-1 with winds from 89-110 mph. None of them were on the ground for very long.

The latest confirmation came Tuesday when meteorologists confirmed a tornado had touched down Sunday night in the Harrison County community of Johnstown.

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  • Questions

    On this date in 1981 a tornado went thru Pleasants County. My Mother had a boat come in her picture window, trees pulled up, and 2x4's buried in her front yard. And she was lucky. Some had it a lot worse.

  • dolphin3111

    Whew! I'm glad he didn't start preaching global warming.