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William Arney Amos

FAIRMONT, W. Va. — A man arrested and charged with a Thursday morning robbery in Fairmont is now also being charged in a July 7 robbery in Bridgeport.

William Arney Amos, 34, of Shinnston, was arrested after allegedly holding up the Marion Square branch of WesBanco with a knife, telling the bank tellers there was a bomb outside the facility and then making off with an undetermined amount of money in a blue Ford Taurus.

The Fairmont PD explosive detection K-9 searched and no bomb was found.

Seven minutes after the report, Corporal John McDougal of the Fairmont Detachment of the West Virginia State Police spotted the suspect’s vehicle traveling through Monongah on Route 19 and pulled the vehicle over.

McDougal found Amos in possession of the knife and mask used in the robbery.

Amos admitted to robbing the bank.

All of the currency taken from WesBanco was recovered and he will be arraigned before a Marion County Magistrate on charges of 1st Degree Robbery of a Bank and False Reports of Bombs or Other Explosive Devices.

Bridgeport Detectives were notified of the robbery due to the involvement of the blue four-door sedan similar to the car police were looking for from the robbery at the Huntington Bank in White Oaks.

After traveling to Fairmont, Lieutenant Gary Weaver of the Bridgeport Police Department and others interviewed Amos, which led to the issuance of an arrest warrant by the Bridgeport Police Department, in conjunction with the Fairmont Police, West Virginia State Police, FBI, and ATF.

This warrant charges Amos with 1st Degree Robbery of a Bank.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    5 years plus10 years of supervised parole post club fed (if they take they fed route). If it's state charges then he's looking at 5yrs + 5 years supervised released and he's out in 2-1/2. If his attorney is real good and drinkin' buddies with the judge, he might even get it reduced to littering with a 30 day suspended sentence.

  • David Kennedy

    Those two bank robberies should be good for about 30 years...even with Plea Bargaining and Good Behavior.
    What was this 'Rocket Scientist thinking of?
    I'd give this one to the Feds...Bomb Threat ?...
    Armed Robbery...ha ha ha..
    Where do they come from?