CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Communication Workers of America and Frontier Communications have reached a tentative agreement on new four-year contract.

CWA International Representative Elaine Harris told MetroNews the deal was reached early Monday morning.

“It’s come after more than a year of negotiating,” Harris said.

The old contract ran out Aug. 2, 2013 but union members didn’t strike instead they agreed to a half-dozen contract extensions during the past year.

We are pleased to announce that Frontier and the Communications Workers of America have reached a tentative contract settlement in West Virginia,” Frontier East Region Area President Ken Arndt said in a prepared statement. “Throughout our negotiations, we worked to achieve an agreement that treats employees fairly and allows the company to provide excellent customer service and succeed as a business in a highly competitive industry.”

Harris, who couldn’t release many details about the tentative contract Monday morning, supports the proposal.

“We believe we’ve got an agreement that is good for our members and most importantly our customers here in the state of West Virginia,” she said.

Health care had been a big sticking point during negotiations.

The proposal is retroactive until to Aug. 2013 and, if ratified, would run through Aug. 2017. It impacts 1,500 Frontier workers in the Mountain State. Harris said the ratification process should be wrapped up by the end of the month.

“The package will be put together and it will be put out to the membership for ratification,” she said.

A few dozen CWA members rallied last week in downtown Charleston calling for a deal to be reached.

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  • Joe

    What? Who or what did I bash or insult. You insulted and bashed me. I asked a question because O had not come across that term before period.

    Can someone without such a huge chip on their shoulder help me with answering my question?

    Thanks in advance. Joe

  • Harry Chapman

    I hope you didn't leave the retirees flapping in the wind.

  • Joe

    Can someone please explain what the term "working people" means and how that distinguishes one employee versus another who is not deemed a "working person?


    • UnionProud

      Joe you cannot understand the concept of "working people" because you probably never worked a day in your life. Just spend your time bashing and hating on what others have, instead of earning it for yourself.

  • CaptainQ

    Frontier workers, you better vote to accept this deal, striking won't get you better one, not from THIS company.

  • John

    Yep, let's bash workers and their unions and wish for the days where everyone struggles to live above the poverty line. Some of you posters just hate it when other people succeed at something because they work together and just hope for them to fail and wish them ill will.

  • Monty Burns

    The union better be careful what is wishes for. Wireless service, cell providers, and cable providers are all providing better products and services now. If they are too greedy, they might just negotiate themselves out of a job.

    • gene

      American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)’s 2014 Telecommunications and Information Report, a survey of 70,000 customers about their satisfaction levels with commonly used products and services. The results span 230 companies across 43 industries.

      ASCI's most hated companies for 2014: Time Warner and Comcast (cable companies).

      Reason's why people hate them:

      "High prices, poor reliability, and declining customer service are to blame for low customer satisfaction with pay TV services."

      Reference....TIME Magazine

      Point: Everyone passionately hates or loves the services they rely on most. When things go right, they are the BEST EVER!!! When things go wrong, they write about it on the Internet.

    • Steve

      Who do you think makes those services run. One guess. These same union workers.

      • Dumb Liberals

        Based on your assertion that it's union workers explains why it doesn't work. Fire every last union member, then hire contractors.

      • Monty Burns

        Wrong. College educated engineers and non union workers. Several cell providers and cable companies do not employ union workers. The fact is Steve is that Unions are on their way out and go the way of the dodo. Membership in all Unions is dwindling. That is why the AFL-CIO wants fast food workers to unionize so they can boost their dismal membership numbers.

        • gene

          wrong....just wrong. Unions built the landline infrastructure. College educated UNION Engineers and UNION workers have been here for years. Go back drudgereport for your "news."

    • Dumb Liberals

      Two tin cans and a piece of string provide better service than Frontier and its the union's fault.

  • Jason412

    Love the guy in the picture. Frontier sign in one hand, cell phone sold by Frontier's competition in the other. Sign of the times.

    • Ole Sasquatch

      Good observation. Good point.

  • shawn H

    Woo Hoo! My crappy internet service will continue.

  • Gary Karstens

    A victory for unions and the blue-collar worker!!!!!

    • Monty Burns

      And a loss for the consumer!

    • Aaron

      Not according to the union employees I know at Frontier.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    A few thoughts on Frontier:
    They must maintain a high cash balance to payout a high % dividend. This keeps their stock price & credit up as they try to adjust.
    They are still losing many customers to cellular.
    Unions would be well advised to not be too demanding.
    On the other hand: They try to get every penny they possibly can no matter deceptive practices put on their customers.
    Summary: This is to give some idea to people about how constant competition drives the market for the benefit of the customers. Point being unlike govt., business must adjust quickly or their dead. Unfortunately govt. can stagger for years without benefit but rather detriment to those who it portrays itself as helping. In short capitalist business sustains and benefits while socialist govt. has a long term set back to civilization. Thus the failed history of socialism.

    • not a clue

      The posts I read on here are funny as heck!! At&t is one of frontiers largest customers!! Yes the cell phone! How do you think cellular works?? And for the cable companies? Yea, they are good paying customers as well.. frontier makes as much off a 10gb pipe to the cable provider and only needs to maintain 1 customer and not 1000 with the same dollar amount each month.. so if you think frontier does nothing, if these guys go on strike, not a single creditcard will process in the state if a major frontier owned fiber is cut.. That's why the name ma' bell exsist!! Its now ma'frontier! Cheers!