SCOTT DEPOT, W.Va. — The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the drowning of a three-year-old boy.

The body of Landyn Fields was found in his family’s in-ground swimming pool in the Poplar Fork Road area at around 8 p.m. Wednesday.

The boy’s mother found him and neighbors attempted CPR.

An autopsy is being performed by the state Medical Examiner’s Office.

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  • Dumb Liberal

    What would you say if mommy and/or daddy beat the child to death? Was the swimming pool protected as required by law(s) or not, because mommy and daddy were scofflaws? There's no difference between the two events. I ask a question to which no one seems to wants to answer (or are ashamed to answer). All you liberal low life's want to do is moan and bitc* because I ask the question. How many of you have fished a kid's body from a swimming pool? How many of your neighbors' pool are not properly protected because Joe & Jane Doe didn't follow the law? What would you do if your rug rat drowns in the neighbor's illegally installed pool? I know it’s a difficult concept for bleeding heart liberals to grasp, "accidental" deaths of this nature are usually the result of stupidity and totally preventable if the law is followed. Get over it. All you liberals want to do is a raising holy he** because you’re too stupid to look at the whole picture! You want to feel sorry for mommy and daddy, by all means do so, but wander on over to the funeral home. Quite honestly I rather put the information out there and ask the hard question in hopes we don’t read the same headline again next week.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Did MetroNews change their name to the obituary page? It appears you bleeding heart liberals, that includes MOCO YoYo, the ignorant flopping dodoman, and 1Dumbtone can't understand the purpose of NEWS. It is to educate idiots of stupid things they do so that other stupid people like you folks, don't repeat it again. But that won't happen with m0r0ns like you folks. Wonder on down to the funeral home and shed a tear with mommy and daddy. Meanwhile, if one parent reads the facts and can comprehend them, and it save another kid, then it was worth every word.

    • I'm honest at least

      Back to the closet dwl your being an a%#wipe again.

  • MOCO man

    Dumb Liberal..........there is no doubt you are a true liberal......try like hell to find a way to sue someone.........but, I think your name should be changed to ignorant liberal........

    • MT


  • hillbilly

    My prayers and condolences to the family..

  • the flying dutchman

    very good point....hopefully a reading of the code will be a part of the eulogy...are you for real?? they lost their son for gods sake...who gives a damn about a code at this point...every thing that happens to people does not require a blame to be placed.

  • Dumb Liberals

    I'd be very curious to see if the "family pool" was installed and protected as REQUIRED by the adopted building codes of the State of WV. If it wasn't, or the building inspector(s) failed to make the "family" comply with the codes, that is CRIMINAL negligence on not only the parents fault, but the county and the state also.

    Even the "Wal-Mart" pools require a permit and inspection(s) - no exceptions!

    • 1Smartone

      You post that after this tragic story?? You are an idiot and need to get a life.