CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The debate over a full 180 days of classroom instruction has been a point of contention for years in West Virginia, but the Kanawha County School Board, like others across the state, is not going to drag its feet this year.

“The legislature last year required beginning this school year all counties must have 180 separate days of instruction,” said board attorney Jim Withrow.

This week the school board took action to insure it happened. Under the lost time policy, the school system could extend the school year as far as June 30 to make up any days missed for snow or other circumstances like the January water emergency. It’s possible, spring break could be swallowed up as well.

“That’s a possibility, but I think that would be a last resort,” Withrow said. “He would have the discretion to use those days to make up.”

Last year, Kanawha County missed 17 days, which was very unusual. Withrow said normally it’s only two to three days missed for the weather and those could be easily absorbed with non-instructional calendar days or added at the end of the year. What is less publicized is the policy is aimed at making up lost time, meaning every day the county runs on a two-hour delay–the missed two hours would also have to be accounted for.

“If you have a delay or an early dismissal, you’re required to make that up as well,” he said. “The two-hour delays we sometimes have will have to be made up as well.”

Withrow said with the rigid 180-day requirement, the state has loosened the rigid requirements on administering the WestTest. Under the new policy, the test dates are not set in stone and can be delivered in a range of time periods to insure students have received adequate instruction ahead of the standardized tests.

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  • Teach

    Apparently Roger you don't understand how these students show their livestock! It's had work and something they can be proud of. These students win cash prizes, scholarships, and make connections with the people around the state. These shows last all week, why don't you come and see for yourself. Students expect to meet and talk with Mr. Walt Helmick our Agriculture Commissioner. WV Farmers can be proud of their produce and livestock, because that is what the WV STATE FAIR is ALL about!

  • Teach

    It's not right that wv kids can't go to the wv state fair because they are in school! The wv state fair generates millions for this great state yet some teachers and students can't attend or must cut their week short due to school.

    • Roger

      Whats wrong with going to the state fair on Saturdays or Sundays. Poor excuse for being against the ruling.....

  • Jonesy

    They still spend the last few weeks doing field trip, watching movies etc. Those days should not count as "instructional"

  • Teach

    That's a joke because it took 5 weeks out of the regular instructional schedule to administer the TEST! The test was administered on-line and scores will still not be back until late Sept.! Why?? If the state is so worried about 180 days, then they need to purchase a new assessment that doesn't take 5 weeks to administer because we lost too much instructional time.

    • Rob T.

      It's all a joke! How many early dismissals are there in any given year? Feels like 50! Anyway school just doesn't seem the same to me anymore