KANAWHA CITY, W.Va. — Charleston city police say three teenagers led a group of six people who planned and carried out the armed robbery that led to the shooting of a store clerk at the Kanawha City Foodland.

WV Regional Jails

John Proctor, III (top) and Ricky Patterson are two of those charged in connection with Thursday night’s robbery and shooting at the Kanawha City Foodland.

Detectives made the initial arrests Friday night, within 24 hours of the crime. They charged John Proctor, III, 19, of Charleston, with armed robbery and malicious wounding. He allegedly fired the gun that injured store clerk Shawna Sampson. An unidentifield 17-year-old boy wearing gloves and a mask allegedly joined Proctor in the store. He reportedly carried a pellet gun.

Police also charged Ricky Patterson, 18, of Charleston, with armed robbery. He allegedly checked out the Foodland for the other two before the robbery to make sure the store safe was open and there were no police present. Police said he was promised $30 for.

Police have also secured arrest warrants for Telisa McCauley and Alisyn Proctor who were allegedly promised $3,000 each for driving the getaway car. There also may be another juvenile charged, police said.

Investigators said the group stayed at the Super 8 Motel in Barboursville Thursday.

Proctor is being held on $750,000 bail and Patterson on $500,000. Both are at the South Central Regional Jail.

The Foodland clerk Sampson was shot in the chest and was listed in stable condition at CAMC General on Friday.

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  • Justagirl

    What happened to being responsible for ones self? You can place it on the schools parents or city as a failure but at some point it has to be their own fault. One of these small minded young men is simply a follower of the Proctor boy and it seems he's gonna follow him right on to the big house.

    • Ron - from Morgantown

      So Proctor is the ringleader ? Why did they stay at the 8 ? Was this idea to rob the food land done for the thrill or desperation or boredom or drugs ? Seems like a risky and dangerous idea . Why this store ? Was it close to where they lived ?

      • Marcus

        John Proctor worked as carryout (bag boy) at that foodland for a couple of months this summer, quit sometime in early July (maybe fired unsure). It's an old style safe (not a drop safe) and it is kept open all day until 11pm - and John knew this being a former employee

      • Justin

        The store is in Kanawha City, which is about 50 minutes or so from Barboursville, where the group stayed.

  • Ron - From Morgantown

    Is Alisyn the sister or wife or the mother of Proctor, III ? 6 idiots , all need to be tried as adults .

    • Justagirl

      It's the sister. This bunch lives near me and this isn't shocking in anyway.

  • Ron - From Morgantown

    I don't see any posts here thanking the police for once again solving a serious crime within 24 hours . Thank You ! For your professionalism and dedication . It's amazing how they solve crimes so quickly . I understand they worked all night on this one . We just take for granted that the scum will be apprehended . Next time you see a police officer thank them for there service . They make little or no money but still serve the community 24 hours a day .

    • Fred

      My father-in-law is a deputy and my cousin is a police officer. Between their pay, overtime from JAG grants, benefits, pension, and take-home car they each make about $100,000 pear year.

      • Cops Wife

        I don't know where your family members are LEO's, but it is most definitely no where near Charleston.

      • Ron - from Morgantown

        Wow didn't know they made that much $ .

        • Cops Wife

          LOL Trust me, around here they don't. Maybe in Vegas, but not here.

    • Ron - From Morgantown


  • Hinton "West By God Virginia"

    Amen Martinsburg Resident and DL. Things were a lot better before God was forced out of schools along with whippings.

    • Leo

      I agree.

    • Dumb Liberals


  • Martinsburg Resident

    My wife & I chose to bring our children up to have a "personal relationship" with Jesus Christ and to beware of the "Religious" people... I know to some it's foolishness (the Gospel), but Jesus is the Hope of the world. Reports like this are very sad, but predictable, given the state of our Country. My family chooses Love over hate, giving over taking, & Faith in God over government. After all this is what America was founded on... it's time we return to HIM! God Bless America!

    • Kelly

      MR - what is your view on Catholics?

    • Hinton "West

      Amen Martinsburg Resident and DL.

