CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Officials with Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort in Hancock County say they will abide by a Friday ruling from the West Virginia Racing Commission.

The commission denied a request for Mountaineer to eliminate 14 live racing days in December but the commission did leave the door open for the cancellation if purse funds run low.

Mountaineer plans to take a look at the purse fund in about a month to gauge how much longer it would last this year and races could be canceled. Racetrack video lottery revenues finance the purse fund and those have been going down for several months because of competition from other states.

Mountaineer, based in Chester, will see thoroughbred competition from a new track in Austintown, Ohio soon. Mountaineer also faces a possible decrease in revenues with a Hancock County smoking ban up for vote by the Hancock County Board of Health on Aug. 26.

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  • David

    Tourism won't save WV...

    The effect it has on the economy is way over overblown.

    Most people working in tourism jobs make little above minimum wage and a lot of the jobs are seasonal.

    It's a pipe dream... Like windmills generating electricity to any effective result.

  • Cynara

    Cannabis tourism would be the way to go. Look at Colorado raking in the cash.

  • Gary a Karstens

    Horses are instruments of death. It's like the wild west. YEESH!

    • Jack

      You make no sense.

  • TB

    Why does the State have a say in a private company's decision to manage its business profitably? Get out of the way!!

    • Hand out

      Why can the state control this ??
      Really you ask

      The budget of WV depends so much on
      Lottery Money
      And to add to our woes
      We subsidize horse and dog racing with money from the state budget

      We don't have anyone in charleston to tell the truth about lottery money

      But it all goes to subsidize the race tracks
      And education

      Imagine how well out state would be if this money went to roads and education

      But wait,
      Buy a program at the dog track on cross lanes and see the name on the biggest
      Dog racer

      I believe it's the Tomblins

      The heck with roads, education , or the war on coal

      Gov has some dogs and they need to run

    • stophating

      Because the state subsidizes the purse fund! In the same way that the Tomblin family gets hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise greyhounds.....

  • Raging Moderate

    Demand for coal is down and of course it's highly (over?) regulated. Everybody and his brother has gaming. Natural gas production is growing but can't make up for job losses in coal.

    That's why I'm on the tourism bandwagon. I know the state pushes it plenty, but our natural blessings are what distinguishes our state from surrounding areas. Skiing, whitewater, camping, hiking, bridge day, hunting, fishing, centrally located. We have to really, really push these things, advertise relentlessly all over the East Coast. Tourism is the key to West Virginia. The state should be synonymous with it.