CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Communication Workers of America took to the streets of downtown Charleston Wednesday afternoon to raise awareness about their ongoing contract negotiations with Frontier Communications.

The union’s current contract ran out on Aug. 2, 2013. Both sides have agreed on more than a half dozen extensions over the last 12 months. However, with the latest extension set to run out on Saturday, CWA members said they’re tired of waiting. They want a new contract, something they said was promised by the company when it bought out Verizon back in 2010.


Members of the Communication Workers of America have been working under an extended contract for nearly a year. They held a honk and wave event Wednesday in Charleston.

“(Frontier) made promises and commitments to former Verizon workers, the PSC and the people of West Virginia. We want them to keep their promises,” said CWA Local 2001 President Kenneth Williams.

Several dozen Frontier workers and CWA members stood outside the Embassy Suites on Lee Street in Charleston during their lunch break holding signs and waving for drivers to honk their horns in support. Williams said after nearly a year of being patient, union members want a new contract with fair wages and health care.

“Their livelihood is in limbo until we get some kind of agreement,” stressed Williams.

During past talks, health care was one of the sticking point. Williams said there’s more than just one issue holding both sides back.

In a response to MetroNews, Frontier spokesperson Dan Page said, “We are continuing to bargain at the table and are hopeful to get an agreement in the near future.”

The CWA represents 1,500 Frontier workers across West Virginia.

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  • Too Bad Monty is Dumb

    Vote Union they established the following:

    5 day work week
    child labor laws
    workers compensation
    paid vacation
    unemployment insurance
    pension funds
    Taft - Hartly legislation allowing the right to collective bargaining
    read a book Monty you dope.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Sign them all up for their namesake's heath plan - m0r0n-care! It's their leader's gift to the unions! LMAO at these fools.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Frontier do not keep there promises. They get money any way they can. I called to get rid of my ever slow internet service where upon they set me up with a 19.99/ mo. bill to keep me on. Next bill did not reflect the decrease - I called to ask what was going on. Oh, we can't honor that, was the then reply. So much for Frontier Communications credibility.

  • ViennaGuy

    The government-forced breakup of Ma Bell was one of the worst things to happen to US telecommunications ...

    • Dumb Liberals

      Say thank you to the liberal democratic anointed judge Green.

      • ViennaGuy

        True - and there were a lot of lawyers in the Justice Department's anti-trust unit who shoulder the blame as well. They pushed for the AT&T breakup because they wanted to improve the Justice Department's public image in the wake of Watergate - and they destroyed the world's best phone system in the process.

        The book "The Rape of Ma Bell" is a real eye-opener concerning the breakup of AT&T. I highly encourage anyone to read it.

  • Joe

    Will one of these people in the picture please come fix my phone service. It has been two weeks now.

    • Dumb Liberals

      Contact the FCC and file an on-line complaint @ Seems that is the only way to get this bunch's attention.

  • Steven

    Should of made Verizon stay!

  • Mr.P

    Contracting work out is killing company employees like Frontier

    • Dumb Liberals

      Guess those non-union workers do a better job than those lazy CWA unionized door stops.

  • gv

    The worst company in the world, best thing that could happen is they went out of business.

  • Wv outdoorsman

    Just because someone is in the union doesn't equal them being liberal that's just comical.

  • johnny

    They put the application in to start working for frontier. They knew the pay starting out. If they don't like it now they should find other employment. Unions is the reason that vehicle prices are outrageous.

    • Whatever

      The Union workers in this case, are merely asking to keep what they got. I can't get head around why peeps on here slam working people for fighting for their wages and benefits. Is it because you are unhappy with your own situation, and projecting that towards unions?

      • Joe

        What does the term "working people" mean?!

  • Dumb Liberals

    Go ahead and strike! Then you fire every last one of their liberal union rears. They are worst providers of service in existence. Stopped dealing with their a**hole customer service and just started filing FCC complaints. Amazing how fast things get repaired. Exceptionally POOR service gets you ZERO sympathy.

    • billyed

      When is Frontier CEO responsible? Frontier's CEO makes $6,604,832 a year and several other upper management make over a Million a year. This CEO makes more in a day then most of her workers make in a year.
      And the GOP wants to attack the middle class.

