CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The son of West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman is facing charges of malicious wounding after allegedly beating up his sister.

Edward Gardner, 27, of Charleston, turned himself in to police Wednesday morning after the Tuesday night incident in Kanawha City.

Police were called to Quarry Creek Road at around 10 p.m. Tuesday when neighbors saw a man standing over a woman who was down on the pavement and screaming at her. The victim was Linzy Gardner, 29, of Charleston. The suspect was identified as her brother. Both are Justice Workman’s children.

“They were traveling into the Quarry Creek subdivision and an argument ensued,” said Charleston Police Sgt. Tony Hazelett. “She got out of the car and he followed and told her he would kill her. He then pushed her to the ground, hit her, and stomped her head on the pavement three times.”

Hazelett said Edward Gardner left the scene when police arrived. Linzy Gardner is in stable condition at a Charleston hospital.

Edward Gardner’s attorney, Jesse Forbes, told the Charleston Daily Mail his client disputes the charges.

“We believe Mr. Gardner is innocent of the charges he’s been accused of,” Forbes told the newspaper.

Gardner’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 15.



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  • Brian

    I didn't read all the comments, so if someone covered this already, my apologies.

    I was always told that children are a reflection of their parents.

    I never thought that meant what actions a child took are the same his/her parent would take, but that poor decision-making, impatience, intolerance, arrogance, entitlement, etc... are learned behaviors.

    Am I wrong?

    • Mike

      But not always learned from their parents. Kids have lots of influences in their lives, many of them bad.

    • Charles

      You are exactly on target in my book.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Its going to be interesting to see if "Justice" Workman excludes herself from all Domestic Battery issues now and in the future that comes before the supremes. How long before the Kan-a-wa-ha liberal commissioners demand her resignation and start a recall petition. Then I want to see the "plea bargain" offered to this silver spoon POS. Money says he walks free with a "strong" admonishment for littering.

    • James


  • MK

    Dude is an amateur. Sincerely, Orenthal James S.

    • Jonus Grumby

      Still chuckling over that one.

    • Molon Labe

      Am I the only one who gets this?


    He looks like he is a real winner. LOOKS HIGH IN THE PHOTO

  • Walt

    "I'm innocent", my sister beat herself up. She does this all the time. That's why I just left scene. Mommy please help cover up my screw up again. Can you make some calls to your friend judges and help me." What a loser! Everyone please keep an eye on this one and don't allow him to walk like he will with the DUI charge.

  • Question

    Is this the same son who was arrested for DUI a little over 2 weeks ago in Nitro?
    If so I wonder if he told the police "My Mom is a supreme court judge"?
    I would opine that drugs are playing a part in this sons life and his sister probably refused to give him anymore drug money.

    • Walt

      This state is so corrupt. He will please bargain down to wreckless driving or a lesser charge and walk on the DUI charge. His mother will convince the sister to drop all charges. So all this time and effort by law enforcement and the courts won't bear any real criminal action. Just more taxpayer money wasted by the elite in society.

  • Voter

    Yeah he is already free and dear sister still in hospital. He's probably been like this all his life and mummy covers it up.

  • the flying dutchman

    in other news, mark plants will be representing mr gardner.

  • expression

    you can tell by the look on his face that he feels priveledged and does not think he should be in trouble, i guess we will find out which sibling mommy loves best

  • Dennis

    This will be the last we hear of this, it will be swept under the rug very quietly.

  • william

    If you get in trouble and know the RIGHT PEOPLE, you can just make things go away.
    The new AMERICA.

    • hillbilly

      Its been that way for 200 years..


    Just go ahead & lock this mental psycho up for life he is a killer in the making!!! this kind of evil attack on his sister is a murder attempt. this is a wake up call to family & to police don't let him get by with this attack. we don't want to read that he has killed someone else later. save the public put him away for attempted murder!!!!

    • Coal?

      Iron Horse you have completely and wholly overreacted and are taking an unnecessarily sensationalist position. Who knows what happened? Siblings get in fights all of the time - clearly you are an only child.

      • BH

        Charleston News Stations have reported that the sister is in the ICU with a skull fracture.

      • Jonus Grumby

        That kind of behavior usually subsides past the age of 10.

      • IRON HORSE

        Coal you mist be related to this family & no I'm no a only child. you need to get your head out of the sand pile!

      • Wirerowe

        Ray rice is just a football player Mr. Gardner is just a mischievous brother that beats his sister's head against the asphalt several times giving her a concussion and possible skull fracture. Nothing here just friendly brother sister back and forth.

      • Wowbagger

        Siblings get into knock-down drag-out fights in their upper 20s???

        In that case being an only child is a pretty good deal.

  • lets see

    wonder how much time he will get if he is found guilty, too much clout in the family to get more than time served

  • whatamoroon

    I'm for outlawing pavement. The has never been any good pavement made anyway. Pavement doesn't have any use in society except to help kill and hurt people that come in contact with it.

    • Aaron


  • BIM Job

    We need to cut off everyone's feet. As long as there are people out there with feet, we are going to continue to see people getting their head stomped on the pavement.

    • Aaron

      I yeeshagree

    • Anthony