MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, said she supports a true all-of-the-above energy strategy that includes coal, natural gas, wind and solar.

“Look at what we can do, look at all the possibilities,” Tennant said.

She talked about energy on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline” as part of series of interviews with the candidates ahead of the Nov. 4 general election. Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), the Republican U.S. Senate candidate, will address the same issue on a future show.

Tennant said she believes the future of coal is in clean coal technology, including in the advancement of carbon capture and sequestration, and West Virginia could lead the way.

“This is the challenge that I posed to the White House to build or retrofit coal-fired power plants with the CCS technology because I’m just one who doesn’t think that you need to choose between clean air and good-paying jobs,” she said.

“There is $8 billion that the Department of Energy has already set aside and prepared to allocate for this exact type of technology to take place. It would be guaranteed. That’s why this is so important for West Virginia and energy independence in this country.”

Read Tennant’s full Coal and Energy Jobs Agenda here.

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  • Skip Tollifson

    How many times throughout history has something deemed worthless proven to be just the opposite? Wasn't gasoline once considered a dangerous and useless bi-product? Clean coal is not the answer. A new use for coal is. Go out and find it. Pay for needed research. Paradigms. Get rid of them.

  • Wowbagger

    After you capture the CO2 at high cost storing it anywhere near a populated area is inherently unsafe. This is the next issue for enviro-crazys to protest.

    ... Ms Tennant is simply using the standard Progressive diversion. She needs to call her buddy Elizabeth Warren, ... aka fauxahontas for new material.

    • The bookman

      I'm still waiting for someone to explain why it is necessary to capture CO2 at any cost, even if it is at a zero cost, when it will have no net effect on temperature rise, assuming you believe in a high degree of temperature sensitivity to CO2 concentration. A consensus, (sorry, couldn't resist), of scientists agree that any reduction of emitted CO2 as prescribed by the EPA proposal will have a negligible effect on temperature rise, ice depletion, and sea level rise over the next century. So I ask fervently to anyone who can explain.....What is the point?

  • Tim C

    "Clean Coal".....that's just democrat code for "NO COAL"!

  • Big Bob-E

    Sooooooo....what office is Obama running for again???? Coal is dying a slow death of natural causes...I would like to think that maybe one of you Einsteins would realize that...but me thinks I ask for too much. Kind of makes you wonder what the Republicans will dream-up when Obama leaves office and they are going to have run on their own ideas. Lions and tigers and bears...oh my!!! Or should I say....Obama and Pelosi and Reid...oh my!!!

    • The bookman

      Big Bob,

      I don't hear Republicans calling for votes against Democrats over Pelosi, do you? Why? Because Pelosi has been marginalized by minority status. Like it or not, majorities matter in Congress, just as they do in the State Legislature. The fact remains Obama is still the chief executive and Reid will run the Senate if the Democrats remain in the majority. I think its reasonable to consider those consequences when attempting to choose between two deficient candidates. Capito single handedly isn't going to do anything to right the ship. I'm not operating under that misconception. Tennant won't provide any deterrent to Harry Reid's leadership.

      So I ask you. Do you support Harry Reid's continued leadership in the Senate, or do you think Natalie Tennant will be effective in rejecting Reid's and Obama's agenda and provide a new path?

      If you support Reid, then Tennant is the clear choice. If you don't, then Tennant must have a skillset yet to be revealed to garner your support.

      • Big Bob-E

        Bookman....after 55 years of life I come to realize that it makes no difference what political party is in power....they are all looking out for their on special interests. Even you would have to admit that this Republican lead congress has failed to work with Obama on any meaningful legislation that would have moved this country forward...if they truly cared about our nation they would have...but they didn't.
        My whole point is how every Republican in West Virginia running for any office is running against Obama. Hell...Obama couldn't find West Virginia on a map...but yet he has somehow single handedly destroyed everything good and pure in our great State. Mrs.Capito has been a part of the majority ruling party in congress for most of her political career...but PLEASE tell me one piece of meaningful legislation has she had passed that directly helped this state...I'll give you plenty of time to research that question...I'll be waiting!!! (I'll give you a hint...the answer has a zero in it)

        • PMQ

          @Big Bob E:

          Not a Republican, just a Democrat that has woken up. You might try it.

        • PMQ

          What I have learned in my 58 years, is that people like Big Bob E are the problem.

          The first two years of the Obama presidency gave his party a hold on the Senate and the House so in essence yes, Congress passed the bill without any help from Republicans. 34 Democrats joined with House Republicans voting Nay on the ACA, for a tally of Yea's of 219 Democrats to 212 Nays for Republicans and Democrats.

