PITTSBURGH, Pa. –– The last public hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Act, the possible new carbon emissions limits for existing coal-fired power plants, will wrap up Friday at the William S. Moorhead Federal Building in Pittsburgh.

On Thursday, 14 members of the United Mine Workers of America were arrested and cited for trespassing, part of a pre-arranged agreement, after sitting down outside of that building and refusing to leave.

Those 14 people included UMWA President Cecil Roberts who lead a noontime march from the David L. Lawrence Convention Center that included more than 6,000 coal miners and supporters from more than half a dozen states — including West Virginia.

They chanted “UMWA!” as they marched with signs that read, “Fighting for Coalfield Fairness.”

Those miners said the U.S. economy is in danger if the EPA’s efforts to reduce emissions by a national average of 30 percent before 2030, in comparison with 2005 levels, take effect as proposed.

At the same time on Thursday, environmental groups held a separate rally at the August Wilson Center in support of the regulations.

Public hearings have already been held this week in Atlanta, Denver and Washington, D.C. In all, the EPA was expecting 1,600 people total to speak in the four cities.

Up to now, more than 300,000 written comments have been submitted on the Clean Power Act. The public comment period on the 645-page draft rule continues through Oct. 16. That rule gives states different deadlines and options for meeting varying emission-reduction targets.

Critics have said those goals are unattainable.

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  • UMWA local 2300 Member

    The U.M.W.A. will win this fight too.

  • Jason412

    Did any of the environmental groups sit in front of the building and refuse to leave? Not that I seen. The people arrested had every intention of being arrested, it wasn't some P.P.D. conspiracy.

  • mingo-nam

    The only difference between UMWA and the Titanic???????
    Titanic had live music playing. Sad fact.

  • Randy

    Cecil is a d**che. But to be fair and balanced, I wish they would arm Cecil and Don Blankenship to the teeth and let them fight to the death. Hopefully both would win the fight and the world would be a better place for it.

  • Randy

    No Bob. I'm really that informed.

  • Guardian

    "At the same time on Thursday, environmental groups held a separate rally at the August Wilson Center in support of the regulations."

    Did any of these folks get arrested???

    Thought so . . .

  • Gwhh

    They backed the wrong horse for sure

  • PMQ

    AMEN! But, I heard there was almost an incident with Cecil's RUG....some locals thought it was a possum, and almost shot it off his head!

  • PMQ

    Keep singing that song, while the ship is sinking. That mentality is a big part of the problem. Let me know how being such a puppet for the UWWA works out for you.

  • zero tolerance


    Believing in a union is liking buying a recently assembled General Motors product. You get what you deserve.

  • Dumb Liberals

    What a total JOKE! I've never seen a more two-faced bunch of m0r0n supporters in my life. Union thugs now trying too save face as a result of their support of the m0r0n, not once, but twice! Yet the dumb liberal hillbillies in WV supported, and continue to support, their union gods right into unemployment. Continual support of the same failed liberal politicians over and over again, doom hillbillies to poverty for decades on end., yet they cow towel to their union thugs. The m0r0n's m0r0ns!!!!

  • Bob

    Are you really that ignorant?

  • Randy

    Maybe Cecil Roberts and the UMWA would get more support from the public if they didn't fight to get miners fired for failed drug tests and miners fired for sleeping on the job their jobs back. The union can lie all they want, and maybe most might believe them, but this is what is at the top of their agenda. Maybe not on paper, but this is what their actions demonstrate.

  • Independent View

    It was breezy today, with some significant gusts of wind. How did Cecil keep his "Rug" on while marching down the street today?
    Wearing a "Rug" speaks volumes about Cecil's vanity and his character, or lack thereof.
    The down side is miner's loosing their jobs and no employment prospects other than mining in the coal fields.
    The upside is less union membership and less member's due for Cecil and his ilk for campaign contributions to the likes of Obama and his lapdogs such as Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer and lest we forget--Jay!

  • TB

    Keep following Cecil Roberts - how well has that worked out?

  • Raging Moderate

    Wait a minute. The UMW are fighting the Obama administration, protesting the EPA's war on coal, and raising their collective voices to express their frustration with his destructive policies.

    Yet unions are irrelevant, aren't they? Relics of an earlier time when they might have been necessary but now I can't work in their shops, they force you to vote for whoever they tell you to vote for, they are Democratic bastions and enemies of capitalism, because they cause companies to go out of business with their demands.

    Maybe we can start an Association: Conservatives For Unions! Maybe we can get a club going: Liberals Against the Clean Power Act!

  • Mr.P


  • Worm

    Saw the Video in the pittsburgh post gazette. Also read the comments about the EPA regulations in the thread attached to the video. Overwhelmingly in favor of the regulations. It's going to be impossible to change course. Each generation has a higher appreciation for the environment. As the US continues to move from a manufacturing economy, few people understand these jobs or give damn if they remain. Natural gas being cheap and abundant. It's to much for any industry to overcome. If steel manufacturing in America can die then coal will not be far behind.

  • RogerD

    I wondered if old Cecil was going to get himself arrested. He doesn't like going to these things if he can't do some pokey time. He' such a buffoon.