WHEELING, W.Va. — Representatives from Parkersburg, Vienna, Moundsville and Weirton will be in front of members of the Home Rule Board in Wheeling on Monday to explain what they would do in their cities if granted Home Rule status.

Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp tells MetroNews, among other things, his city would like more leeway to address dilapidated buildings, the ability to better regulate wrecker services to protect stormwater and clearance to implement a one cent sales tax.

“We think that the revenues that will be generated by that will allow us to do some infrastructure projects that our budget just won’t allow us to do otherwise,” Rapp said.

Overall, he said he likes Vienna’s chances.  “We’re the 14th largest city in the state and so I think that we’re in the top.”

Vienna is one of 22 municipalities still being considered for 16 new available slots within the Home Rule Pilot Project.

Charleston, Huntington, Bridgeport and Wheeling already have Home Rule. The option was created in 2007 to give local officials in select areas more control over how their cities are run.

Monday’s presentations will begin at 8 a.m. at Wheeling City Hall. Each city will have an hour in front of the Home Rule Board.

After Monday there will be two more meetings.

On Aug. 25, the Home Rule Board will be at Bridgeport City Hall to hear presentations from Buckhannon, Clarksburg, Shinnston, Fairmont and Morgantown. A Sept. 8 meeting at the Martinsburg Holiday Inn will focus on Charles Town, Ranson, Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs.

This fall, the Home Rule Board will meet to make the 16 new Home Rule designations.

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  • dale

    when will the home rule board to make the 16 new designations? month?day?

  • Gary

    More taxes for any community that gets this. First will be taxes on sales, restaurants and lodging. Just the beginning.

  • Gary Karstens

    Clarksburg just had an incident where a 3-year old came upon an instrument of death in her home. This instrument of death was loaded with artillery. This 3-year old shot herself. YEESH! I would like to see Clarksburg try something different other than ideas on money. How about some restrictions or better yet, bans on owning these instruments of death. A novel concept for home rule would convince me.

    Of course MetroNews didn't bother to report on this incident involving an instrument of death and a 3-year old. YEESH!!!!!

    • Marion

      Gary please stay away ! Your comments are constantly making you sound like a real DUMB€%# !

    • Aaron

      How are scissors loaded with artillery?

    • every other person

      Go away

  • Aaron

    The first thing Vienna and Parkersburg should do is consolidate into one town.