MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, said she supports a true all-of-the-above energy strategy that includes coal, natural gas, wind and solar.

“Look at what we can do, look at all the possibilities,” Tennant said.

She talked about energy on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline” as part of series of interviews with the candidates ahead of the Nov. 4 general election. Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), the Republican U.S. Senate candidate, will address the same issue on a future show.

Tennant said she believes the future of coal is in clean coal technology, including in the advancement of carbon capture and sequestration, and West Virginia could lead the way.

“This is the challenge that I posed to the White House to build or retrofit coal-fired power plants with the CCS technology because I’m just one who doesn’t think that you need to choose between clean air and good-paying jobs,” she said.

“There is $8 billion that the Department of Energy has already set aside and prepared to allocate for this exact type of technology to take place. It would be guaranteed. That’s why this is so important for West Virginia and energy independence in this country.”

Read Tennant’s full Coal and Energy Jobs Agenda here.

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  • grey4449

    If you want Obama to keeping hurting coal and jobs. If you want Harry Reid hurting coal and jobs. PLEASE VOTE FOR NATALIE TENNANT. This is all that needs to be said. VOTE FOR CAPITO AND JENKINS if you want to mine coal and help the thousands of businesses who support coal. This election is the life or death of West Virginia. PLEASE, PLEASE don't think about party. Think about your sons and daughters future.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Attention on deck - The tidy bowl captain will now explain exactly what she meant to say, keeping her in line with the m0r0n's game plan and war on coal.

    Liberals swallowing more BS from the same leftist loons that have destroyed their jobs, their families, their heritage, their state and the country. Ignorance abounds on the left yet again.

  • Pragmatic

    Like all libs, Tennant has no clue when it comes to science, math, business, and common sense. Assuming (extremely doubtful) that CO2 from carbon use is causing warming and consequently disastrous Climate effects, then one can forget coal use pure and simple as economics come into play. Adding carbon capture to a coal plant prices coal plants beyond nuclear plants not to mention a cost multiple over a gas fired plant. It is mind boggling to watch and hear these types bloviating without conscience and shame. A breadth of reality would be welcomed.

  • Cooter

    Carbon capture? Better idea. Invest in big flexible hoses, and capture cow farts. They release a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere.

    Does anybody really believe Natalie will go to Washington and represent WV? She will go and fall in line with Dingy Harry.

  • PMQ


    Thanks for asking NataLIE Tennant if should would support Harry Reid for Senate Majority Leader, if elected. You asked twice, she never answered the question. Then mix in The Squaw Elizabeth Warren who supported NataLIE, what more do you need to know? Also, Michelle O-Bum-A, says Barry needs NataLIE for gun control.
    Can not vote for her. This is a re-run of her support of O-Bum-A in 2008 & 2012. Need to correct elections before the VOTE, not after. She has no chance.
    Thanks again for trying, Hoppy, BUT...NataLIE can NOT answer a DIRECT question. Shameful.

    • WVU 74

      PMQ, et al:

      On August 11th, I posted the following to Hoppy's Commentary:

      "Voters in West Virginia have to ask specific, pointed, direct questions of the candidates. You cannot expect reporters and other representatives of the media to ask them for you."

      "Although as a former resident of West Virginia, I can't vote in your Senatorial race. But, there is one question I would ask the Democrat party nominee. "If you won election to the US Senate, would you vote to re-elect Sen. Harry Reid as Majority Leader, if your party was still the Majority?" Any answer (including a non-response) would indicate to me the true position of this candidate."

      Thanks for pointing out that the Democratic candidate gave a non-response, twice.

      An "Atta Boy!" goes out to Hoppy for asking, twice!

    • Brian

      +1. Very well stated

  • Bob

    And Shelly has done what?


      Look at her voting record.
      She hasn't voted agianst us.

      • Inez

        What has Shelley Moore Capito done? She voted against the Lilly Ledbetter act. That was a really a slap at West Virginia women who are making $.70 for every dollar that men make.
        She voted against the Robert C. Byrd mine safety act.
        She voted for the flood insurance bill that's been a real boon to insurance companies, but not to WV people living along the rivers. Our rates increased 10 times until that was changed. We could not even sell our homes. When she was contacted about these votes she responded that the constituents misunderstood.
        Congresswoman Capito also voted to privatize Social Security. We all know how well we all would do investing in the stock market on our own. I know from looking at my own 401(k). But that we not for our benefit, that was for Wall Street.
        After all, it's on video, a bank executive called Shelly Moore Capito "Wall Street's secret weapon."
        Just a few facts. Not opinions.
        Now tell me, what has Rep. Capito done for West Virginia?

