CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The son of West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman is facing charges of malicious wounding after allegedly beating up his sister.

Edward Gardner, 27, of Charleston, turned himself in to police Wednesday morning after the Tuesday night incident in Kanawha City.

Police were called to Quarry Creek Road at around 10 p.m. Tuesday when neighbors saw a man standing over a woman who was down on the pavement and screaming at her. The victim was Linzy Gardner, 29, of Charleston. The suspect was identified as her brother. Both are Justice Workman’s children.

“They were traveling into the Quarry Creek subdivision and an argument ensued,” said Charleston Police Sgt. Tony Hazelett. “She got out of the car and he followed and told her he would kill her. He then pushed her to the ground, hit her, and stomped her head on the pavement three times.”

Hazelett said Edward Gardner left the scene when police arrived. Linzy Gardner is in stable condition at a Charleston hospital.

Edward Gardner’s attorney, Jesse Forbes, told the Charleston Daily Mail his client disputes the charges.

“We believe Mr. Gardner is innocent of the charges he’s been accused of,” Forbes told the newspaper.

Gardner’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 15.



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  • FungoJoe

    Isn't this kid's father a psychologist or psychiatrist? Mom is a trial lawyer and Supreme Court Justice. Seems to me there ought to be some legal ramifications on those two for unleashing a mentally ill nut out into the public. Where is the responsible parenting? Ultra liberal nutjob parents.

    • Tom

      Ultra liberal nutjob parents? Are you seriously that stupid? First off, its West Virginia, which is anything but liberal. Secondly, liberals want to fund mental health institutions, but due to the fact that Republicans would rather spend money on prisons and punishment that don't play a role until after he beat the crap out of his sister.

  • Itcontinues

    There is a problem, sadly but understandably, with wealthy or powerful parents constantly bailing their kids out of trouble. Ensuring they never have any serious repercussions for their actions leads to more and more bad behavior until (many times) they do something so bad that not even mom or dad can save them.

    This twerp has been allowed an adulthood of never having to deal with the repercussions of his bad decisions. His emotional instability and drug use has been coddled, instead of confronted or punished.

    Saving your children from an initial scrape or two of bad teenage decisions is one thing, but once it continues into adulthood and constant bad behavior - a monster is being created.

    I hope the sister makes a full recovery and the son is harshly punished.

  • Renee

    Early to make assumptions and pass judgment, especially about a Justice of the Supreme Court who happens to be the mother. Let's not forget, the victim is her daughter! What a mess for her!?

  • Dumb Liberals

    Seems the sepreme's "justice" Workman's little angel Eddie is no stranger to the shiny silver bracelets. Check out his mug shot from the July 9th arrest by Nitro authorities @

  • Beware

    I know this whole family personally. They are all trash. The mother is very corrupt. Known them for years. His boy will strike again. Mother covers everything up for him. He has mental issues.

  • WV FAN

    oh, this hurts... I will pray for this family ; for healing
    all the worldly pain in there lives ... May God surround them with people of love an understanding... Please Lord work in their hearts to bring love out of this place they are in....

    I don't see this as news worthily either....

    I see a lot of hurt....

    • Renee


  • FungoJoe

    Where is Stephen A. Smith of ESPN when you need him?? Stephen A., did this woman ask for a beating by getting in a car with her brother?

  • griff

    just looked at his pic again. he looks like a spoiled brat just ending a temper tantrum

  • griff

    the article says "he left scene when police arrived" & his lawyer says he is innocent. lawyer is wanting fame on this one.

  • The bookman

    Sorry, I don't see how this is newsworthy. Yes, it has tabloid style interest, but not really news. Disappointing to see such interest and venom in what is obviously a personal family matter. If he were to receive some preferential treatment because of who he is, then it's news at that point, but I don't see assault stories covered like this when they involve less notable families. Pity that our culture takes pleasure in watching the disintegration of people who are notable.

    • Steve

      Notable??? What have these people done in their lives to be notable? Are you kidding me. Yes, less "notable" criminals have their crimes published every day. So your argument is hollow. there has been a trend in this state for years for nobility, notable, influential, rich in patronage and affluent families to be treated differently when they commit crimes. So we are glad that Metronews is publishing everything from start to finish. Go back to your silver spoon breakfast and then call your notable friends to offer your support and strategy on how they will overcome this intrusive societal news and justice without having to face the charges and punishment like real citizens.

      • The bookman

        Prior to this story, I had never heard this guys name, nor seen his picture displayed on the lead story on this site for hours on end. He is notable only because his mother serves on the Supreme Court. So that justifies a perpetual story, and side bar comments at no end? Go stand in the grocery store aisle if that is the type of news you want to read. Or better yet, it's mid morning. Just set on your couch and watch tabloid tv. There is plenty of this available. Enjoy yourself at the expense of others if that is what satiates your appetite. Our justice system takes it too easy on everybody, not just the well heeled. If he gets off with a wink and a nod, then it's a story. Until then, it's a car accident with a bunch of gawkers (like yourself) holding up traffic.

        • Jason412


          I think a brother stomping his sister's head in front of neighbors would make the news regardless of status. Have you read your local paper lately? I have, and this type of stuff and minor drug busts are almost an every day occurance. Not that its limited to that paper or WV, summaries of police reports are being pushed everywhere as news.

          • The bookman

            It was the lead story for 25 hours. When they finally kicked it out in place of the school starting early story it nearly left the other news items displayed on the main news page. I'm not a Workman supporter, and would never and have never voted for her. I'm also not from the KV. If he gets preferential treatment, then expose it. There were many other violent crimes that occurred that did not require the same scrutiny. It's not news. It's scandal. Metronews should not stoop so low, my opinion.

  • Same Old Crooks

    Trash breeds trash. Do not worry Edward. Mom will bail you out again.

    • TC

      You are an idiot!

  • Savage

    What's Karstens stance on this? Where will the instruments of road rash end? Please Mr. President ban all hard surface roads, make them out of sand and mandate padded apparel a requirement of law. Please save us, because we can't save ourselves. Yeah right, give me a break.

  • Jumbo

    I should not have to stay far away from him. They should put him far away from us .

  • the truth

    Mark Plants can be his car pool buddy to the batters club meetings.

  • Jonus Grumby

    A chilly reception awaits at the upcoming Workman family reunion.