HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — When Marshall University students arrive on campus later this month in time for the beginning of fall semester classes they may have to look around a little more for their favorite Pepsi products. The Marshall campus has switched to Coke.

A committee recently reviewed the bids from Coke and Pepsi and chose Coke for a new five-year contract.

“A decision was made based on the product quality and selection, the marketing, the pricing and different financial offerings,” Marshall Communications Specialist Tiffany Bajus told MetroNews Tuesday.

Coke has guaranteed Marshall $100,000 a year for the life of the contract. Pepsi removed its machines last week and Coke is installing its machines this week. There will be approximately 85 machines on campus. Coke products will also be sold on MU’s South Charleston and Point Pleasant campuses.

The new contract does not cover Joan C. Edwards Stadium. That contract is controlled by IMG.

Pepsi has had the contract for the past 10-years on the Marshall campus.

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  • Huntington

    Proves that it still wants to be the most obese city in the state and country. Well done!

    • Interesting123

      Really? Granting their "pouring rights" to Coke is far from anything unusual. Every school does it regardless of some goofy ranking.

  • zero tolerance

    "...............different financial offerings."

    Wink wink, nod nod.

  • Jim

    Way to contribute to the obesity problem there Marshall.

  • Coke drinker

    Hooray. I can finally drink The Real Thing (not that nasty imitation) when I'm on campus.

    Now, if they can get IMG to switch so I can drink Coke during the football games...

  • Independent View

    And somehow this is news????

  • Dumb Liberals

    It's the real thing - in every language but English!

    • elias

      It is good news - the Coke machines that will be placed on campus are manufactured in West Virginia