  • CaptainQ

    No matter what Natalie says or does now, she cannot escape the shadow of Obama.

    End of story

  • Independent View

    Hey Natalie were you just "hugging it out" in Martinsburg with a Left -Wing Senator who vehemently opposes coal? How's that working for you?
    Your campaign plank regarding coal is just a desperate grasp or gasp from an empty pantsuit.
    You are a mere drop of water in an ocean of sameness.

    • Jim - Morgantown

      EXACTLY. Check out Elizabeth Warren's record on coal.

  • George

    Where has her help been ? I haven't seen it yet.....Mines closing , WV ranking 49th and 50th in every good category.......We need to change our Democratic controlled State..............I'm sick of this mess..........Obama puppets....

  • Gary Karstens

    She sounded good to me!

  • Robert

    Don't care about anything than your party affiliation Nats. You're a 'D' and electing you helps keep the Democrats and Harry Reid in control of the Senate. That cannot happen.

  • The bookman

    Whether you believe the alarmists or the deniers in regard to man's involvement in climate change, or in the concept that the earth is in fact warming or not, all scientists agree that the proposed reductions in emitted CO2 will not lead to a significant reduction in global temperatures over the next century, if at all.

    I ask anyone to explain the need to take such very drastic measures that produce not a scintilla of benefit either in the short term or long term.

    A vote for NT is a vote for Harry Reid as Majority Leader of a Democratic controlled US Senate. Policies that have no foundation in logic like this will continue to be unobstructed by Congress, and the health and well being of our economy will continue to be compromised.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    What's my line?
    I don't understand if your not Harry Reid or Barack Obama, then would you be Nancy Pelosi?

  • fed up

    Yes or No.....Will you vote to return Harry Reid ("coal makes you sick") to be the Senate majority leader if elected and Dems retain control of the Senate?? Please don't say that you don't know yet, because we all know what happens once you get to will go along with all the other Dems and keep him in power ..just saying

  • Aaron

    I’m confused SOS Tennant. First you say that you will fight to increase coal research technology including CCS technology through federal funding from an $8 billion reserve for just that and then you say you will “oppose President Obama’s regulations on coal-fired power plants because they are based on technology that either does not exist, or is too expensive to implement without causing significant job losses or jeopardizing electricity reliability.”

    While I do not agree with the stance President Obama or the EPA has undertaken with coal, is not part of their rationale for instilling these regulations the research into the technology they claim that will make reductions viable and that you state you will support as well? If the research you support allows the restrictions the Obama Administration is implementing, will you then support the EPA’s restrictions?
    Regarding natural gas, you say “With the development of the Shale, we must commit ourselves to establishing cracker plants, which process ethane, in West Virginia. Developing cracker plants would have a multibillion-dollar impact on our state’s economy. It is encouraging news that one Cracker plant is being planned in Wood County, but we must establish more. Cracker plants are key to securing West Virginia’s energy future and revitalizing our chemical industry.”

    How does that statement coexist with the fact current production utilizes about 55% of production capacity and that in addition to the proposed plant in Wood County, there are 7 other ethane cracker plants planned in the US? Do you support massive tax giveaways for a plant that will utilized less than 10% of current production with the rest being pipe lined to other production facilities? Wouldn't a more reasonable measure for West Virginians to be adequate well fees to ensure enough inspectors are hired along with an ample severance tax to ensure West Virginians benefit from the extraction of one of our natural resources?

    You state regarding solar production that “we should put those same skills to work manufacturing parts for solar panels. I support providing incentives for companies and individuals to manufacture and install solar panels.” How do you justify subsidizing an industry that provides about 1/10th of 1% of our electricity? Is that simply throwing good money after bad? Wouldn't we be better off financing proven projects like the “run of the river” power plant currently underway at Willow Island, WV?

    For the record, I would pose the same questions to Congresswoman Capito.

    • ViennaGuy