CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Commission will vote Thursday evening on a petition to submit to the state Supreme Court in an attempt to remove prosecutor Mark Plants from office.

In the 24-page draft petition the commission alleges malfeasance.

(Read draft petition here)

Plants hasn’t been able to prosecute domestic related cases because he faces two charges himself. A bill for a special prosecutor has topped $92,000.

The petition also criticizes Plants for negative comments made about Special Prosecutor Don Morris.

Plants has previously said he’ll fight the attempt.

The commission will vote on the petition at its 5 p.m. Thursday meeting and if it’s approved it will be sent to the state Supreme Court. The High Court then would appoint a three-judge panel to consider the petition.

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  • Monday morning

    This whole mess could have been avoided if Plants would have kept his mouth shut; admitted he went to far; and, asked for forgiveness.

    Press conferences, media releases and talk show appearances have been his undoing. Not to mention legal pleadings acknowledging paternity, asserting he did nothing wrong and attacking his accusers (victim, ODC and county commission - not to mention the special prosecutor).

    Plants has no one to blame but himself. This is a self inflicted wound.

  • Like the Sands Through an Hourglass

    This would be funny if it weren't so expensive. And an embarrassment to and of the citizens of the county.

  • Jim slade

    Give him a break. We have all wanted to get it on with a Co worker , he was a great mountaineer football player and the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln

  • fed up

    Is that all you have to do? Now we know how to get rid of Carper and Jones.......

  • Aaron

    It's too bad lying isn't a removable offense. All the commission would have to do is play Plants comments in which he stated he would not hang around and cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars...

    • Mr Ed

      Or when he told Hoppy "once we decided we would have a relationship, his secretary (now wife) resigned immediately". Problem is their baby was 8 months old.


  • thornton

    The wait will make sleep difficult to achieve....maybe, I'll try counting belt buckles.

    • The bookman

      Sounds like a nightmare!

  • Hondo

    2 to 1. Party line vote.