MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Clint Trickett enjoyed a splendid summer by most accounts.

Excluding his Twitter account, of course.

The quarterback’s recent social media misstep—a gone-viral Tweet that was equal parts sarcastic and sexist—generated more discussion during Thursday’s post-practice news conference when Dana Holgorsen revealed that he banned Trickett from tweeting.

“He made a mistake. He released a statement. Then I told him to get rid of all his social media,” the coach said. “If you abuse it, then it’s going to be gone.”

And gone it is. Trickett’s Twitter account, which had swelled to more than 13,000 followers, has been sacked.

Holgorsen said he wasn’t fretting any flare-ups over freedom-of-speech from his players.

“They chose to play at West Virginia University—we can do what we want to with (their) social media,” he said. “Our guys are pretty good about it. We try to keep our eye on it. If guys aren’t representing West Virginia University, West Virginia football and West Virginia athletics the way that they’re supposed to, then there will be repercussions with it.”

Holgorsen sounds a little like his offensive mentor Mike Leach, who barred all of Washington State’s players from Twitter in October 2012—a ban that lasted eight months. Leach previously squashed tweeting at Texas Tech in 2009.

Trickett didn’t need 140 characters to send a strong message Thursday. Though he’ll always look somewhat frail by FBS standards, the fifth-year-senior appeared more muscular than the version we saw last fall, or even last spring. And his arm looked robust and accurate, albeit throwing to a passing net and uncovered receivers.

Holgorsen said Trickett’s development stretches beyond the physical.

“His sense of urgency, the way he’s reading signals and getting the ball snapped, is night and day compared to what it was at any point last year,” Holgorsen said. “It’s just nice to be able to not have to coach a guy every single play. You can call it, and he does it, and you just move on to the next one.

“He’s in a good place, and we will continue to develop his leadership skills and his continuity with the rest of the receivers. There’s a real comfort level right now with him and (center) Tyler Orlosky and the receivers. That didn’t exist at any point last season.”

Beginning his apprenticeship behind Trickett was four-star freshman William Crest, the Baltimore product who arrived on campus less than two months ago.

During passing sessions Crest gravitated toward offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson, seeking feedback after seemingly every throw.

“His head is spinning,” Holgorsen said. “He’s going to make a ton of mistakes, and it’s our job to keep him up and keep coaching him.”

A key figure in Dunbar winning two Class 1A state championships in Maryland, Crest figures to battle Paul Millard for the backup job this fall before emerging as the frontrunner in 2015. At 6-2 and 210 pounds, he

“He just looks different than anyone else out there,” Holgorsen said. “He’s big, he’s fast, he’s strong, and he’s got a good arm. There’s a reason why we recruited him for three years.”

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  • william

    Trickett will not make it as starting Q by the sixed game. He will be benched!
    Bring on the next one.

  • Wilma

    Gazoooooo, where are you?

  • FNP


  • FNP

    People are way too sensitive these days. What has happened to this country and the ppl who live in it? Oh wait....ppl have always had opinions but there wasn't facebook or twitter 20 years ago.

  • JimJim

    Yes, I think it's a good idea that Dana Dude shows our young players how to act. Now, let's go down to the dog track and drink up!

    • Billly

      Let it go already....prob was complaining about stew even though he once called a player a n#%%#*!!

  • MOCO man

    If all of the whiny people weren't so ultra sensitive..........none of it would have been a headline......

  • the flying dutchman

    ah, to those who were offended by his "sexist" must be enjoying this age we live. everyone is offended by something and are quick to share that offended feeling with the rest of the world. first and foremost, let me apologize for whatever you found offensive. the unfortunate side of life is not all of us have led the absolutely pure and englightened life you have. we are the unwashed masses who actually have a life and dont sit around waiting to be offended by someone or something. my only advice to trickett is to keep on keeping on. love the the offended..i suggest a long walk on a short pier is in order...and please dont reproduce.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      You seem to have taken offense to something...

  • Josh


  • steve

    Crest should wear the red shirt. Enough QB's around to handle the load this year. Watch and learn and be ready for 2015

  • Michael

    I couldnt care less about his twitter account, those were his thoughts and if you disagreed don't follow him.


    I don't have a twitter account and I don't do Facebook so all this social media stuff I could care less. He made a mistake and apologized for it. End of that story.

    What I am more concerned about is his physical health and how he is spinning the football to his receivers. First reports look good but the proof will be Aug. 30 in Atlanta. Until then Clint, concentrate on getting better and leading WVU to a winning season!

  • Amanda

    Excited to see Crest. I've watched some of the YouTube videos of his time in high school and WOW! I can't wait to see him in action!
    I was very offended over Trickett's tweet at first and sounded off on it...the more I thought about...the more I remembered my own social media blunders and also how Trickett is young...that sort of wisdom only comes with experience and learning from mistakes...I think he's learned from this one! Hoping for great things for WVU this season! LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!

    • QB coach

      they don't show the incompletes & bad throws on highlight reels.... Every players highlight reel makes them look like a 5* recruit..

    • cutty77

      Glad to have a female football Fan jump in here. She is already very smart,likes William Crest. The WVU QB of The Future,which will be this year. Welcome Amanda,i look for more posts from you. Nice to have a little class on here.

      • Ole Sasquatch

        Both of you: Get in the kitchen.

        • Diaspora

          Amanda, please bring thick skin if you are going to accept cutty77's invitation. As you can see, some of the regular posters have absolutely no qualms about hurling an insult at you as soon as they can. Best advise: hit and run (i.e. Post your thoughts as sincere as possible and never return to see what sort of follow up is there, or should I say, abusive idiots intent on shredding you to bits).

          • Amanda

            HA Ha I've already figured that one out. I find all of this pretty amusing. I have to admit I've giggled a little all day. The kitchen? I'll step in the kitchen to make sure the smaller minds that have to compensate for something probably even smaller are making MY sandwich correctly. Otherwise I'll be watching sports center with a cold budlight if ya need me!

        • ChrisP

          Lol. And make me a sandwich!!

          • Ole Sasquatch

            That's the spirit we're looking for. You Go Girl!!!

          • cutty77

            You keep bringing it Girl.I told you i like your insight on the QB. The Kitchen is a whole different deal. lol

  • Aaron

    When the story broke on Trickett regarding Twitter I was extremely disturbed by the sexist remark. I wondered why it didn't cause more of an uproar and Taylor's in-depth reporting provided no answer. In discussing the tweet with one of my sons, he said he heard about it but he had not seen the actual tweet, I showed it to him at which point he informed me the sexist tweet was actually a song title.

    • Mitch

      @ Aaron,

      It's also what we used to call freedom of speech.

      • Aaron

        Not really. While an average student might enjoy some rights to freedom of speech while at the University, the reality is that students choose to go to WVU, athletes choose to participate with one specific teams and I'll come with restricted rights.

        The same holds true for people who work for private companies. The company has every right to restrict your speech. Just like the students, if you don't like your speech being restricted you can choose to leave the organization that is restricting your speech.

    • Greg

      The only thing worse than Twitter and Facebook? Rap music!

      • Tim C


  • WVUGrad

    I am excited about Crest. Being born in Baltimore and having relatives who played sports at Dunbar, I feel especially connected to the guys from that area. Gotta love that MD connection for WVU sports!

  • JoeyO

    You made this reference-> ""Holgorsen sounds a little like his offensive mentor Mike Leach, who barred all of Washington State’s players from Twitter""...How or why ?? Because he has banned ""1"" (not the team) player from social media for not representing WVU athletics the way that they're supposed to??. ..... you're reaching on that one Allen.