MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After four non-contact practices, the pads finally were popping Monday afternoon as West Virginia engaged in the always spirited Oklahoma drills.

The drill pits players in a man-on-man tough-guy scenario: One blocker going head-up against a defender as a ballcarrier tries to scoot through the narrow running lane.

“That good old Oklahoma drill that everybody likes to watch,” said coach Dana Holgorsen. “The kids get fired up about it being a live-contact drill.”

As do the coaches.

New defensive coordinator Tony Gibson was slapping the helmets after linebackers plugged the hole. Lonnie Galloway whoofed right along with his receivers as they scrapped against defensive backs. Holgorsen chirped in too, amping up the energy on the warmest day of preseason camp so far.

The only real dustup involved safety Jarrod Harper and receiver Devonte Mathis, who wrestled momentarily into the group of onlooking players. Safeties coach Joe DeForest laughed heartily as he separated the two.

Two injuries resulted from the Oklahoma drills. Second-string offensive lineman Stone Underwood injured his right shoulder and spent the scrimmage portion sporting a strapped-up ice pack. Third-string nose tackle Brandon Jackson was limping and grabbing his right hamstring.

While most of the quarterbacks engaged in passing drills during the special-teams period, William Crest was once again fielding punts. That’s the second time the four-star quarterback has done so, joining Mario Alford and Jordan Thompson.

As the media’s half-hour viewing session ended, the team began a controlled scrimmage.

“You get about 12 opportunities to tackle in three and a half weeks, which is about what we did last year,” Holgorsen said. “Because we have a lot more bodies (than last year) as opposed to a 30-play live period, it may be a 50-play live period.

“This camp is designed to keep these guys healthy, and we’ll have a lot of recovery time. We’re not having to put a guy out there and get 50 reps out of him, per day, in a live situation. The goal is to get out of camp with enough reps to be able to be in game shape, but to also be healthy and ready to play that first game.”

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  • Ron - from Morgantown

    Yea he (DH) has put on a little weight - haven't we all ? The Red Bull is sugar free . I'm sure Coke isn't happy with this because they have given Wvu $$ for exclusive rights to beverages on campus and for advertising . Yes they have their own energy drink . I agree DH seems more comfortable in his own skin these days . I always thought we would be better than expected this year because of experience depth and a QB who has memorized the play book . I'm not ready to say we beat Bama but the game will be competitive and we will win 7 this year . See you at the bowl game .

  • Protechcpa

    Have to say, Holgorsen is looking more like a head coach. Anyone else notice he has picked up about twenty pounds? I wonder if any other team has their "quarterback of the future" shagging punts? Did Robinson do that at Michigan? I cannot remember.

    • Ricky

      He probably just picked up that beer gut from being around Huggins all the time.

  • Just wondering

    Do those of you who post on these articles think players read your ridiculous pep talks? Not going to lie it's pretty entertaining though. Let's gooo Mountaineers!

    • the flying dutchman said "think"....this is not the mensa board...that one is down the hall and take a left. this is the "cleanup in aisle 3" daily meeting forum where opinion passes for fact and mom telling a poster to clean up their room are the norm. honestly, i've had to take a knee from laughing so hard the carpet needs replaced. this is the internet equivalent of the island of misfit toys.

  • Sam

    Are some of you finally coming around & seeing what I've been saying all along? We are definitely going to be 'Bama & win at least 9 games this year. MARK. IT. DOWN!!!

    • the flying dutchman

      mark...take your're scaring the women and children.

    • TruthTeller

      SSHHHHHH!!!!! What are you two?

  • FNP

    Crest is a big ol boy! Good to see that our recruiting is on the rise.

  • steve

    I still say Crest wears the red shirt this year. There is enough QB's there to get the job done. A year learning the system-watch out in 15


    WVU's Defense needs more time against an offense both running and passing, filling lanes, getting to the ball, breaking up passes, going after a lose ball drills with all eleven starters on a field...mental reps, over and over and over...learn angles to get to the ball carrier faster, how to get off blocks and Most of all how blow through blocks... I would like to see in early August three separate practices Special teams , Offense & Defense... They all need to work on executing the plays , know there roll with one another....The eleven on the field needs to know everything there is to know about his team mate that is on the field... Please FIGHT AS A UNIT...

    • ACTUAL WVU FAN (with a degree and hot wife)

      then stay off the site mr superstar deuch smh
      I hate you pretend fans

      • Stephen

        I'm guessing his "degree" isn't a BA in English...

      • BCR

        So wvu is ahead of your wife mr actual fan??? Bet shes really happy

      • soo

        BC a guy says WVU is not as important as his wife...child...and job...he is a pretend fan??? Priorities all messed up

    • TruthTeller

      Okay who died and make this guy a coach?

      • Just wondering

        A coach alone in his moms basement!!! Lol

        • ADub

          So you two think you are the "cool" guys, huh? A fan gets fired up and passionate and here come the negative Nancy's. I'd say WVU fan is probably more successful than you both. A positive and upbeat attitude go a long way.

          • Just wondering

            I doubt he is Adub... I love the mountaineers...but my "passion" (lol) as you called it goes towards things I can control like my relationship with my wife who I guarantee is better looking than job...wvu football is down on the list on my passion list lol

  • VaultHunter

    Looks like Crest is one of the better ATHLETES on the team I'm sure he will see the field quite a bit. I believe Clint can win games for us if we keep him protected and healthy. But I would not be shocked if Crest was good enough to make it a serious competition by mid season.

    • Aaron

      The first line should have said "if he is in competition" not if it is competition.

      • TruthTeller


        GRAMMAR TROLL!!!

        GRAMMAR TROLL!!!

        GRAMMAR TROLL!!!

    • Aaron

      After watching Crest' highlight video, I would be surprised if it is a competition at mid season. There is no doubt that he is a heck of an athlete but he has a hitch in his throw and he doesn't appear to be overly accurate in his passes as many were 'area' throws in which receivers made adjustments or were wide open. You see this in his 56% completion percentage during his senior season of high school. If he is the QB during this season, it's either because of injury or a REALLY bad season.

      • TruthTeller

        Enough of the Crest crying all ready.
        Be patient. He will get his opportunity
        when the time is right. In the meantime
        just grab some Crest toothpaste and
        brush your teeth. LOL!!!

  • Jdawg

    From the pictures I've seen it looks like our team has done some work in the weight room, seeing some meat added to these guys makes me think they've busted butt during the off season.... Yeah boy!

  • Aaron

    There's nothing like pads popping in the hot August sun to make you think of championship football. Today my heart says 8-4, 3rd in the big 12 and a decent bowl game.

    • TruthTeller


      TO A BOWL GAME!!!

  • william

    How much red bull does that guy drink?

    • Ricky

      I've seen it listed before as 8 cans a day; from espn magazine if I remember right.

      • TruthTeller

        Could be worst. It could be moonshine!!!

        How many cups of coffee did you put down today Mr. I have no flaws?

    • Troll


  • J the C

    Let's go 'Eers. Let 'em count us out. I love being an underdog!

  • JasonWVU

    I was reading quotes from yesterday's practice and they aren't going to give every QB reps that's probably why Crest was taking punts. They're probably just trying to keep him busy and keep working him in his "down time"

  • Ducks In A Row

    "While most of the quarterbacks engaged in passing drills during the special-teams period, William Crest was once again fielding punts."

    WHAT???? Did I read this correctly, or am I suffering from some form of dyslexia? If it's true, what's up with that?

  • Mike

    Time to play angry and kick some Big 12 butt!