MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Martinsburg’s four-time defending Class AAA state champion team got even better when former standout running back Trey Boyd moved back to West Virginia and is expected to begin preseason practice with the Bulldogs.

“It’s really exciting to be back,” Boyd said. “The love that you get from the city and all of the fans and alumni, it’s been really exciting. All of my family is here and I hope to have a lot of fun during my senior year.”

The rising senior totaled 832 yards and 14 touchdowns for the Bulldogs during his sophomore campaign, despite missing close to half of the season with an injury.

He helped lead Martinsburg to what was its third straight championship in 2012, finishing the title game against Cabell Midland with 193 rushing yards and two touchdowns. One of those scores was an 83 yard touchdown in the second quarter, the state record for the longest run from scrimmage in a Class AAA championship game.

“I was definitely nervous going into my sophomore year at Martinsburg,” Boyd said. “But getting that year under my feet, I realized that with hard work, dedication and commitment, it’s not as hard (to be successful). You have to outwork the people you’re playing against.”

Boyd’s family moved back to Florida in 2013 as he played his junior season for Island Coast High School in Cape Coral, rushing for nearly 1,300 yards and 11 total touchdowns.

“We made it to the playoffs and the year overall definitely made me a little smarter,” Boyd said. “My football IQ is a lot higher now. Being around a lot of fast and talented kids, you grow and adapt to your surroundings.

“Compared to the other running backs in that county (in Florida), I feel like I was one of the better ones,” he continued. “But it wasn’t just me. With the team that I was on, the linemen that I had were great and made huge holes for me to run through. With all of the practice that we had, it was hard for me not to succeed.”

Boyd, who runs a 4.5 40 time, said he has added on about 15 pounds since his sophomore year, standing in at 5-foot-10, 185 pounds.

Christopher C. Davis/Clark's Artistic Photography

Martinsburg running back Trey Boyd is back for his senior year after playing 2013 in Florida.

“I’ve been getting a lot of love from folks in Martinsburg,” he said. “A lot of people that I’ve talked to are my family. I was born here and I have so much family here. There’s a lot of support, a lot of love and I’m really happy to be back. My teammates are awesome as well.”

Despite being in Florida, Boyd still kept up with the Bulldogs as they went on to win their fourth straight state championship.

“I kept up with them all year and kept thinking to myself how I wished I was up there playing with them,” he said.

Martinsburg already has a stable of running backs returning in Eric Brown and Deamonte Lindsay who carried the rushing load a season ago. Boyd now gives the Bulldogs yet another threat to score anytime he touches the ball.

“As far as I know right now, my role will be something similar to my sophomore year,” he said. “Just rotating in, getting the carries and making the best out of what I can get. I’m not really too worried about starting or anything like that, I just want to do whatever I can to get that fifth ring for Martinsburg.”

Boyd, who has been in contact with WVU defensive coordinator Tony Gibson, saw Lindsay get offered by and committed to the Mountaineers last week — something he hopes will be a possibility for him as well.

“I’m happy for Deamonte – we’re great friends,” Boyd said. “I was happy for him and I told him if they offered, he better commit so that way we could be roommates up there.

“When I was in Florida, Coach Gibson and I communicated a lot as well,” he continued. “I came up for a visit on the Gold-Blue game and toured the facilities. I liked it a lot, we’re just waiting to move forward with a couple of things and hopefully it will eventually work out.”

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  • Aunt Debbie Gray

    We are all so very proud of you Trey! You can't listen to all the untrue negativity; rather keep doing what you're doing! Not only am I happy you're back to your hometown to play for Martinsburg, but I'm also very happy you are home in general, because I really enjoy seeing you more often! Once again, I'm very proud of you!

  • StaggerLee

    If they can stay out of jail until the offseason, it should be another great year for the Bulldogs!

    • Doggie

      Lol. Count to 5! Get use to it.. It's gonna happen.

    • Haters gonna hate

      Let the butthurt begin

  • ryan

    What a joke, he should of never been allowed to play two years ago, should of been in trans school after being expelled in Florida

    • Greg Hill

      Trey Boyd has NEVER been expelled from any school ever. if you're going to make a statement like that you better make sure your first sentence is a fact

      • Dogsfan

        You are correct I do not know were this rumor started but he was never expelled from school for crying out loud the kids family is from up here.

    • Dogsfan

      News to me he was expelled just get over it no laws were broken quit whining and just let the boys play ball

    • Hermit

      If he were expelled the same guy at the BOE who should of been fired over the Watkins fiasco would of known and sabotaged it. Donny D hates the dogs more than you.

      • jaybo83

        Every HHS player and alumni should go thank Dellinger for his antics which inspired the 'Dogs to that 78-0 whipping last year!

  • Mburg

    I am very glad to see Trey Boyd back at Martinsburg. Many local supporters believe the team was very strong without Trey and would have challenge for another title - I was one of them but I was not really confident. I am very very confident now. Most people believe his strength is his offensive skills but checkout which WVU coach he says has been in contact with him - defense. I believe this is where Martinsburg can benefit most from having Trey Boyd back. Love the offensive skills and can't wait to see him break some big plays. I am also looking for some big hit from him on the defensive side of the ball. A review of his Florida stats shows that he was ranked high on defense than he was on offense - am I wrong? Good luck bulldog see you on the drive for five.

    • Devil's advocate

      You're not wrong, and I doubt WVU would offer him on offense with the players currently committed. However, Gibson is the area recruiter for WV and PA. I assume he would have just maintained contact after Boyd went to Florida, and probably knew Boyd was likely to return to WV. Also is there any proof he was kicked out of his FL schools? If so someone post a link, don't make comments like this that slander a minor without proof

      • Dogsfan

        The stories of him being expelled is false from everything I know

      • Greg Hill

        Thanks Advocate&well said.Let me give you another set of facts that as his great unclecIm privy to. Trey had really just come home to the city he was born in 17 years ago. He had a great granddad who was a Sheperdstown Highstar a long time ago as a fullback a 30pts a game shooting gaurd and record setting track star.This fellow gave Jefferson county the armwrestling craze&and is fathet of the left handed world champion in that sport. Even though Im the static that I can go watch him play football on Friday nights I'm even more happy that his granddad will be able to listen to the radio grandson play football