PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Hundreds of coal miners and supporters of the coal industry will be gathering in Pittsburgh, Pa. Wednesday for what’s being called the Rally to Support American Energy.

It comes a day before the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s Pittsburgh public hearing on the Clean Power Act — the proposed new carbon emissions limits for existing coal-fired power plants.

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin will be part of the event at Highmark Stadium along with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and representatives of the coal industry and labor groups.

That rally will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at West Station Square Drive.

Busloads of coal miners from West Virginia are making the trip. ¬†Organizers said it’s designed to raise awareness about the importance of coal and coal miners to America’s energy mix and the effects the EPA’s rules for new and existing power plants could have on the industry.

Public hearings on the proposed Clean Power Act were scheduled to continue Wednesday in Atlanta, Denver and Washington, D.C. The Pittsburgh hearing was set to open at 9 a.m. Thursday at the William S. Moorhead Federal Building on Liberty Ave. and continue into Friday.

Those organizing the Rally to Support American Energy include the West Virginia Coal Association, the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 154, the Ohio Coal Association and the Partnership for Better Energy Future.

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  • Bent here

    Watched this for the last 20 years in the Kanawha Valley and the death of the chemical industry. Rallies, prayer vigils and all manner of rallies trying to save jobs. FMC, Union Carbide, Great Lakes Chemicals, Avtex, Allied Chemical, Monsanto and Occidental Chemical....gone. Good luck with trying to stop the winds of economic change.

  • Buck

    You are correct, Shadow. The global warming/climate change hoax is no different than any other scam. Just follow the money.

  • rick

    Clean water and air are way overated.

    • The bookman

      So is living in a land buck naked, hunting and gathering your food, and in constant search of fresh water and shelter. Welcome to the 21st Century where we have to manage our resources without back pedaling as a society. Reasonable people should be able to recognize achievable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly methods to achieve a balance. Reasonable people that is.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Smells like another round of $pecial Intere$t$/ Lobbyi$t$/ Fatcat Politician$ Lovefe$t to me, disguised as concern over the future of coal worker jobs.

    • The bookman

      If so, at least someone will benefit from the gathering. A stadium filled to capacity cannot change what has already been etched in stone. I did notice Cecil's name was not included in the notables attending. I wonder if he will be there clamoring for an about face from the administration he supported. Hmmmm.

      • Mason County Contrarian

        Only the monied interests seem to be squalling the loudest at these gatherings.

        Let's face it: outside of politician and coal executive offices, this mythical "war on coal" doesn't resonate throughout the country. The lights will always come on because there's gold (and profits) in them thar power lines, regardless how it is made or who makes it.

        • Shadow

          You are so totally wrong. The effect will come when their bills skyrocket and their air conditioning shuts down the grid. All of this based on the myth of Global Warming which hasn't occurred in 17 years.

        • The bookman

          I would agree that there is no way the lights will dim in this country as a result of any of this nonsense. That is the frustration, as we cannot achieve the reductions in emissions while also using coal and NG to provide 3/4 of our base load needs. It is all politics that significantly impact the lives of people in the energy industry, as well as the overall economy in this country. In the end it will be the end user that pays the increased bill, people of all walks of life with varied ability to endure the hardship of the exorbitant increase in cost of the necessity of electric.

          • Aaron

            450 turbines occupying hundreds of thousands of acres that will provide ~1050 megawatts of power. Fine for Iowa but there's not enough wind in WV to power the turbines we have without an alternate source of power.

          • Mason County Contrarian

            Siemens Technology is placing 448 wind turbines in Iowa, for those who like to use stats. That's 448 reasons why this is a nonissue with most Americans.

            Like it or not, the future is coming and the politicians need to prepare our citizens and state rather than point the finger of blame with irresponsible, inflammatory rhetoric.

            Just one opinion.........