Sport Mart first opened in Charleston in 1930. It moved to this larger location years later.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — It’s the beginning of the end for Sport Mart. The sports retailer, which has been in business in Charleston for more than 80 years, announced last month it was going out of business.

The store opened its doors Friday morning for the start of its liquidation sale.

“We’re starting with everything in the store at 20-40 percent off. Nothing excluded,” according to Buddy Clendenin, the assistant general manager. “If you’re looking for shoes or fishing supplies or even team supplies like footballs and stuff for your midget league kids, we’ve still got a lot of merchandise.”

The owners of Sport Mart said competition from big box stores like Dick’s and Walmart cut into their once brisk business. After looking for someone who might be willing to buy them out and no takers, they decided to close for good.

Clendenin said it’s a tough time for everyone involved.

“You not only feel bad for the employees who have been here, some for 30-years plus, but for the customers you’ve gotten to know,” he stressed.

There’s no timeline on how long the liquidation sale will last.

“The plan is probably 12 weeks. There’s no specific end date,” according to Clendenin. He said they’ll close when the merchandise is gone.

He urged those who want to take advantage of the sale to shop early. The prices will go down even more as they get closer to closing day. However, the selection will be less varied.

When Sport Mart first announced they were shutting down the owners hoped someone might get word and make them an offer.

“There have been three or four discussions and so forth, not only for the whole business but parts of the business. As of right now nothing has been done. We’re really not holding out much hope that that will still happen,” said Clendenin.

Sport Mart was originally located in downtown Charleston. The family-owned business moved to the Town Center Mall but eventually landed at its current site at the end of the Patrick Street Bridge on MacCorkle Ave.

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  • arp

    Checked out the sale today, which was actually no sale. Twenty percent off stuff that was overpriced to begin with. Wait until they offer real discounts!

  • WC

    IMO, the one thing that hurt Sport Mart is their refusal to change with the times. You were unable to shop online at Sport Mart. I love shopping online and not having to actually go out to the store. I guarantee you they could have increased their sales by 30% if they would have added online shopping to their website.

  • Hailey

    I went in to buy some running shorts, they were deeply discounted from $32 a pair all the way down to $30 now that's a liquidation sale!

  • Dumb Liberals

    Sounds to me like the owners were trying to rape the customer on every product they sold. Maybe if they'd have lowered their profit margin to a completive rate they'd not be in this self-imposed situation. I'd bet their 20-40% price slash is still higher than the competition's. Maybe they should have lowered the employees salaries or laid a few off to make themselves more competitive, instead of them all now ending up unemployed.

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      • Dumb Liberals

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        • Dumb Liberals

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        • SPRUCEKNOB

          although I don't agree with everything "Dumb Liberals" posts here he has the same right as you and I do to post here. If you don't agree with him then post your own thoughts and let the readers decide.

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          • arp

            "Please Stop Posting" belittles someone's "lack of knowledge and lack of a high school education," but uses "your" instead of "You're." Wonder where he got HIS education??

          • Dumb Liberals

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  • jfk

    I hope they find a new owner and someone keeps their trophy business open the lady there was so nice and helpful to me. Personally I found the staff friendly at Sport Mart.

  • Triedtotellthem

    I emailed them when that other sporting goods place at Southridge opened. I told them they better focus on customer service and train their employees not be so rude or they would be knocked out of business.

    The few times I was in there since that email showed me that nothing changed. Still the same rude people. And high prices.

    Hate to see any business close, but SportsMart did it to themselves.

    • Monty Burns

      Could not agree more with you. Prices were high and they were rude.

  • Monty Burns

    Nananana! Nananana! Hey, hey! Goodbye!

  • cutty77

    I really Liked Sport Mart. Buddy and his Great Staff always took great care of me. Its really a shame to lose such a Great Store. I hope something good comes from this. Customer service is going by the way side it seems.