SUTTON, W.Va. — A Michigan man is being held in the Central Regional Jail after State Police say he provided several different names to a trooper who stopped to assist him along Interstate 79.

That man was stuck near Frametown Wednesday because of vehicle problems.

James Thomas Coleman, 22, from East Lansing, Mich., was charged with providing false information, obstructing an officer and forgery after allegedly giving conflicting information about his true identity.

It was later determined that Coleman was wanted in Charleston on a delivery of a controlled substance charge.

Troopers said they found $14,000 in a box in Coleman’s vehicle.

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  • Bill

    Why would they need identification to help someone that is broken down? I didn't know that having car trouble was a violation.

  • Mr.P

    How do you know so much,tell me more

  • Mr.P

    Lots of drugs are being brought into WVa from Michigan

  • skutor1

    Well said !!!

  • Dumb Liberals

    Bugs, please state your evidence to support your accusation against the Trooper. Just as I thought, you have none other than your hatred toward police. The guy they busted must have been your drug supplier, based on your supposition. What’s your illegal drug of choice Bugs? Heroin? Cocaine? Pot? Or maybe meth? Doesn’t matter, your statement proves why they call it DOPE - Dope!

  • Bugs

    After stopping to HELPED ... what the ..........The 14,000 ... more like .. 54,000 , but that's all that get reported.

  • Jonus Grumby

    That's why they ask for identification even when rendering assistance. The officers have no idea who they are dealing with. Even criminals have breakdowns on the highway.