GASSAWAY, W.Va. — State residents who get food through Mountaineer Food Bank will soon be getting energy efficient light bulbs too.

Appalachian Power Company presented 40,000 certified Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs to the food bank Thursday. They will be distributed in packs of four to 10,000 West Virginia families that get food at food pantries serviced by Mountaineer Food Bank.

“These are people who are having trouble paying their energy bills and this just helps them save money on their energy and use the money somewhere else where they need it more,” Appalachian Power’s Energy Efficiency Coordinator Zachary Bacon said.

The company’s Efficient Products Program gives in-store discounts to those who purchase CFLs and LED bulbs. Bacon said the company hopes once residents notice the money they’ve saved on their electric bills they will begin buying the bulbs. He said more and more state residents are using the bulbs but it’s a continuing effort to educate customers about their benefits.

Mountaineer Food Bank’s Chad Morrison said the food bank believes handing out light bulbs with food will help families.

“If they are struggling just to get food into their house then regular household items like light bulbs are such an extra bonus,” Morrison said. “So we are trying to provide not just food for their families, not just household products, but we are trying to provide a little bit of hope.”

Thursday’s announcement took place at Mountaineer Food Bank headquarters in Gassaway.

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