WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — An open scrimmage for the New Orleans Saints is scheduled for Saturday in Greenbrier County as training camp for the NFL team continues at The Greenbrier Resort’s Advocare Sports Performance Facility.

As recently as a month ago, though, Dennis Lauscha, president of the New Orleans Saints, admitted he was “concerned” that moving camp more than 900 miles — on a short timeframe — would not be possible.

“I just kept shaking my head, saying, ‘There’s no way it’s going to be ready. We better have a back-up plan,'” Lauscha said on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Hoppy Kercheval/MetroNews

The New Orleans Saints have been in Greenbrier County for training camp for the past week.

The almost $30 million training facility with three football fields was built in 59 days.

Now a week into camp, Lauscha said he’s happy to see the progress of training in noticeably cooler temperatures. At times, temperatures have been in the 40s in Greenbrier County at the start of the day.

“Our players are able to practice well in the conditions that are here in West Virginia and it’s worked out great,” he said.

Bobby Hebert, a broadcaster and former standout Saints player, said he’s enjoying the weather as well.

“We’re just glad that we’re able to come up here because it’s so dog-hot in Louisiana right now, it’s like the Burma jungle,” Herbert said.

“It’s unbelievable what Mr. (Jim) Justice (Greenbrier Resort owner) and everyone have done in such a short time span. I mean, these fields are in great shape and, basically, it looks like they moved a mountain.”

Saturday’s scheduled scrimmage time is 8:50 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. The team will be off on Sunday. Open practices are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week before the Saints travel to St. Louis for a preseason game against the Rams on Friday, Aug. 8.

The team will return to The Greenbrier for practice from Aug. 10-13 before heading back to New Orleans to complete training camp.

All of the practices are open to the public.

MetroNews “Talkline” was broadcasting from The Greenbrier Resort on Thursday and Friday as part of the Saints camp.

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  • tina llewellyn

    will the rain stop practice?? we want to head out that way

  • Jody

    so can anyone tell me... if I wanted to go tomorrow where do I park? does it cost to watch them? do you bring lawn chairs or is there stadium seating? thanks for any info!

  • Diane

    What would be really great is these new facilities being offered up for some football camps for the smaller high schools in the state, the ones in counties with small populations and consolidated schools that don't have the money for more modern facilities.

  • Mister G!

    Rhetorical question: Will MetroNews, so smitten by a workout facility, report anything a year from now when the construction companies who built it sue Fat Bastard in order to recoup pennies on the dollar? ...

    Who dat?!

  • Art in Ohio

    Your right on. Great that this is happening in WV with the Saints....BUT....

    Here we go Steelers here we go...

  • Robert

    I'm really happy that things seem to be going well for this new endeavor, and you can't beat the weather we've been having lately as a nice welcome for the players and guests.

  • Leroy

    Apparently the players don't like the floral wallpaper in their room according to an article in cbs sports

  • Wild man Willie

    All we need now is jimmy J to build a nascar track

  • just sayin

    My family and I went over last Saturday for the picnic with the Saints. I must say that we were really impressed with the facilities, the fields and the overall setting. Although we are not Saints fans, the experience was amazing. The Saints players that we met were extremely nice, and food was good and for $10 a great deal ($5.00 to ride the bus from the fairgrounds- total of $15). My daughter was able to get Drew Brees autograph. Thank you, Mr. Justice...from a future (?) Saints fan. This made an otherwise boring Saturday afternoon rather exciting!!

  • rose

    I'm glad things are working out for NO since our state is overlooked in many areas.

    However, I still root for the Steelers: )