HUNTINGTON, W.Va.—Word leaked out late Saturday afternoon that there would be a surprise announcement at Sunday’s Fan Day at Joan C. Edwards Stadium. The announcement was obvious when players exited the Shewey Building in brand new Nike uniforms.

“They’re pretty sweet. Everybody loves them, everybody got hyped about it so its all good,” said offensive tackle Sebastian Johannson.

The new uniforms had not even be revealed to the players prior to Sunday but there had been rumors floating around the locker room that something was up and it might involve a new look on gamedays.

“I think we all knew something was up just the way the coaches were acting. They were acting kind of sketchy,” joked tight end Eric Frohnapfel. “When we got in the meeting room some of the guys were missing so we were thinking we might get some new uniforms.”

When the new duds were finally unveiled to the players, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

“It was exciting. We thought we were going to some but we hadn’t gotten them yet so we were like we’re not getting them. It was like they said we had a day off we were so excited,” said Deandre Reaves.

The reaction to the uniforms on social media was mostly positive although there were detractors, especially from some who observed the numbers may be hard to see from far away. However, Marshall’s equipment staff impressed the people it was targeting, current players and just as importantly future players.

“We knew we were getting new uniforms but we didn’t know the concept or what they’d be. We were hoping for all black but everybody was excited about them,” said Ra’Shawde Myers.

Marshall’s equipment staff confirmed the changes are only for the green jerserys and The Herd will continue wearing the same white jersey from last season. Also there were not any changes made to the helmet.

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  • Mr Blackwell

    Now you know why you see Randy Moss sporting the flying WV!

  • Stephen

    So THAT's why I received an email last week saying that all (last years') jerseys are now 20-50% at herdzone...

    All about the $$$. More uniform designs = more opportunity to convince people they are "must haves".

    And, they're ugly.

  • Roger

    The new look is ok. However, as a fan I'm tiring of the multiple shades of green we have been through over the years. The Joan looks like a green paint color wheel on game day.

  • Rob

    I love my Herd and I bleed green (Kelly green), but I cannot figure this one out. I am not so much against the scheme as I am this shade of green. What do you call this anyway. I think half way through the season, we'll see a transition back to the 2013 uni's or they'll be scratched going into 2015.

  • WV Man


  • Marsha


    He Hate Me doesn't even like those unis.

  • Billy Mala

    Those are hideous

  • FNP

    They could've done a lot better. I dont like the numbers either. Needed some extra input from other ppl in making this decision.

  • Greg

    Nice! Love the new unis.
    Go Herd!

  • Tom

    Are you kidding? Social media and the fans hate them? Probably 1 out of 10 people that I've seen on Facebook and Twitter like them. These things are horrible.

  • Joe

    Whatever happened to just focusing on football?!

    • Aaron

      Didn't the football powers that be bring these uniforms out for public display? Besides, how can you imagine watching Cato to Shuler in stride? Those things are so ugly, even the ball won't want to get near them...

  • eerdiot patrol

    Well, the "damage control" media is out in full force after an overwhelmingly negative response from fans about the new uniforms. They keep spewing how everyone loves them etc. But these are terrible and hamrick and holliday should be ashamed of what they did. Go back to the old unis, and admit the mistake!

    • hailey

      don't be an eerdiot, the uni's are's all about wining and there will be lots of w's this year

  • Aaron

    Is that Kelly Green? If so, it's U-G-L-Y, Marshall ain't got no alibi...

  • Mtneerinohio

    The green looks odd and the numbers are hard to see. Why just the green? Not a fan of the Nike uniforms....I am a traditional guy. I love the argument that it attracts recruits that I have heard from some schools like Beamer at Va Tech. Too bad Alabama, Auburn, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, or Florida State haven't got the memo, they just keep winning and recruiting players.

    • Philip

      Fsu just got new uniforms

    • Kyle

      I guess u r not aware that Florida State got a whole new uniform (including 3 new helmets with different designs) not to mention that Oklahoma also got a new alt uniform design for this year. Some schools should hang on to tradition but maybe have a alternate for the kids (which is who the unis are for, not us) and plus I don't think that Marshall has a tradition or iconic unis like Bama, Auburn, Texas or schools like that. I agree that these particular unis are kinda ugly but again they r for the kids and if they like em well...

  • Dave

    Does anyone ever comment on any of the Herds stories? New uni's and no comments. I believe the player that commented about they hoped the uni's would be black. I agree after seeing these.