CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston police made three arrests Friday night and were looking for two other suspects in connection with an armed robbery and shooting that happened 24-hours earlier at the Kanawha City Foodland.

Police charged John Proctor, III, 19, of Charleston, with first-degree robbery and malicious wounding. He allegedly pulled the trigger that injured clerk Shawna Sampson, 44, of Winifrede. She was shot once in the chest. Investigators also charged Ricky Patterson, 18, of Charleston, and a 17-year-old boy with first-degree robbery.

Arrest warrants were also issued for Telisa McCauley and Alisyn Proctor, John Proctor’s sister, who allegedly drove the getaway car.

“They took money from multiple locations in the store,” said Lt. Steve Cooper, chief of the Charleston Police Detective Division. “They were demanding money, it was a little bit chaotic and a situation that would have been frightening to be involved in and it escalated even more when the clerk was shot.”


Charleston police say the men were well-covered with gloves and masks.

Sampson has worked for Foodland for the past seven years.  The store has four locations in the Charleston area.

“She closes the store for three nights a week,” said general manager Dennis Ramsey. “What we mean by close is she manages the floor. We have an office girl and she helps her out.”

Ramsey was in the office area doing the normal work to close out the day’s business and was near the safe where much of the money was located.

“They demanded cash and jumped over the counter where the safe is,”  said Cooper. “They were actually able to steal some rolls of money. She was shot once in the chest by one of the suspects, they then fled the store.”

The store is open 24 hours and Ramsey said one register would have still been open at the hour of the robbery.  An unknown number of other employees and customers in the store witnessed the robbery. Police have questioned each and taken as many details as they can remember.

“The entire incident was captured on the in-store camera,” said Cooper.

Police were able to track the pair out of the store to MacCorkle Ave. where they apparently got into a car. It’s not known what direction they fled. Charleston police spent much of the night following up on other security cameras in the area which may have been able to capture footage of the suspect’s vehicle fleeing the area.

Sampson is in stable condition at the Charleston Area Medical Center.

“Everybody’s very upset,” said Ramsey. “Shawna is a good friend to all of the employees.  Continue to pray for all of the family and the owner of the store as it’s a big hardship on him as things happen to his employees.  It hurts.”

Although they are open 24 hours, Ramsey indicated it was the first time the store had been robbed.   Although an uncommon occurrence, they do try to prepare workers for the possibility.

“We talk to people when we first hire them and tell them to not do anything to try and stop a robbery,” Ramsey said. “Things just happen and when it does happen, it’s all up to your employees and how they react.”


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  • Joy

    I happened to go into the store on that Fri. morning - the day after the crime. I had traveled with family from Indiana, heading to Mammoth, WV and we just happened to stop at the store. The store was flooded with media and seemed subdued inside. We had no idea what had happened until we searched on-line. My heart was moved to pray for the victim, Shawna Sampson and I have done so ever since being in the store. As far as the thugs who did this to her (and traumatized everyone in the store), guess they were so stupid they thought they would pull it off. They're not such big, tough guys (and gals) now, are they? I hope the Judge throws the book at them.

  • Ron - From Morgantown

    I thought I saw the mug shots , did Metro News take then down because they are juveniles ?

  • Steven

    Luckily the clerk is recovering. The pain is just beginning for the perpetrators. They look like the perfect candidates to get taken advantage of in jail. They're going to be crying on the phone to mommy to send some Vaseline.

  • Gary Karstens

    I can't believe we haven't heard the insane logic of "if she would have been carrying, then this wouldn't have happened". YEESH!

    A woman was working...trying to make a living....when she was shot by this instrument of death...trying to work. YEESH!

    More instruments if death, more shootings, more disabilities or deaths. YEESH!

    • Mr.P

      Gary, do you know what your i.p.address is?

    • Marion

      Hey Gary you A€#Ho€% ! If anyone in the store would have been carrying their would be two dead criminals ! Period ! Stay off this website ! PERIOD. ! People like you make me sick ! Pray for the woman for gods sake!

      • Mike

        That's bullcrap. You don't know that anyone in the store had or did not have a gun. Someone may have. Everyone that carries a concealed weapon isn't going to turn into super cop and start shooting the bad guys. Too bad you weren't there, you could have shot it out with them, tough guy.

        • Marion

          Sounds like you are a coward. !

        • hillbilly

          Exactly - its too late to pull out a legal gun once someone else already has one pointed at you.

    • Gary Karstens' Therapist

      I told you not to skip your meds. Take your meds and stay off the Internet

      • Mike

        Why don't you stay off the internet.

        • mike's illegitimate son


  • Mike

    These gunman have to be among the lowest scum on earth. If they're caught they need to be locked up for a very long time. Heck, I've even vote for torture.

  • Abbagoochie

    Typical greed of grocery stores. Open 24 hours and God forbid if they miss a penny. Kroger is the same way too and at that time of night mostly human debris are out at that time. I hope they get sued out of business. No business should be open 24 hours a day anywhere in charleston with all the thugs and filth on the streets.

    • truth be told

      Note Abbagoochie's comment about lawsuits... another bum blaming the business rather than the thugs. Her crack daddy probably did the shooting.

    • James

      Yeah, no way any store should be open at 10:30pm when this robbery took place. If this store wasn't open at that time I bet those would've never thought of robbing it. How about putting some blame on the robbers?

    • people should work

      I'd rather have people work and get paid then be on welfare. Stores are open all the time. This stuff hardly ever happens and it can happen in the daytime too.

    • FungoJoe

      Wait, what? Greed of the grocery store? What about the greed of the robbers. Typical liberal, exonerate the criminals. No responsibility on their part, I'm sure. The grocery store and the clerk had it coming to them since they were open late? Amirite? The criminals gots to get paid too. Amirite?

      • scott


        The blacks at it again as always even in a time of crisis. It doesnt matter as long as guns and drugs are involved.

        yeah...typical liberal

      • scott

        Heh Funky Joe,

        I thought goochies comment was the stupidest I,d ever seen....but...then there is you. I,,m a liberal and i ,m wondering how you know what this abbagoochie freaks party is.Typical liberal huh?Talking about thugs and filth on the streets at 1030 pm...yeah..sounds like a true lib to me.Truth is Gooch is a typical conservative that still thinks its 1958. And what the heck is Amirite mean....let me help ya...NO...I,m guessing you are rarely right.

    • northforkfisher

      When is the night shift going to get to shop, Thanks to our fast pace world people have to work the late shifts.

  • Renee

    Thank the Lord she is in stable condition! Prayers for a full recovery in every way, for her family and for all involved at the store.