SHORT GAP, W.Va. — A young child is recovering after being impaled in the head with a pair of scissors in Mineral County.

According to Mineral County Sheriff Jeremy Taylor, Blanche Grimm, the mother of the one-year-old baby boy, stopped to see her friends at the Pinewood Apartments in Short Gap at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

While there, her friends Andrew Conner and Lisa Lowther were involved in an argument. Taylor said Conner was cutting pizza with a pair of scissors and threw them across the room at the same time the mother stood up and began to walk away holding the baby.

It was then, investigators said, that the scissors struck the child in the right side temple area of the head and lodged into his head approximately two inches. The baby was transported to the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center by ambulance and then airlifted to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown where the scissors were surgically removed.

According to medical officials, there was no significant damage and the child was extremely lucky.

The criminal investigation is continuing for pending charges.

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    I believe there is more to this story that is not being told , the baby needs to be removed from Mothers custody .

  • Herb

    The phrase "cutting pizza with a pair of scissors" is a great aid to filling in the blanks. Glad the baby is going to be okay.

    • Tracyo64

      Wonder if she clips coupons with a steak knife ??

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    Look here Karstens, an instrument of death. Should ban all scissors from here foward, ceasing all school craft projects, idling barber shop. You idiot!

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      Alright another person tired of seeing Gary Karstens liberal garbage.