PRICHARD, W.Va.– A man is dead after an ATV crash in Wayne County.

State Troopers said it appears Mike Lawhon, 60, lost control of the machine at a landfill near U.S. Route 52 at Prichard. It flipped over on top of him.

Reports indicate Lawhon had just recently become an ATV rider.

The body was located Thursday evening. He was a preacher at Little Hurricane Freewill Baptist Church.

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  • elias

    If you don't want the risk don't do it......that simple

  • 1Smartone

    Question: Should regular "4 wheeler" ATV's be outlawed? They make side-by-sides that are much safer with a roll cage. It is my experience that you don't have to doing crazy things to be seriously hurt on one. My intention is not to be insensitive to the family. You have my prayers in this time of tragedy and grief.

    • Lisa

      I have to mow my grass this evening...I could be killed on my mower. Should we outlaw them? an adult, I understand that my mower can kill me if I don't operate it correctly. It is my responsibility to know how to do that safely and to do my best to avoid an accident. We are adults...we make these decisions everyday. I would venture to say that the death rate among ATV owners or riders is very low compared to the number that are actually out there...side by sides are very expensive...I would hate to spend that kind of money to go on the Sunday rides we take with family and friends...And, I don't mean to be insensitive to this family either....this is a tragedy. But I am against my government "outlawing" this and "banning" that because someone can get hurt.

      • Artimus

        My dad was in ICU at CAMC in 2008 due to a fall. We were there for 7 weeks and during that time I was amazed at the number of patients who were admitted to ICU due to ATV accidents. For example, one night there were three other families in the ICU waiting room with us. All three had family members in ICU due to ATV accidents (one in a coma, one with a broken back, one who eventually lost the lower portion of his leg).

        I mentioned this to an ICU nurse one day (i.e. the number of ATV accidents) and she said "that was normal". She also brought up a good point. She said for every one newspaper story you see about an ATV death, there are a dozen other accidents you never hear about that result in serious injuries and many of those are life altering injuries (brain damage, paralysis, etc.). She said a week doesn't go by without at least one admittance to ICU due to ATV accidents.

        She also made the comment that one of the orthopedic doctors had stated "as long as there are trampolines and ATVs in West Virginia, my job is secure".

        I don't say they need to be outlawed but I do think they need to be licensed with age restrictions on who can ride them up to certain sizes etc. Also, an ATV operators license should be required if you are riding them somewhere other than the owner's property.

        • Shadow

          You can't fix or legislate Stupidity out! People do crazy things.

      • 1Smartone

        Well, I appreciate your response but there are 2 thoughts. 1. Companies stopped making 3 wheelers back in the 80's. Why? because 4 wheelers were much safer and it doesn't inhibit our freedom to ride either. Making everyone go to a safer side-by-side would be similar to what happened in the 80's. 2. I would bet there are a lot more people seriously injured/killed riding a 4 wheeler than riding a mower. BTW...the government makes us wear a seatbelt.

        • Todd

          Why sure, lets MAKE people use side-by-sides, lets MAKE people use seat belts. Hey, lets MAKE people wear mask so as not to inhale allergens and airborne diseases, and lets MAKE people live in plastic bubbles, they would be so much safer....right? Gotta love the socialist overtones.

  • Mike

    This happens way too often. Don't know what the answer is. Prayers for his family.

    • Lisa

      Sadly, ATV's are not meant for everyone to ride. The tires are not safe for riding on pavement at high speeds, rocks and gravel can cause unpredictable results with sliding and gaining traction, and rolling them can happen quicker than you realize. The key to safe riding is understanding the terrain and adjusting your speed accordingly. Prayers for this man's family and loved ones.