WAYNE, W.Va. — The fire that destroyed the Ballard’s Farm Sausage Plant in Wayne County earlier this week was an accident.

That’s according to investigators with the state Fire Marshal’s Office who have determined the blaze started Monday with an overloaded power outlet in an office. ┬áThat fire quickly spread to a storage area that was filled with cardboard boxes and other materials and then swept through three other connected buildings

No one was hurt.

Ballard’s has been making sausage, lunch meats and homemade salads in Wayne County since 1946. The company’s products had been shipped to several states.

At this point, it’s not clear if the plant will reopen.

Most recently, 35 people had worked there.

A fund to help those employees has been set up through City National Bank. Checks made out to the “Ballard’s Employees Relief Fund” can be sent to City National Bank, P.O. Box 39, Wayne, WV 25570.

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  • Ridge Runner Sam

    I remember when Ballard's started their business making really good sausage. There was local competition between Ballard's and Chadwick's. Both were really good. I am a high school classmate of Pete Chadwick. I was sad when Chadwick's stopped making sausage. Likewise, I am sad to see this unfortunate fire at Ballard's.

  • Robert

    Wow. Just like that and no more Ballard's. Doesn't seem as if the owners were too enthusiastic about their business to begin with.

  • David

    Overloading an electrical circuit/outlet to the point of catching fire is no accident....it's stupidity or intentional.

    Sounds like somebody wanted out of the sausage business.

    • Dumb Liberals

      Yep! That does make one scratch their head. Now where does that insurance check get sent too?