MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — With three days remaining in camp, West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen sounds satisfied with what his team has accomplished before the start of classes next week.

Holgorsen’s most notable injury update: Will linebacker Brandon Golson (shoulder) remains a week away from being cleared for contact.

Watch the complete 22-minute news conference above.

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  • Jim

    LOL!! Nothing wrong with Dana's sense of humor. That was awesome!

  • any major dude

    Jacob Coker will almost definitely be the UA QB. He is a transfer from FSU who couldn't get past Winston. Looks like there will be two ex-FSU QBs on Aug 31!

  • orangeman

    conditions ok, i concur, with most , yet we do have work to do, at certain positions.

  • winston

    O'toole and Molinari key to kicking Alabama back side. ha ha. go Mountaineers

  • Aaron

    I am anxious to see this team play.

  • nashville cat

    bama 48
    eers 0
    hope i amwrong,,,we might get a field goal, and maybe 10 pts... so,,,,

    i see almost no improvement on D from last yr

    • Jim

      Yeah, like you have the 'inside scoop' on what's taking place with the defense practice sessions.

  • wvufanatic

    Bama is fielding a new Qb and the time to play them is now he hasnt played in there system and we can make it very difficult on a new qb

  • wvufanatic

    The d has to be better with the depth and the secondary will be much better with the experience. Scrap is a coaching legend who is going to give the d the mindset to believe I bleed blue and gold and am a realist also we will win 8 or 9 and next year if crest comes along it will really be a team to contend with also recruiting is going swimmingly I expect chuganov and the other guy from usc to deepen the qb battle we are on the rise people were unrealistic in the beginning but the pieces are in place to be greatly improved for the future!!!!!!!

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    I just looked at what was being said about Marshall. No William over there. Go back to Marshall and stay.

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    I do believe we have a much better team this year. I am truly tired of hearing how we have no chance with anyone.
    I was listening to some announcers talk about not knowing who will be the starting QB for Alabama. They said it doesn't matter because if they put the new QB in he will have three weeks of practice. All they have to play against are WVU, FAU and Southern Miss. If that doesn't make the team come together to stomp on Alabama then nothing will arouse them. They said Alabama would not be tested until the fourth game when they play Florida. Am I wrong or didn't the Gators have a 4-8 record last year? Didn't they lose to a FCS school?
    Come on Mountaineers. Lets change roll to EBB TIDE. LETS GOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS

  • william

    "Lying to Recruits"
    Why do Mountaineer fans support this coach?
    How bad does it need to get?
    It's a sad time to be a Mountaineer fan wherever you may be!

    • ron

      he was talking about Marshall

    • Dave

      William, Go over to the Marshall board and talk to yourself because the more you talk over here, the dumber you get.

    • Ut Oh

      William GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • any major dude

    Getting whipped up into a frenzy!!!

  • wvufanatic

    I honestly feel that if the defense plays like expected we will be fine. Trickett will definitely improve on last year and we werent as bad as our record last year on offense I really feel 8 is possible and 9 if they play up to ability. Rushell Shell wasnt a 5 star for nothing with a focus now he will explode and our others sre just as capable

  • Mister Man

    I think we'll be aight.

  • HonestPolitician

    WVU 38
    Bama 24