          In the Senate Democrats voted 60 to 39, along party lines. However, there were only 58 Yea votes initially and more support needed to be found among those dissenters in the Democratic ranks.

          So, in essence Congress did pass the bill but, it was purely a Democrat action, with some votes being bought for consideration, most famously "the Cornhusker kickback" to sway Democrat Ben Nelson to the ACA side, and of course any Indy's who caucused with Democrats.

          Fast forward to the debacle that is known as the current ACA and we hear a president laud the bill as being the law of the land and, passed by both houses of Congress.

          What he fails to say is that it was all on Democrats and no Republican participated in this national shame.

          This fool, O-Bum-A, does NOT support TEAMWORK. He thinks he is King of Kenya. The DemocRATS are the problem. Hope you wake up from your slumber, Big Bob E.

          • Big Bob-E

            @ PMQ....Nice bias Republican Party rant...but you sir need to brush up the reading comprehension skills...if you want to respond to my actual be it....but let's not go to "what I didn't say" to make your Republican talking points...and for being 58 years old you certainly act pretty childish with the name calling. Just say'n!!

        • The bookman

          I don't measure my representatives by what they do for me. I measure them by what they've done to me. And I don't know how many times I have to state it. SMC is not my vision of a great Congresswoman. I don't hear her speaking my language. But her success wouldn't be measured by some piece of legislation in my book.

          I do understand your cynicism, but I'm just not wired that way. I'm a fixer. If it's broken, you fix it.

          As for the Republicans working with Obama, it goes both ways. Shoving ACA down everyone's throat, along with the plethora of executive action like these proposed EPA rules doesn't make for a whole lot of compromise. The president doesn't want compromise. He wants capitulation.

          But you seem satisfied with Reid in charge of the Senate, and Obama in the White House, but frustrated by Boehner in the House. So your choice is clear. Vote Tennant. I just don't know why it is so hard to say just that. You support a change in the House, not the Senate. Right? Can you say Harry Reid is good for WV?

          • The bookman

            I'm not a McConnell fan either, but Republican majorities in both houses removes the excuse of bottled up legislation. It was the 1994 elections that brought the Republican controlled Congress and President Clinton to the table. It was during this period that Clinton famously devised policy through "triangulation."

            I say give the Republicans the ball and see if Obama can swallow his ego and compromise. Of course, the downside is what do the Republicans do with it. Do they submit legislation that moves us forward, or waste time beating a dead horse?

            Either way, odds are we shall see. Most have the senate changing hands in January, 2015.

          • Big Bob-E

            Bookie...I am not a fan of Reid or McConnell...both are equally distasteful in my opinion. However, my point with Capito is that for being the incumbent she has little more to run on other than "I'll fight Obama" or "Tennant supported Obama"...really...that's it?? As for you my friend...I respect your intelligence more than any poster on this board...I understand your point about giving the Democrats control of the Senate...but you would have a hard time convincing me that Mitch McConnell controlled Senate would be any better than a Reid controlled Senate. Something about the devil you for Tennant...she doesn't have a prayer of beating Capito...but It won't be because of Capito's legislative it will be because "she'll fight Obama." Once again...good grief!!!

          • The bookman


            I wish I could control all the voices on this side of the debate, as I am sure you would also. However, I would hope you would focus on the discourse between us. No name calling here, just debate. I did not claim you were a Reid supporter, just that a vote for NT would yield a supporting nod to Reid in the Senate, unless she were able to muster some sort of refutation of Reid's asserted dominance.

            Maybe you see no difference between a McConnell led senate vs a Reid led senate. That's fair. I do see a difference, but hey, you choose for you.

          • Big Bob-E

            Bookie...the trouble with you guys is your us against them attitude. Nowhere in my post did I claim support for Reid, Pelosi or Obama...I just pointed out the fact that the Republicans in Congress have done little to help move this country forward and Capito has done literally nothing at all to help West Virginians...and yes that is why she has been sent to Washington...whether you want to admit that or not. However, you and your friends who post on here are old disciples of GW're either with us or against us. Don't believe me.... Just read the post targeted at me from PMQ...I said nothing that he implies I did and I am the problem because I don't look at either party as political messiahs!! Good grief!!

        • Aaron

          What legislation should Congress have worked with the President on and what concessions do YOU think he would have been willing to make?

          • Big Bob-E

            Forget about it got all the answers and mine are always wrong!!

  • Hillbilly Tea

    Can anyone say Bimbo? Can't you Dumbocrats do better than this?

