Jessie Lee Heater

BUCKHANNON, W. Va. — A man who was paid for murder in Upshur County has been sentenced to life in prison.

Jessie Lee Heater was found guilty in June to the 2012 shooting death of Joshua Oberg.

The first degree murder charge resulted in the life sentence with no mercy, while charges of conspiracy to commit murder, concealment of a deceased human body, and conspiracy of concealment of a deceased human body result in an extra 1-5 years for each count to be served consecutively.

Heater shot and killed Joshua Oberg in Upshur County in 2012, then hid the body off of Bull Run Road. Oberg was missing for roughly six months before police found his body.

The night of the alleged incident Oberg, Heater, and Robert Siron were all together, drinking and smoking in an open field in Upshur County.

Siron was arrested and, according to his testimony, Rodolfo Villagomez Correa paid Heater $5,000 dollars to kill Oberg because he was having an affair with Correa’s wife.

Siron was found guilty and is serving 15 years for his involvement in the crime.

Correa’s original trial date was set for July 28, but with a granted motion for a continuance, his trial will begin in December.

In 2012, Correa pleaded guilty of being in the country illegally and to owning 16 firearms to a federal judge and was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    An illegal alien? I thought the m0r0n was handling them there illegals. After all they contribute so much to the demise of society.

    "Smoking" what in an open field?

  • Obvious

    As this case makes clear, banning gun ownership does not actually stop gun ownership.

  • Gary Karstens

    Another trial in a shooting caused by an instrument of death. YEESH! We continue to move into an era where gun ownership must be banned. We have killings all over the place with these instruments made for the sole purpose of DEATH. These instruments are causing pain and suffering in homes throughout this land. YEESH!

    • WVU1

      The criminals will always have guns. For this reason, I choose to arm myself in the event that my family is ever endangered.

    • Marion

      Gary. Do you own a firearm ?!