      • Dumb Liberals

        Ah yes. The 1%er argument. Wonder why it's called upper management? Could it possibly be because the labor force below didn't pay attention to mommy & daddy and study hard when in school? Could it have something to do with the union workers' entitlement attitude? The union mentality of we want it handed to us on a silver platter? The union work force needs to be FIRED in every job. They are the downfall of the US economy. Ask the head of your union how much he makes for doing nothing. After all, he is leeching off of your paycheck. Calculate your real financial gain should you strike. That alone proves the union mentality is just plain ignorance in action.

        • Wv outdoorsman

          I'm sure people wouldn't be bashing union employees if their income depended on these union jobs . It blows my mind that people come on here and blast fellow wv men and women for working every day. If your gonna hide behind a screen name and spew this non sense grow a pair and come speak to the face of some of these hard working people I bet that doesn't happen or better yet let's work together to make not only frontier better but our state in general. LET'S GOOOOOO

          • Monty Burns

            The problem WV Outdoorsman is that businesses can no longer afford legacy costs associated with unions. Furthermore, based on the people in this picture, if they all lost weight and changed their diets, their healthcare costs would not be through the roof. The American auto industry is a prime example. The UMWA caused the whole auto bailout situation and led to the downfall of Detroit. I say screw all unions and bust them up. I call on all Froniter customers to boycott all Frontier products and put all of these whiny union bums out on the street. Also, the service would improve if the company suddenly lost revenue.

  • Jonny D

    CWA is a joke. If they wanted to gwt a fair contract then they would have initially went on strike. Frontier was not prepared to deal with the service issues had they walked out. A year later and they still don't have a contract. If they accept another contract extension then it is just going to hurt the other unions that begin negotiations within the next month or two. Either agree to a contract or grow a set and show them you a serious and go on strike.

  • CaptainQ

    Frontier seems to be slow on everything. Slow on service, slow on correcting billing errors, and now, slow on employee contracts.

    Why does THIS not surprise me?

  • WVU 74

    No doubt, Frontier wants to keep them working on their dinosaur equipment at a low wage rate.

    • Wow

      I know some people that work for frontier and the wages are not that bad. I think they are looking more at other areas for improvements.

  • Monty Burns

    No skin off my back if they strike. I have a cell phone and great satellite internet. Enough of unions already. I can't wait for the day when they are dead. It is just a matter time before they all go the way of the dodo. Unions are on the way out. They served a purpose decades ago. Now they have become corrupt, mismanaged, and unreliable to their members. Unions have been losing membership by the thousands now for years.

    • Wv outdoorsman

      Well I disagree Mr. Burns my dad worked his butt for 33 years as a union employee to provide for our family until he was killed on the job and if it hadn't been for the union and lawyers fighting with my mother for his benefits after his death it wouldn't have happened his employer could've cared less about my dad or family . So I respect your stand but please don't classify people by their weight and job professions. Because you might be skinny but ugly as sin but not my place to judge you.. LET'S Goooo

      • Monty Burns

        I really don't give a damn about your famoly history. It is proven fact that if people lost weight, healthcare costs would go down. It seems the majority of people on this board agree with me that unions are on the way out abs Frontiet sucks!

        • Wv outdoorsman

          Glad you don't care about my family never asked you to but not everyone hates the union like you. It's also a proven fact that if the world didn't have narrow minded idiots it would be a better place . So I guess your gonna have to deal with fat people making health costs going up and I'm going to have to deal with narrow minded idiots . Such is life

    • Dustin

      That is good for you, but there are still areas that don't have cell service. Where I live is one of them, we have landline with frontier. And I will admit their service is something to be desired. They refuse to remove trees from there lines, and update their wiring at all. But they are the only phone service in the area, so people are stuck with it if the cell service isn't here.

      • Monty Burns

        Boo hoo! Cry me river!

    • Jonus Grumby

      Well, if it works for you, that's great! But from what I've seen, great satellite internet fits in with Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy.

      • Mr. Howell

        Go back to the SS Minnow Skipper!