    • Dumb Liberals

      A true breath of fresh air! Congratulation on being responsible parents, believers and Christians. Unfortunately, you are in a minority that is under assault by the liberals, leftists, democrats, (d)'s who have stolen the country.

      My only question is when is the silence of the Christians going to break and they rise up and retake the country from this lawless group of leftist thieves?

      • thornton

        God save me from those at any extreme or who hold steadfastly to a dug-in belief in having an Answer...moreso, may God save me from any born-again blather....oh yea, plus save me, God from that fella that hangs around outside the Kroger store with a bible.

        • Silas Lynch

          Maybe G_D will smite you DEAF,,, .....but I would settle if he would just mute your keyboard

      • The bookman


        I think the important thing to take away from Martinsburg is the difference between living a Christian life and living a Religious life. Even among Christians, religiosity can get in between man and God. I consider myself Christian, raise my children with Christian principles, and tithe according to scripture. But I am turned off by the Religiosity of Church. I catch that undertone from Martinsburg as well.

        I don't think it is up to Christians to retake the country. It is up to all of us, as citizens of the United States to require our government to be responsible in the decisions they make. If they can't be responsible, we should elect new leaders. Our Country was founded on the principles of freedom and liberty. The fact that the original colonists were escaping religious persecution, and happened to be largely Christian, doesn't supersede the basic tenets of our founding. It's about freedom.

        • Ron - From Morgantown

          The loss of the middle class in America is partly to blame . Two income families working service related jobs that pay 8 or 9 an hour can be incredibly stressful . You don't have much of a life if all you do is live hand to mouth . You have no time to develop your ego . So your self worth is always on empty .
          Soon divorce follows and a mother making minimum wage is trying to raise Proctor III . We've got to find a way to bring back a manufacturing base to America , because this country is dead without it . As the middle class goes , so goes America . The country is crying out for true leadership .

          • Jason412

            Hop's with a Hip,

            I wouldn't say I regret it, the options were limited. PA, in general, is doing pretty good. I'm not a fan of Corbett's absurd comments on gay marriage (comparing it to incest), but I'm a huge fan of privatizing the liquor stores to get the funds needed to work on infrastructure. I'm not a fan of allowing fracking to be done in small county parks or under Pittsburgh International Airport, but I'm a fan of the Shell Cracker that is actually being built. It's give and take.

            I probably would have had more regrets voting for Onorato. His 10% drink tax as County Executive almost cost many of my friend's their businesses, and when he was finally supposed to turn the money raised from the tax over to the Port Authority he refused to do so.

            Will I vote for Corbett again? I wont be voting in PA this year, so no. But I probably wouldn't even if I was voting there. He'll more than likely lose regardless, as he's got some of the lowest approval ratings for a Governor in the nation.

          • Hop'sHip

            Jason with a number: How are you feeling about that Corbett vote now? Are you going to vote for him again?

          • The bookman

            I agree with every point you made.

          • Jason412

            "We have SMC, and NT who is attempting to sound as much like SMC for fear people will pair her with the President."

            It was pretty classic listening as NT tried to dodge the Harry Reid question, so as to not offend hardcore Democrat's or alienate the rest of West Virginian's.

            "I assume then you would support Jenkins over Rahall if that was your district of residence. He has been in Congress in the majority for most of his 38 years"

            I can't say for certain I'd vote for Jenkins, not a fan of the complete flip-flop of ideology just to have a chance at the election. I can say for certain I wouldn't vote for Rahall. I probably would have voted for Ojeda in the primary. I did vote for Corbett for Governor over Onorato with Onorato's past mistakes as County Executive playing a large part in influencing that.

            Many are against NT's lack of experience, but I see it as an asset for her. At least she personally shares no blame in our current Congress. Obviously that's not a good enough reason to vote for her, but she'd be smarter to reference that as opposed to her "former newscaster and Mountaineer" rhetoric.

            John Buckley has some interesting views, it's a shame he'll lose based solely on party.

          • The bookman


            I don't claim SMC as a highly credentialed candidate, a great leader, or a visionary. She has largely been a back bench member of the house, but a reliable and predictable vote for the Republican Leadership. I wish our choice for Senate were between better candidates, but they aren't. So I think it is reasonable to consider the implications of the election based on factors like Majority Leadership in the absence of real solid choices.

