MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — There are still boxes to unpack and rooms to organize but thousands of West Virginia University students made it into what will turn out to be their homes for the next several months without any major problems Friday.

Move-in day had its regular headaches but there were a lot of volunteers to help students and their families get things into the residence halls.

“The key thing is to have some patience, bring a moving cart and have some good walking shoes,” WVU Dean of Students Corey Farris said.

The university expects freshmen enrollment numbers to be close to 5,000 students.

Classes begin at WVU Monday morning with the 20th annual FallFest scheduled for Monday night.

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  • Mister G!

    If MetroNews wanted a good story about college move-in day, the best comes from Glenville State College, where faculty and staff greet students in front of their residence halls and proceed to carry their items into their rooms for them. Glenville has done this for years. But it's oh-so-far away, so MetroNews listeners and readers are treated, once again, to the most effortless story possible...

    • Pudge

      Apples and oranges. Glenville has roughly the same enrollment as either of the Morgantown area high schools.

      Combining students and parents, there could be 20,000 or so people in town moving in, driving around, and trying to find a place to go out and eat. It does get messy.

    • jo jo

      Totally agree , GSC does seem to make it easy on the parents and students on move in day. In fact, GSC is very friendly school.....period!!!!

      • Zachary

        And GSC's friendliness is attributing to its gradual increase in enrollment.

        Thanks to GSC personnel.

  • WVU Wife

    Thank you Jss!! Well said...Yes my husband and children graduated from WVU not UWV!

  • Gary Karstens

    Does it always have to be about UWV???? YEESH! It isn't even rated that high of an institution. YEESH!

    • Pickle Barrel

      Go to hell, Karstens. It's WVU, you idiot. And it's the best institution of higher learning in the state.

      • Kyle

        I agree with Gary. Does it always have to be about UWM???? Aren't there students from other colleges in the state "moving up and moving in to college"????

        If, and that is "IF", UWV is the best higher institution in the state, it is because most of our taxpayer money through the legislature flows to the Morgantown campus. If, and that is "IF", any money is left over it is sieved out to the remaining colleges in the state.

        Now it is time for a UWV fan to respond that I am a Marshall fan, and that statement will be inaccurate.

        It's a mystery to me why the legislature just doesn't move to Morgantown. That move would save the state and UWV loads of money. Legislators wouldn't have to travel to Morgantown to get their orders from UMV and Morgantown lobbyist wouldn't have to travel (and lodge in) Charleston (at taxpayer expense) so that they could give orders to legislators who are "supposed" to represent other colleges in the state, also.

    • jss

      It is West Virginia University, not UWV. YEESH-t!