CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A member of the Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee says other options are being considered now that the State Election Commission has said Del. Suzette Raines (R-Kanawha, 25) cannot be replaced on the November general election ballot.

On Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline,” Thorney Lieberman called the State Election Commission’s treatment of Raines, who officially withdrew from the ballot this week citing personal matters, “unfair.”

The SEC met Wednesday and determined Raines’ reasons for getting out of the race — what she said were the ongoing effects of the death of her mother and the end of a long-term relationship — were not enough to keep her from representing the 35th District if elected. Because of that, her spot on the ballot will not be filled.

Lieberman said that was the wrong decision.

“There was no real support for her by anybody on the Commission. They threw around allegations which have no place in that meeting and they took a very high standard,” Lieberman said. “The decision is supposed to be based on extenuating personal circumstances. They took that interpretation to mean very bold and dramatic reasons.”

He said his interpretation of case law is that the State Election Commission has to give the “broadest possible due deference” to a candidate when it comes to determining such circumstances.

“They have to accept the candidate’s rationale at face value, as long as it states a reasonable claim, and they do not get to sit as arbiters of a candidate’s emotional state which is exactly what they did,” Lieberman said. “The sat in judgment of her emotional state.”

He said the other options for the Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee could include an appeal on Wednesday’s decision or the identification of a write-in candidate to run for one of the four seats in the 35th Delegate District. As of now, three Republicans and four Democrats will be on the ballot.

Without another candidate, “This assures that the Democrats will have an automatic seat in the Legislature without even an election,” Lieberman said.

Democrats currently outnumber Republicans in the state House of Delegates 53-47. That could change on Election Day — Tuesday, Nov. 4.

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  • truth be told

    I think all you dems love being in 49th or 50th place... makes you feel "deserving" when you have your hand out, or in someone else's pocket!

  • Whaa Police

    The Republican Party is nothing but a bunch of cry babies.

    PS Robin Williams!

    • Dumb Liberals

      Nice to see you reference a drug addict and drunk dead man. That envisions the liberal demos. Drying fast and committing the sin of suicide at every chance. I'll loan you a belt.

      • liberty4all

        The poster is referring to a Republican woman who appeared at the Commission meeting in support of Raines and made her party proud by "channeling" Robin Williams. Sadly I think she was an officer of the K County Rep Exec Committee.

  • george

    As bad as our Country and State are in- the Dems have to be running scared . We are ranked 49th and 50th in every good category polled.../////time for a change.. Tired of their immorality , money spending and careless cuts of our military..its not the Democratic party I grew up with..........l

    • Leslie

      It is a republican that withdrew in a way that left her party in a bad position. The Republican Party is about as crazy as I've ever seen it.

      I may get frustrated at the democrats but they are far better than the alternative.

  • Monty Burns

    Stop complaining and initiate a write in campaign. Organize a decent grassroots effort. It has been successfully done before.

  • Spencer

    The republicans are really pouting over this decision. What big babies they are proving to be, especially when you didn't hear a peep from the Democrats when it happened to them not so long ago.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Start filing complaints on every liberal dem that's in office! That's the first thing you do. They're so corrupt, finding dirt wouldn't be hard to do.

    • billyed

      Dumb Lips
      How about filling complaints against Capito and McKinley.
      Gov't shutdowns, obstructions, phony scandals, phony lawsuit against the POTUS, destruction of the middle class.

    • Rob C

      I've looked and looked plus filed hundreds of FOIA's and all I got was #TeamMingo and "Mailgate".

      I wish they were corrupt but I can't find anything.