  • arp

    Bottom line: she twice enthusiastically endorsed Obama who is destroying West Virginia's coal industry. It will probably never recover--much of what the EPA, other Obama agencies and his federal judge appointees are doing--is irreversible. It will take a few years to see how bad the damage is, but it is already proving to cost thousands of jobs. Housing prices will plummet, there will be far less tax revenue, fewer services. Tennant, Rahall, Casey absolutely cannot be trusted to protect WV jobs. They've already proven where their loyalties lay.

  • Mister G!

    Natalie Tennant has done more for the Mountain Party and its Senate candidate, Bob Henry Baber, this election cycle than the party ever could have done on its own. Baber will lose, of course, but at least he's a ballot option for every Democrat who is insulted by Tennant's continual dissing of the president and her own party. After this election is over, Ms. Wells needs run out of the Democratic party pronto; she stands for nothing but her own substantial ego pacification...

  • thornton

    I expect she recites more than she talks..."talks" implies more than the lass possesses re energy.

  • grey4449

    If you want Obama to keeping hurting coal and jobs. If you want Harry Reid hurting coal and jobs. PLEASE VOTE FOR NATALIE TENNANT. This is all that needs to be said. VOTE FOR CAPITO AND JENKINS if you want to mine coal and help the thousands of businesses who support coal. This election is the life or death of West Virginia. PLEASE, PLEASE don't think about party. Think about your sons and daughters future.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Attention on deck - The tidy bowl captain will now explain exactly what she meant to say, keeping her in line with the m0r0n's game plan and war on coal.

    Liberals swallowing more BS from the same leftist loons that have destroyed their jobs, their families, their heritage, their state and the country. Ignorance abounds on the left yet again.

  • Pragmatic

    Like all libs, Tennant has no clue when it comes to science, math, business, and common sense. Assuming (extremely doubtful) that CO2 from carbon use is causing warming and consequently disastrous Climate effects, then one can forget coal use pure and simple as economics come into play. Adding carbon capture to a coal plant prices coal plants beyond nuclear plants not to mention a cost multiple over a gas fired plant. It is mind boggling to watch and hear these types bloviating without conscience and shame. A breadth of reality would be welcomed.

  • Cooter

    Carbon capture? Better idea. Invest in big flexible hoses, and capture cow farts. They release a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere.

    Does anybody really believe Natalie will go to Washington and represent WV? She will go and fall in line with Dingy Harry.

  • PMQ


    Thanks for asking NataLIE Tennant if should would support Harry Reid for Senate Majority Leader, if elected. You asked twice, she never answered the question. Then mix in The Squaw Elizabeth Warren who supported NataLIE, what more do you need to know? Also, Michelle O-Bum-A, says Barry needs NataLIE for gun control.
    Can not vote for her. This is a re-run of her support of O-Bum-A in 2008 & 2012. Need to correct elections before the VOTE, not after. She has no chance.
    Thanks again for trying, Hoppy, BUT...NataLIE can NOT answer a DIRECT question. Shameful.

    • WVU 74

      PMQ, et al:

      On August 11th, I posted the following to Hoppy's Commentary:

      "Voters in West Virginia have to ask specific, pointed, direct questions of the candidates. You cannot expect reporters and other representatives of the media to ask them for you."

      "Although as a former resident of West Virginia, I can't vote in your Senatorial race. But, there is one question I would ask the Democrat party nominee. "If you won election to the US Senate, would you vote to re-elect Sen. Harry Reid as Majority Leader, if your party was still the Majority?" Any answer (including a non-response) would indicate to me the true position of this candidate."

      Thanks for pointing out that the Democratic candidate gave a non-response, twice.

      An "Atta Boy!" goes out to Hoppy for asking, twice!

    • Brian

      +1. Very well stated

  • Bob

    And Shelly has done what?


      Look at her voting record.
      She hasn't voted agianst us.

      • Inez

        What has Shelley Moore Capito done? She voted against the Lilly Ledbetter act. That was a really a slap at West Virginia women who are making $.70 for every dollar that men make.
        She voted against the Robert C. Byrd mine safety act.
        She voted for the flood insurance bill that's been a real boon to insurance companies, but not to WV people living along the rivers. Our rates increased 10 times until that was changed. We could not even sell our homes. When she was contacted about these votes she responded that the constituents misunderstood.
        Congresswoman Capito also voted to privatize Social Security. We all know how well we all would do investing in the stock market on our own. I know from looking at my own 401(k). But that we not for our benefit, that was for Wall Street.
        After all, it's on video, a bank executive called Shelly Moore Capito "Wall Street's secret weapon."
        Just a few facts. Not opinions.
        Now tell me, what has Rep. Capito done for West Virginia?

  • CaptainQ

    No matter what Natalie says or does now, she cannot escape the shadow of Obama.

    End of story