CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston police arrested three people Wednesday in connection with the conditions inside a house on the city’s West Side.

Photo courtesy WSAZ-TV

Items seized in Wednesday’s raid.

Investigators said a young girl was being kept in deplorable conditions on Garvin Ave. that included a number of knives.

Police arrested the child’s babysitter Jessica McClure, her boyfriend, Randolph Jennings Wilson and the child’s mother Kathryn Smith on drug and child neglect charges. Smith was arrested after returning to the house during the raid.

Police said the home was infested with bed bugs and roaches.


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  • Voter

    Looks like they are all out on bond except the babysitter. Gotta love the justice system too.

  • MOCO man

    Thank you FED UP..........probably the most intelligent and factual comment I have seen on here.......

  • Tom

    The "knife" in the photo looks like a machete. They probably needed it to find the house.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Where's the WV Deviates of Hide, Hinder, and Resist? Same place they usually are. Hiding in their cubical, texting on their phones and playing Candy Crush. Just 'cause they are state employees, that doesn't mean they do anything. It's just the opposite.

  • wvguy

    WVDHHR is seriously backlogged. They have far too many cases to handle and no chance of getting additional support.

  • ViennaGuy

    You have to wonder where WV DHHR was in all of this ...

  • Dr. Sarcasm

    OMG!!! I have a number of knives in my house too! Am I a criminal?

  • Sara

    Not to make light of this, but is the babysitter in this story the same Jessica McClure who got stuck in a well in Texas as a baby? You know.....Baby Jessica.

    • Larry

      No, she's married now, wrong last name.

  • Voter

    When is the state going to wake up and drug test the welfare recipients?

    • Bar Tab

      They will test for drugs when it mandatory for everyone. Should start at GovernmentLevel and come down. Court officials and teachers first. CPS and SPA workers alike...Everyone. Don't just pick on poor..Disabled people. Drugs is a wealthy habit, And should be treated as such...Government first...

      • fed up

        Oh, give me a break! Don't pick on poor disabled people?? Most employers now require a drug test before you are hired. It seems that these poor disabled people certainly know how to get their hands on these drugs for their wealthy habit-paid for with my tax money!!! Free doctor appointments, free prescriptions, mileage reimbursement for going to the doctor: all paid for by ME!!

        • fed up

          By the way, my daughter is a teacher in Kanawha county and she had to take a drug test.....

      • hillbilly

        Hand me the pee cup.. I will go first. I have nothing to hide! And I work for a living.

    • Saul