MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia took a break from the full-contact workouts by practicing in helmets, shoulder pads and shorts Thursday afternoon. Despite the lack of hitting, there were interesting personnel developments during an 11-on-11 tempo drill.

Defensive end Shaquille Riddick, the FCS All-American transfer looking to make a splash at his new Power 5 program, surfaced with the first-string unit. That validated a week’s worth of positive reviews from teammates and coaches regarding the 6-foot-6, 244-pound senior, who made 8.5 sacks and 17 quarterback hurries last season at Gardner Webb.

“He can be an every-down guy, because he plays the run well,” said defensive coordinator Tony Gibson. “He’s long and a lot of people think leverage is an issue with him, but his pad level’s always down. He’s getting it. I’m happy with where he is so far.”

Riddick reportedly runs a sub 4.6-second 40, the kind of athleticism absent from West Virginia’s pass rush the past two seasons.

“His explosion is like remarkable. It’s unmatchable,” said nose guard Kyle Rose. “He’s fast and he gets off the ball quick. He’s going to be a lot of help for us.”

Riddick’s promotion left Dontrill Hyman working with the second team.

The other noteworthy change involved junior college transfer Edward Muldrow working as the starter over Isaiah Bruce at Sam linebacker.

Coincidentally, the high-energy pursuit skills that have coaches heralding Muldrow also creates the need to rein him in at times. Dana Holgorsen said Muldrow “blew some gaskets” in scrimmages, missing tackles because of poor technique.

“He’s twitchy, he’s fast, he’s physical and he’s motivated, but he’s out of control,” Holgorsen said.
“He’s learning what to do at times. He’s a prime example of when things get hard—because of fatigue, because of soreness or because of emotion—he’s got to be able to control all of that stuff.”

With Muldrow offering pass-rushing skills and Bruce holding up better against the run, their playing time may prove to be situational.

Left tackle Adam Pankey wore a green non-contact jersey and sat out the opening 11-on-11 series, affording Michael Calicchio a few snaps. Pankey later entered for a few reps.

Running back Andrew Buie sported a red jersey and did not participate in stretching.

Spur nickel back K.J. Dillon and Buck linebacker Brandon Golson participated in some position drills, seeming to indicate they’re closer to being contact-ready.

Among the reserves, offensive linemen Stone Underwood (shoulder) and Tyler Tezeno were out of pads and riding bikes, as was receiver Shelton Gibson, whose right leg was wrapped from thigh to ankle.

After one kick-return breakdown, assistant Joe DeForest stormed from midfield toward the end zone and lit into blocker Darien Bryant, the graduate transfer from Vanderbilt.

Linebacker-turned-fullback Garrett Hope climbed over two defenders to snag a wheel-route pass that William Crest lofted 20 yards down the sideline. Alas, the acrobatic attempt went for naught as the ball apparently popped loose as Hope hit the turf.

Dayron Wilson, platooning with Pitt transfer Cullen Christian at nickel back while Dillon heals, gave the second-team defense a lift with a leaping downfield interception of Paul Millard.

During the media viewing session, Clint Trickett and Millard each quarterbacked two series, while Crest helmed the other.

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  • Mister Man

    Welcome to the family, Shaq. Good luck. We're glad you're here. Now, go for it.

  • Mister Man

    Welcome to the family, Mr. Riddick. Good luck. We're glad you're here. Now, go for it.

  • Mister Man

    Welcome to the family, Mr. Riddick. Good luck to you. Stay healthy. We're happy you're here. Now, get after it.

    • Mister Man

      Get after it means "go for it." Geez.

  • nashville cat

    looks like the eers may fool everyone, or dana is fooling everyone. toss up

  • Aaron

    Not bad for a young man who was deemed too light to be an effective end in Division I college football. I think he surprises many people and plays his way into a mid to late round NFL draft pick.

  • nashville cat

    let's face it, playing a big east schedule is quite a bit different than a big 12 schedule.
    Playing a good team every week isn't easy.
    If we played a marsha schedule, i think we could go 9-3 at the worst. But as they say, it is what it is...
    we'll be drawing 30 mil. a yr. and improving and they'll get 5 mi. and still be in cusa.
    we are much much better off wherre we are, though college athletics as a whole, will be drastically different in the yrs to come

  • Adam

    I wish Paul Millard would leave the team

    • Aaron

      Why? You have no idea how he contributes in practice or what he meant to receivers in the past.

      Someone has to throw to them and it cannot be your starting QB or is arm will be worn out by mid-September.

      Every team should have at least 3 scholarship QB's supplemented by a couple of walk-on's.

      Many would think your comment shows an acute misunderstanding of college football. I believe it is made out of jealously.

      Are they right, or am I?

      • Mister Man

        Paul is a very valuable asset. I thank him for sticking with the program.

