KIMBALL, W.Va. — Work on the first phase of a water project that will eventually bring water to thousands of McDowell County residents could be finished by July of next year.

A ceremonial groundbreaking ceremony for Phase I of the Elkhorn Regional Water Project from the McDowell Public Service District was held this week in Kimball.

Crews, though, actually started installing a 10-inch water line late last month. Construction of a 400,000-gallon water tank and a water treatment plant are also part of the plans.

The first phase covers Elkhorn, Maybeury and Switchback.

In all, nearly $8 million in grants and loans from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will pay for the project to replace two water systems that are more than 70 years old.

There will be several other future phases for the project.

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  • WVU fan

    At the same time they are putting water line in (finally), they should also be putting sewer lines in!!! Year 2014 and we are still dumping into the creeks and rivers here. Makes no sense to me that Welch has a sewer plant to keep sewage out of the river, but everyone from the McDowell-Mercer line up still dumps into the creek and eventually in to the river.

  • Dumb Liberals

    I hear liberal, democrat, and all around drunk Delegate Clif Moore (d) (McDowell) even blessed the project by raising his highball glass and toasting "Now I can enjoy scotch & water before driving" again. 'Til next arrest - Cheers!!!!!!

    PS - He is accepting "under the table" contributions to his legal defense funds. Like everything else the liberals do, they'll find a way to make them tax-deductible. L Learner, secretary.