Donald Jordan

CLARKSBURG, W. Va. — A man who recently moved to the area has been arrested after an overnight shooting, which sent two of his family members to the hospital.

Donald Richardson Jordan, 25, allegedly shot his uncle Willie Dukes, Jr., 47, and Dukes’ daughter Durrell Dukes, 27, multiple times on Jackson Avenue after midnight on Wednesday with a .45 automatic pistol.

Harrison County Prosecutor Joe Shaffer said Jordan had come to live with the Dukes at their home near the corner of Jackson and North Park Avenue.

“Jordan had been a short-time resident, he [came] from Columbus, Ohio,” Shaffer said. “Allegations are that he came here to deal drugs. Mr. Dukes no longer wanted him in his home.”

He allegedly lived with other residents in the area, but the arguments and tension remained, coming to a head at a party Tuesday night at the Dukes’ home.

Allegedly, Jordan showed the weapon at one point in the argument and later left, walking around the block and then getting into the passenger’s seat of a Jeep belonging to one of the people he was staying with.

“The investigation reveals then that Mr. Dukes and his daughter Durrell Dukes obtained a .357 magnum pistol out of their home and went to look for Mr. Jordan,” Shaffer said. “They happened upon the car, at which time Mr. Jordan opened fire upon those individuals.”

Initial reports indicate Jordan fired around 11 shots, hitting Willie Dukes multiple times in the abdomen and groin and hitting Durrell multiple times in the abdomen and glutes.

Willie returned fire, shooting the glass out of part of the Jeep, but did not hit Jordan before he fled the scene and discarded his weapon.

The Dukes were flown to Ruby Memorial Hospital and are “in good condition, miraculously so,” according to Shaffer.

Clarksburg Police responded to the scene and were able to locate Jordan on South Park Avenue shortly before 1 a.m., finding evidence to lead them to believe his involvement in dealing drugs. Located on his person was $4000 separated into $1000 stacks, crack cocaine, Xanax and an unidentified pill.

Officers were later able to locate his firearm in a trashcan

He was taken to UHC to be treated for injuries from glass fragments when Dukes shot at the Jeep and was then taken to North Central Regional Jail on two counts of wanton endangerment.

Shaffer credited the Clarksburg Police Department with a quick turnaround, solving the case in less than 12 hours through teamwork between the patrol division and detective division.

He also praised the work of the force in their recent efforts, even though they are not fully staffed.

“Again, this police agency has done a wonderful job,” he said. “It’s getting a little bit unnerving being in law enforcement putting up with big-city problems in a small town.”

With drugs and drug-related crimes becoming an increasing problem in the area, Shaffer said they only way to resolve the issue is to focus on the demand rather than the supply.

“Law enforcement can wage the war on drugs all day long, as we’ve been doing since 1973,” he said. “If we only fight it from the supply side, we’re never going to win it. We have to fight it from the demand side. Citizens need to rise up and tell their political leaders that they don’t want early 1990s New York City in Harrison County anymore.”

Jordan’s charges are expected to be more severe as the investigation continues. Authorities have reason to believe he is a convicted felon, prohibiting him from possessing a gun.

More arrests are anticipated as well. Willie Dukes, Jr. is a convicted felon, which prohibits him from possessing and firing the .357 magnum as witness reports indicate he did.

Police are also looking into witness reports of a shooting which occurred at around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday night, but currently have no evidence to sustain the claims.

The Clarksburg Police Department is fronting the investigation with assistance from the Bridgeport Police Department, the West Virginia State Police and the Harrison County Sheriffs Department, as well as the Greater Harrison Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force.

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    Recent events have lead to a vacancy in the Clarksburg area for a pharmaceutical distributer in the open-air market place near Jackson & N. Park Ave. Qualified applicants must provide their own Gary Karsten approved “instrument of death”, aka Yeesh!. Qualified urbanites are to provide a minimum of one felony conviction in their resume’, verifiable by triple-I review. Please contact Joe Shaffer at 1-800-OU-812 for additional details.

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    There ought to be a law against convicted felons owning guns! Oh, wait. There is.... Good thing it's working so well.

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    He looks like a tough guy. Probably comes from a HUD-living, all entitlent a receiving family where every member has a different last name.

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    Joe Shaffer will help put a end to this crap-mark my words!

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    "Law enforcement can wage the war on drugs all day long, as we’ve been doing since 1973,” he said. “If we only fight it from the supply side, we’re never going to win it. We have to fight it from the demand side."

    This is the smartest thing I've ever heard from a WV Prosecutor. If Clarksburg fights their war on drugs as laid out above, and Huntington fights theirs with their "unmitigated hell" approach, it'll be interesting to see if these incidents decrease quicker in Clarksburg.

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    He looks just like Dee from the 1970's tv series, "That's My Mama"!

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      Really smart coment. Your CUZZO only had crack and pills on him after being involved in a shoot out. That comment shows your intelligence-or lack there of. He should never get out. Imagine the crimes that he has got away with.

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    What Karstens meant was...........stupid people, drug dealers, and drug users....etc..........should not be allowed to posess very safe objects that can be a hazard when in the hands of stupid people. As always Gary, thanks for your very accurate and very informative contribution........

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    These people will commit crimes anywhere wont they!!

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    I bet his gun was registered.

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    When people combine drugs and/or alcohol, and firearms, they are begging for a disaster.

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