Three-star receiver Jacob McCrary, one of four West Virginia football signees yet to receive NCAA clearance this summer, plans to enroll at Marshall, reportedly as a nonqualifier.

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Jacob McCrary of Coral Reef (Fla.) High School  signed with WVU in February but reportedly failed to qualify.

McCrary signed with the Mountaineers last February over offers from at least 20 other FBS programs, including Florida State, Alabama, LSU, Florida, Clemson, Notre Dame and UCLA.

McCrary, the cousin of current WVU receiver Vernon Davis, tweeted Tuesday: “I will not be attending West Virginia University” and subsequently told recruiting services he planned to enroll at Marshall, which typically admits a handful of nonqualifiers each year.

“After missing almost all of camp, McCrary wasn’t likely to contribute this season,” said Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings of “However, this might cause the Mountaineers to look at an additional receiver in this year’s recruiting cycle.”

If categorized as a nonqualifier, McCrary would have to sit out this season but could retain four years of eligibility with satisfactory academic progress.

Three other 2014 signees have yet to enroll at West Virginia. Cornerback Jaylon Myers and offensive lineman Justin Scott have not completed the requisite junior college courses, coach Dana Holgorsen said last week, and Philadelphia offensive lineman Dontae Angus has not been approved by the NCAA clearinghouse.

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  • blee

    Tell them to fire chuck cause the hate keeps growing.

  • blee

    Ha ha losers and that loser Chuck landon. One of the main reasons why I hate Marshall. Nobody in the state cares about u fools outside of Huntington.

  • cutty77

    I like to wait and see what uniform he puts on before i start slapping him on the back.

  • Phil Monell

    Mr. McCrary stated today that he is going to attend a JUCO, for this season with hopes to come back to WVU for next season.....

  • mineralcounty

    Word on the street is he's headed the juco route. Wants to eventually play in Morgantown

  • Non qualifier

    Getting a commitment and hoping they qualify before camp is like buying a lottery ticket. Hold your breath and hope!

  • Non qualifier

    WHY do WV coaches continue to waste their time recruiting NQ 's? If these guys aren't qualified by the Christmas break. Move on

  • scale

    Q of numbers

  • TruthTeller

    Good luck I guess playing in the Big show was too much for him. He is going to miss out on playing against some of the best teams in America. I guess Marshall could use the help.
    Marshall needs to upgrade its schedule if they
    expect to get any respect in the future.
    Good Luck!

    • jeff gray

      Why play in the big show if you can't win! You can talk about Marshall all you want if it makes you feel better after your 4-8 season. One thing I can say is we beat a Maryland team 31-20 the same team that kicked wvu's ass!

      • Adub

        Back to back to back games with Akron, Old Diminion, and Middle Tennessee! Get's me hyped!

        • Jeff gray

          I forgot could u tell me how long it had been since Kansas won a big 12 game and who did they beat? That got me hype!

  • Tom

    Marshall has and has had several non-qualifiers who have started and it's what has carried the program. Vinny Curry, Kevin Grooms, Steward Butler, Devonte Allen, and now McCrary. I'm glad they are getting a chance somewhere.


    Well if he can't be at WVU...Well I am glad to see him at Marshall....Good luck.

    • donutfiend77

      That's Right!!!!!

      • Marcus


  • Aaron

    Is a good signing for Doc and Marshall. I would rather see this young man go down there then to a junior college somewhere. Hopefully he can and this year back and in three or four years be a contributor to the Thundering Herd program.

  • PocaDots

    Another case of all brawn and no brains. See ya.

    • WVU Fan

      Yes. When will WVU stop recruiting those with less brains?

      • Aaron

        "McCrary signed with the Mountaineers last February over offers from at least 20 other FBS programs, including Florida State, Alabama, LSU, Florida, Clemson, Notre Dame and UCLA."

        • Walt

          But he still can't write his name.

  • TD

    WE ARE - MARSHALL, please big brother throw us a bone, grades don't matter as long as they can play ball we'll take 'em all.

    • Sean

      That's funny in that you signed him knowing he had some work to do before before being able to play. Some about posting something positive about your team other than trashing another school.

      • TD

        Guess he's smarter than I first thought, smart enough to know going to Marshall wasn't a good choice, apparently even JUCO is a step above Marshall. Go take care of your business young man and we'll see you back in good old Morgantown WV in a year or two.

    • William


  • FNP

    Another case of throwing the mutt the leftovers.

    • notorious

      He's not going to Marshall. He's now going the juco route and hopes to resign.

      The kid really wants to be at WVU. He was the best WR in this recruiting class.

    • Sean

      Hope you have plans for bowl season other than watching football because the mutts will be won't. Good luck trying to hire the mutt's coach after this season to replace Coach "I lie to recruits" Holgorsen.

      • EERS4FEARS

        That's nice that you guys have something to brag about Sean - a schedule that will put you about #12 if you manage to go undefeated. The sad thing is WVU would probably still beat Marshall if they played this year. We've all seen what happens, even when Marshall supposedly has the better team. It's mental; little bro can't beat big bro.

        • Sean

          I'll take finishing 12,24,36. Any will be considerably higher than WVU.

        • what?

          When have they ever played when Marshall had the better team?

          • EERS4FEARS

            Realistically? Never. But that comment was in reference to the 1997 game, when Marshall fans thought they had a better team. Then the teams played, and sure enough WVU came out on top, as always.