CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will be in West Virginia next week to campaign for Shelley Moore Capito, Alex Mooney and Evan Jenkins.

The Capito for Senate campaign announced Monday that Romney would attend a fundraiser in Charleston and a jobs rally in Beckley both on Aug. 19.

“West Virginians have a clear choice in this election – allow President Obama to continue killing coal jobs or fight back by electing pro-coal advocates Shelley Moore Capito, Evan Jenkins and Alex Mooney,” Romney said in the release from the Capito campaign. “These candidates support the policies that will put West Virginia on a path toward economic prosperity, job-growth and freedom from Obama’s overreaching policies that threaten West Virginia’s way of life.”

Capito said Romney won all 55 counties in West Virginia in the 2012 election because “he shares our commitment to jobs, freedom and American exceptionalism.”

The announcement said more information on the visit would be released in the coming days.

Congresswoman Capito is taking on West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant for the open U.S. Senate seat. Mooney is the Republican nominee in the race for Capito’s seat against Democrat Nick Casey while Sen. Evan Jenkins is battling longtime Democratic incumbent Nick Rahall for the Third District seat.

Tennant’s campaign criticized the planned visit Monday questioning Romney’s support of coal. The campaign pointed out a statement Romney made in front of a coal-fired power plant when he was governor of Massachusetts.

“I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people, and that plant — that plant kills people,” Romney said.

Capito campaign spokeswoman Amy Graham said Romney supported coal in the 2012 election and West Virginians recognized that support.

“He shares our support for coal and for ending Obama’s war on coal. So I think it’s very clear where Governor Romney stands on coal,” Graham said.

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  • JTC

    Who's next the Duck Dynasty cast? Please the empty suit two time presidential candidate is trying to drum up support for a third try because Queen Anne tells him she wants to be first lady, he has had his turn, let's have a fresh new republican like Jeb what's his name.

  • Jason412

    Well, SMC just lost any chance she had at getting my vote. I'm seriously leaning towards Hudok. At least you know what you're getting with him. He's crazy as hell, and makes no attempt to hide it.

    SMC has accomplished nothing notable in her last several years in office, I wont be a part of supporting her mediocrity. What she doesn't understand is West Virginian's need someone who doesn't support Obama, but will also make an effort to benefit WV. SMC only focuses on the fact she doesn't support Obama, and offers nothing else. The fact you don't support someone should not be the only thing needed to get elected.

    • The bookman

      Between the two, Capito and Tennant, which one's victory will benefit WV?

      What does Tennant bring to the Senate that improves WV?

      I have no answer, and I haven't heard an answer from anyone that convinces me she would be able to counter Reid in a Democrat Controlled Senate. That is of course if she really wants to. The jury is out on that one according to Tackett.

      What does Capito bring to the Senate that improves WV? She could be critical in providing a Republican Majority to the Senate, rejection of Harry Reid as its leader, and a solid backstop to Obama. It also puts the Republicans in the position to put forward meaningful legislation before the President without the excuse of gridlock.

      All accomplished without Capito sponsoring a single piece of legislation.

      Which scenario, aside from the Hudok candidacy, is best for WV?

      • Ole Sasquatch

        Here's my best impression of Harry Reid in print:
        "Mr. President the republicans did this", as he goes into a whine. " Mr. President the republicans did that" and then he whines and complains more and then it goes over and over.

      • Jason412


        There in lies my issue with this. We're supposed to elect SMC for 6 years based on the fact she will oppose Obama for 2? That is her only asset I see.The Senate has a strong chance of turning Republican Majority even if SMC doesn't get elected. If that happens her opposition of Reid becomes unnecessary, and her opposition of Obama becomes far less meaningful.

        NT has little to no chance of getting my vote, as I think she would flip-flop on what she's campaigned on immediately.

        SMC may regain a chance of receiving my vote when she talks about what she can offer after Obama leaves office.

        What are her plans for the other 2/3's of her term from 2016-2020? What legislation will she support if elected as part of the majority? What legislation would she like to introduce? What are her plans if elected as part of the minority (besides opposing Obama)?

        6 years is a long time.

        • The bookman

          She's not my dream candidate, either. But stacked against NT and Hudok? Not even remotely a close choice in my view. I think a majority is all but certain in the US Senate, but 60 votes is what it is all about. The closer, the better.