    • Hersh

      I wish you would leave life.

      • Harpers Ferry

        A little harsh don't you think? Do you want to answer to that comment when Jesus asks you about it?

  • DWM

    Hey Hoppy,

    I think it looks like Allan needs a raise so he can buy some clothes befitting of a man of his importance.

    See what you can do.

  • Eastern Panhandle

    Thanks, Allan Taylor, you do a great job reporting and writing. I was skeptical about the season, but you are making me more excited with each report. Go Mountaineers!

    • Harpers Ferry

      What do you expect him to say? Every team is undefeated right now, and every team thinks they are going to win it all.

  • Mitch

    Allan (as well as pretty much ALL of the WV media) tend to over-cook things like Muldrow getting some snaps with the first string.
    It doesn't necessarily mean that they have beaten out the incumbent starters.
    The fact is, when we face teams in the Big 12 who are going to run 85-90 offensive snaps, we need 2 starter quality players at every position.


    One time, I will say this to my brothers & sisters Mountaineer fans and only once.... DO NOT ADDRESS THE TROLLS THAT AREN'T HERE TO SUPPORT THE MOUNTAINEERS...They are only here to hurt our cause and if you keep addressing them they will stay on to be a thorn in your side.... There negative views only hurts many peoples view on the school in Huntington weather they are a Huntington fan or not...all because Chuck Landon wasn't creative enough of a writer ....

    **A big key to our season** -- "when things get hard—because of fatigue, because of soreness or because of emotion—he’s got to be able to control all of that stuff.” Our hole team / staff and fan base.... TODAY WE FIGHT!!!!!!

    • JimJim

      Ohio State laughs at you!

  • VaultHunter

    And for Marshall 10 wins 2 terrible loses and no credit.

  • rob

    Since WVU fans buttons are the easiest to push in college football, I thought I would remind you of your upcoming season. 4 wins 8 loses.

    • Mike

      Mu fans are the biggest cry babies in college football. They think they are some kind of special because they have a better record then we have had in the last couple of years. MU plays in the weakest conference in college football. I might be wrong on the date,but when the NCAA makes a 2.6 GPA needed to play football,MU will never be able to recruit anyone. Doc will be lost. Oh rob one more thing 12-0.

      • Mitch

        @ Mike,

        Yea. Just like beating every team in the MAC 8 or 9 times made them the "winningest team of the 90's", LOL.
        They'll trump up anything to have something to crow about.
        "Hell Don, we're Marshall....we'll thump our chests about ANYTHING"!! - (Matthew McConaughey)

      • Big Larry

        I look at the Marshall schedule and say...

        "It will be fun to win them all, have a national ranking and go to a major bowl"

        I look at the WVU schedule and say...

        "It will not be any fun to lose them all and not receive a bowl bid"

        It is what it is...get used to it and move on!

        • Aaron

          Except even a 13-0 Marshall team is not getting a major bowl. Other than that though, it will be a great season for the Herd.

        • Mitch

          @ Big Larry,

          How did that "win them all" thing work out for them last year? I seem to remember several losses.

      • Ben

        Good point. MU had several players that were non-qualifiers. Some of them 4 star recruits, on top of that, some of them were ours who didn't qualify.

    • whatamoroon

      You obviously are misinformed and haven't watched "BLEED". I'm sure that's not on your Marsha web site.

  • JimJim

    It looks like the transfers and junior college players are winning all the positions. Can we compete in the Big 12 with the drop-offs of other teams??

    • Billly

      Ask Kansas St if it works....

    • jeco

      Word choice of drop-offs is self serving. All teams have transfers and jucos. You have no idea what a coach does to motivate his players.

      • nashville cat

        i concur, i think you have covered the subject adequately.

    • Sherald Hill (real name cause I'm not a troll)

      Who is we? From your recent posts you sound like you're from a combination of Marshall, Pitt and VT. Take the good with the bad and educate yourself before you throw out asinine comments that make you seem like a teamless, homeless troll. Best of luck on your future posts.

      • JimJim

        Does Ohio State ring a bell?

      • whatamoroon

        We trolls just don't like a thousand comments popping up when our employer enters our name in a Google search.

        • the flying dutchman

          burger king uses google to monitor your comments????

        • Sherald Hill - again

          Id pick a new profession if they care about your occasional chatting on an Internet site about college sports. Or just be the boss then it really doesn't matter. Being afraid of your own name and the words you put in front of it would be a sad life.

          • Mister Man

            Perhaps they are worried about viruses.

  • any major dude

    I must admit I was a little concerned when Riddick started on the third team. But sounds like he moved up quick and I'm looking for outstanding things from this young man.
    Gotta love Muldrow's attitude! Hoping with 3 more weeks of good practice his technique will improve while still maintaining that grit.
    Sounds like a pretty nice 20 yard pass by Crest into double coverage.