KANAWHA CITY, W.Va. — Charleston police were looking for two men who robbed a grocery store Thursday night where a clerk suffered a gunshot wound.

The Foodland robbery was reported around 10:30 p.m. and police began searching for the men between MacCorkle and Chesterfield avenues. 


Police say it was close to closing time when the robbery happened Thursday night at the Foodland in Kanawha City.

Lt. Shawn Williams said the men were wearing masks at least one had a gun when they entered the Foodland. A female clerk was shot in the chest and rushed to CAMC General for treatment. The men took off with an unknown amount of cash.

“It is highly unusual especially for this area and this part of town. It’s a tragic situation for the victim and the victim’s family and the employees over here as well,” Williams said.

Police used K9 units to search the area. Williams said the men may have jumped into a vehicle and fled after running away from the scene. He said the suspects appeared to be familiar with the layout of the store.

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  • donutfiend77

    I think all can agree, it is the influx of gang members from larger cities, which in turn, is creating a much more "available" drug market to the addicts; and prospective addicts. People have nothing to look forward to..... No work, no future, so what path do we take? Drugs, gangs, prostitution? I am seeing this way too much from our young people. They lack a future, so they take the path of least resistance which is a life of welfare and drug addiction. We need to stop the dealers, both local and from other larger cities. Stiffer penalties and lesser tolerance of their activities!

  • MOCO man

    As long as we continue to follow the liberal ways and remain lax in how we deal with these people this is only going to get worse. Can't remember the name of the individual that passed away this spring.......I think it was Baird, but I remember all of the headlines hailing him as some sort of hero for helping to abolish the death penalty. This is a product of his doings. If that was his great accomplishment.........he certainly wasnt worthy of anyone's vote. He obviously could care less about the victims of serious crime. If we want to be the best, these folks have to be purged from the system. The death penalty would be a great tool, if used correctly. You can't let known murderers lay around on death row for twenty years and call that justice........get rid of these people........

  • Renee

    The world is in chaos! Living in WV we are seeing the violence escalate but I think we are used to less crime than bigger cities. Most of the crimes are related to drugs and drug addiction..desperate for a fix as well as pride and lack of conscience by the gangs, dealers, etc
    If not a gun, it would be whatever else they could find. This, in my opinion is ultimately "the instrument of death", which also leads to overdose. Children are being neglected, abused and killed too often in this state because of the same common denominator! There is a much bigger picture here, so the political opinion cited on these articles daily about gun control is repetitious, however, that's your opinion and you have the right to post it. This world is getting darker every day. Prayers for our Country, peace between nations and for the situations happening locally

    • Renee

      For full recovery of the victim, bless her!

  • FungoJoe

    Look at the UC football program for the suspects. It is just down the street. Lots of thugs being recruited to the private school nowadays.

  • weird connection

    This is a sad thing but I think if wages were better it would lesson crime every where and incidents like this would be at a minimum this may sound crazy to the average thinker but critical thinkers probably would agree to some extent.

    • Chuck

      I may be wrong but generally a crime like this is committed by an unemployed drunk or drug addict.
      Wages don't matter if you can't or won't get a job.

      • Lisa

        Yeah....I don't think these guys just got off work at the BP, realized they didn't get paid enough to make the car payment and decided to rob the grocery store!!! Good grief...

      • Renee


  • Gary a Karstens

    Shot by an instrument of death while WORKING! YEESH!

    WV is like the wild, Wild West....complete lawlessness. YEESH!

    • Gary a Karstens parole officer

      Gary, if it is too "wild west" for you here, I'll be glad to send you tip Saint Louis, MO.

  • Lisa

    Good grief....shot while working at a grocery store....never thought that would be a WV headline....living in sad and scary times!!!