  • billyed

    Romney is out of touch with 98% of
    Americans. Corporations are people and
    that's who Romney and Capito represent.
    Who's coming next the Koch brothers?

    • Ole Sasquatch

      Been watching MSNBC I see. People like the so called Rev. Al.

      • billyed

        What are you saying Sas. A Rev. can't
        speak the truth but Fix News can?
        Been in the deep woods to long Sas.

  • Mike

    Romney = Empty Suit.

    • Independent View

      If Romney = Empty suit, at least he earned it as a successful business man, not as a Community Organizer, Illinois State Legislator, U.S. Senator and President, all of which equate to never having a real job, just feeding at the public trough! And now he is a multi-millionaire.
      Hillary is of the same ilk. She has never even ran a candy store yet, somehow she is qualified to be president?

      • Hop'sHip

        Being President is not a real job? Wow, you set a high bar. What is your job?

      • Mike

        Romney's been a loser his whole life. Count the votes.

  • independent View

    "...Tennant’s campaign criticized the planned visit Monday questioning Romney’s support of coal."
    And this from the "Hillary-like" pant suit woman that says in her TV campaign ads: " I stood beside Joe Manchin fighting for coal and jobs" When did this happen and where? Was I asleep and missed this monumental occurrence?
    And, this comment from a candidate that DID STAND beside a U.S. Senator, a Left-Wing Liberal who has as one of her stated goals to eliminate coal-fired generation.
    Natalie, your campaign is sooooo reactive, completely devoid of positions and strategy. Throw in the towel, while you still have a modicum of dignity left--unless you are positioning yourself for a run at governor in 2016. God help us if you do!
    You are an empty pant suit and your campaign manager wears a size 54 shirt and a No. 2 cap.

  • Wirerowe

    He is not on the 2016 radar for oddsmakers. He is 67 and has lost more elections than he has won. Does not have good political instincts. But he should help with fundraising here.

  • gscsbb1

    Rick Santorum would probably do better for gaining support in WV then Romeny in my opinion.

    • Aaron

      Rick Santorum's voting record was pretty moderate during his time in the Senate and the only reason he was considered a moderate conservative was because of his voting record on social issues. On strictly spending issues, he was considered one of the least conservative Republicans. I don't doubt that he would get support in WV but it would be due to the 3 G's, not his fiscal habits.

  • MTNR

    Can't have a winning campaign without Shelley More Crapito and Mitt Rmoney.

  • Jethro

    Jobs rally in Beckley?

    For more fast food eateries?

    Or an
    Obama/EPA hatefest?

    Count on the latter

    • Bill

      Let me know when and where the hatefest is being held, I would like to attend.

  • The bookman

    Romney won all 55 counties in WV only because his opponent was Obama. I certainly wasn't excited by his candidacy, but pulled the lever anyway. Let's hope a conservative option is available that offers a real choice in 2016.

    • Hop'sHip

      He only won those counties because people thought they were voting for the founder of a West Virginia town. I'm not sure he would have done that well if he had run against Barack Oceana.

      • The bookman

        The Tackett/D'Souza one was funny. This one I would pull from your stand up gig.

  • WV Grad

    Nixon won on his second try for the White House. There are a lot who feel Romney should try again.

    • Aaron

      Nixon also sat out an election as he did not run in 64. At this point though, I'm not sure who Republicans will run to counter the dark horse Democrat that defeats Hillary in the 2016 Primary.

      I don't think the country is ready to elect another Bush, Christie is not really a conservative or a Republican as he's an alternative to the uba liberals that have kidnapped the Democratic party, Rand Paul is too much like Ron Paul and Rick Perry is too much like Rick Perry.

      If no one steps forth or gains control in the next year, perhaps Romney should consider another run.

      • Ole Sasquatch

        I like Ron Johnson Senator from Wisconsin.
        He will not allow the dems. to define him.
        He speaks up for himself and will not let the democrats get the last word - which was Romney's downfall. Self - made business man that appreciates common-sense and doing things the right way.

  • Eric Saferstein

    I would encourage Capito to talk to Mitt Romney about an asymmetric national security issue that recently caught the attention of her campaign --- artificially generated stampedes.