ST. ALBANS, W.Va. — A domestic argument in the early morning leaves one man hospitalized and another wanted.

Kanawha County Deputies were called to a home on James Street in St. Albans around 4 a.m. Saturday. There they found Alexander Lake, 23, with a stab wound to the abdomen. Authorities have obtained an arrest warrant for the victim’s twin brother Christopher Lake, 23, who fled the scene before deputies arrived.

Christopher Lake was arguing with his mother according to investigators. Alexander Lake attempted to intervene and break up the confrontation when his stomach was sliced open according to police.

Alexander is hospitalized in critical condition. Police are looking for Christopher and ask anybody knowing his whereabouts to contact them at 304-357-0169.

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  • Stop It Gary

    Outlaw "YEESH!"

    Instrument of ignorance. Come on Gary, new material plllleeeeaaaaassssseeeeeee

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    Alexander protected his mother and took a serious wound to the stomach as a result . I hope he has a full recovery . What could have been so important to them to cause an argument at 4 am ? The other brother should do the right thing and turn himself in to the police . S

    • Larry

      For the impetus of their argument, see who saids last comment below.

  • The Answer

    Hey Gary, Wane has a great point.
    YEESH , sorry just a play on words, there.

  • Wane

    Outlaw knives and scissors so this blood shed can be stopped. YEESH

  • Savage

    He was just cutting pizza, give the dude a break. The argument was over the sauce.

    • Who Said


      I am sorry I even suggested drugs might have been involved.
      However in my defense, everybody knows pizza is always order out on Friday night. Therefore the argument wasn't about the sauce, but about the choice of toppings.

      • Larry

        You're both wrong, they were passionately arguing about the words to an old Gospel song.

        • Who Said

          All three of us are wrong. After watching the 6:00 news I now know what they were arguing about.
          To put it simply, they were arguing about who's turn it was to clean the house & porch, pick up the junk in the yard and who was to mow the yard.
          And now you know the rest of the story.

          • Larry

            I saw that too, and I admit I think you're right!

          • Savage

            You're so right my apologies.

  • Who Said

    Who said blood was thicker than skin? Apparently is wasn't in this case.
    What kind of drugs were they doing?

  • Dumb Liberals

    Someone needs to introduce them to sepreme's justice Workman's family. Sounds like their from the same mold. TRASH!

    • Drama Queen Conservative Troll

      I bet the only thing that stands between you and the "trash" you are always referencing is your cozy fixed income. You guys are commonly in SS, retired military, or postal service, or some sort of entitlement and set at your desk criticizing everyone else. "Judge YE not, lest ye be judged". Don't forget what your good book says Dummy.

      • Drama Queen Conservative Troll

        Make that "on SS...." and not "in SS... ". I don't want to give you too much credit for your brownshirting.