PRINCETON, W.Va. — A Mercer County magistrate said Friday Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants has to enroll in a batterers intervention program—-or he could be held in contempt of court.

Plants asked Special Magistrate Mike Flanigan to allow him to stand trial on two domestic related charges instead but the judge denied it saying Plants had previously agreed to the pretrial program. Plants said the only way to clear his name now is to go to trial. Plants’ attorney may make another motion at a compliance hearing set for Aug. 27.

Special Prosecutor Sid Bell said he now expects Plants to enroll in the batterers prevention program in Putnam County.

Meanwhile, the Kanawha County Commission’s petition to have Plants removed from office was officially filed Friday in circuit court. The state Supreme Court could appoint a three judge panel soon.

Plants’ troubles started earlier this year when he was charged with violating domestic violence protective order, a misdemeanor. Later his was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after a discipline incident after using a belt on his son during a discipline incident.

The prosecutor and his staff have been unable to prosecute domestic violence related cases because of the conflict. A special prosecutor has cost Kanawha County more than $92,000.

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  • Mister G!

    I heard Plants cried in court yesterday, blubbered like the coward he so obviously is. He's a real tough guy when he's beating an 11-year-old with a belt or humping some office skank, but cries like a baby when the magistrate doesn't rule his way. Hope he finds his way into a cage with some other fathers he put there...

  • Dumb Liberals

    Well I'll be! The liberal democratic court of WV supremes ( of which Workman (d) belongs and who's POS son beat the crap out of his sister and dumped her along the road) appoints a liberal democrat magistrate Flanigan (aka leftist puppet), and the liberal demo's of the far left Kan-a-wa-HA commission mount an assault of the Republican Prosecutor. Sounds about right. True liberalism at work. The only work ever accomplished by leftist "leaders and their operatives". Maintaining the corruption of WV's liberal democratic governing.

    • Rich

      Workman didn't appoint Flannigan as the magistrate. Robin Davis is the Chief Justice and she makes those appointments. I realize your arguments might be the same as directed at Davis as at Workman, but you might consider getting your fact base straight before you post in a public forum. It would give your comments more credibility.

    • The bookman

      Starting to believe that Dumb Liberals and Gary Karstens are the same person. Or, both are simply the worst example of either side of an argument.

      • Aaron

        I think you're right. This individual isn't interested in healthy debate but in creating controversy.

  • Brad

    I have to wonder what in the world is going on in Plants' head. His legal bills to fight both the domestic violence case and the Petition for Removal must be astronomical. Is the job worth it?

    • Brian

      It's called an ego. And this one is big.

    • Monty Burns

      Nothing is in his head. That is what happens when you play footbal without a helmet.