MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Fresh off Shark Week, Nick O’Toole could spin a harrowing yarn about the scar that loops ear-to-ear across the top of his head.

Wouldn’t be the first time he kidded folks about his shark bite. Wouldn’t be the first time someone actually believed him.

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West Virginia punter Nick O’Toole has a shark tale about the skull surgery he underwent at 4 months old.

To an extent, West Virginia’s gregarious punter is lucky to be here, but not because his head found its way into the mouth of a great white.

The actual story entails his soft spot closing prematurely, leaving no room for his brain to continue expanding. So he underwent surgery as a 4-month-old whereby doctors removed a strip of his skull to alleviate pressure.

Had the surgery not occurred, O’Toole suggests “I’d probably have a really tiny head.”

Back then, his parents wondered how he’d handle teasing, but he’s entirely unbothered by the scar. Doesn’t even grow out his hair to hide it. In fact, he jokes there’s no lasting side effect from the surgery, except that “there’s probably some brain missing.”

Yet O’Toole was smart enough to realize as a freshman that he wasn’t going to make it at quarterback for Mater Dei High. So he tried playing receiver as a sophomore and eventually turned to punting, where he became a starter his last two years.

He received walk-on offers from colleges but no scholarship guarantees, so he went the cost-saving junior college route at Fullerton (Calif.) College.

“I told my parents I wanted to make it easier on them,” O’Toole said. “I really wanted a scholarship—that was my goal and after my first season at juco I had one.”

And West Virginia had itself a second-team All-Big 12 punter last season. A guy who might have been first-team if not for two gusty trips to Kansas.

“He’s got to learn how to drop the ball in the wind … to be more consistent in the wind, which he wasn’t last year, ” said special teams coach Joe DeForest. “But I’m convinced that Nick’s going to have a better year.”

O’Toole also mishit fourth-quarter punts against TCU and Texas, both of which preceded game-tying drives that forced overtime.

“Not every kick was great,” said O’Toole, whose 44.1-yard average ranked 15th nationally. “I had some bad kicks and those are the ones you want to improve on.”

He had three punts of 50-plus in the upset of Oklahoma State and pinned Oklahoma inside its 20 three times. O’Toole closed strong with a 56-yard average against Iowa State, the highest single-game average for a Mountaineers punter in 56 seasons.

“I had a great season,” he said, “but I always have something to improve on, whether it’s directional kicking or (pinning teams) inside the 20.”

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Nick O’Toole finished 15th nationally after averaging 44.1 yards per punt in 2013.
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  • VaultHunter

    Fu Manchu....Fu Manchu.....Fu Manchu....Bring it back

  • VaultHunter

    He is a great person to represent WVU and I'm glad to have him booming punts all over the place.

    Give em hell Nick!!!

    Lets Go Mountaineers!

  • any major dude

    Big12 wind indeed. That was an ill wind at Kansas last year for sure, and that's not even the place that the wrote the song about. You know.....ooooooklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain...


  • DP

    Nick is a real neat kid and a heck of a punter! I hope Nick has another GREAT season! Let's go Nick and Let's goooooooooMountaineers!!!!!

  • richard

    wish we had him 2 more years after this season. plus, i like this guy....he is a great punter and has a desire to improve upon a great year. and the tache is great! he is an adopted west virginian in my book!!

  • any major dude

    Desire, practice and persistence. Way to go, Nick!

    You gotta bring back the Fu Manchu though!

  • TruthTeller

    Nick is a perfect fit for WVU. He can overcome
    adversity and has the fighting spirit that lays in the heart of all us West Virginians. Glad he is
    part of the WVU football team.

  • wvu84mountaineers

    He kind of has similarities to a young Geraldo Rivera, from his boxing days, in the 70's.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Pin'em deep.