            Let's face it. We have SMC, and NT who is attempting to sound as much like SMC for fear people will pair her with the President. But if the smell test in voting for a candidate is what legislation has made a positive difference in people's lives that can be traced to the candidate, I assume then you would support Jenkins over Rahall if that was your district of residence. He has been in Congress in the majority for most of his 38 years.

          • Jason412


            SMC has been part of the majority in the House in the most recent Congress, as well as the 107th under a Republican President. She was also part of the 108th and 109th when both chambers were Republican majority, and the President was a Republican.

            Can you refresh my memory as to what she accomplished during those many years as part of the majority that actually benefited the middle-class, particularly the middle-class of WV? No sarcasm intended, as I would genuinely like to know and am not having much luck finding it on my own.

          • The bookman

            Amazing how you manage to lay out the problems we face economically, yet support candidates that do not get us there. NT would fall right in line with the President and Harry Reid if elected to the Senate, and although I realize they aren't on this ballot, you do realize that they call the shots if the Senate remains Democratic. Inexpensive energy, stable economic environment, predictable regulatory climate, and competitive tax structures are the keys to building any kind of manufacturing base, and none of those characteristics are in focus in this administration.

            The president is purposefully raising the cost of energy for no other reason than to placate the environmental lobby and the governments in Europe who have saddled their economies with this climate change shackle. Obamacare is a noose around the neck of business as premiums can't be supported without reducing coverage. Who knows what new decision looms from this EPA as if relates to regulation and compliance, and if you disagree with the agenda of this President, the IRS will target you.and our corporate tax rate is the highest in e developed world, and we wonder why companies are seeking to locate elsewhere.

            You're a smart guy Ron. Is that an agenda that is supportive of manufacturing? Of a return to prominence of the middle class?

        • exactly

          Thank you Bookman. Well said. American is about freedom loving people of all persuasions supporting one another.

  • Abram

    Any judge that was involved in keeping these rats out of jail earlier owes the store owner an apology if not more.

  • thornton

    It would be interesting to maintain a file of ongoing mugshots for these feckless rapscallions...see how they age through the years.

  • Hillbilly

    This is exactly why I pay my taxes so we can have prisons to house this type of trash , I think life without parole would be fine , these people are totally worthless , they need to be gone !!!!

  • funky

    $30? Here's an idea. Mow a lawn for $30. Unreal!

  • truth be told

    Here we have the long term effects of the welfare state creating a class of scumbags who don't have to work to get by. I guarantee the thugs who did this have deadbeat parents... they grow up watching their parents get by without working so how in the world are they ever going to have enough initiative to earn an honest living? Get as much free money as you can, steal the rest to keep you on the couch and in pills. Public schools support the entitlement culture. It's time to hold the welfare class accountable. Scum breeds scum. It has to stop.

    • Gary

      You have identified a problem with poor sum bags, but how do we also deal with rich scum bags.

      • truth be told

        Gary - When is the last time you saw a rich scumbag shoot a store clerk over a few dollars?

        • like a fiddle

          Funny thing is the top 1% are the ones that payoff the bottom feeders with SSI, SSDI, Etc. so they don't do more stuff like this. Welfare is a way of placating the bottom dwellers so they don't riot more than they do. Oh yeah, those top 1%ers fix it so the middle class pay the bill for the social tranquility that allows them to make money hand over fist. Its a great scheme. Especially when you can do a liberal vs. conservative, FOX vs MSNBC, good cop/bad cop routine that divides the working stiffs against each other. Its a suckers game. Look in the mirror. The big guys are playing you like a fiddle.

          • The bookman

            If you asked the 1%r's about your theory, they would probably agree that they are paying the load, but not willingly. People with money want to invest their money to turn it into a profit. Giving it to punk losers like these guys a good investment strategy does not make.

          • GF

            Keep on believing that garbage, it's not your fault, it's the man holding you down. Of course bettering yourself would require work. Just 2 more weeks until the check comes....

          • truth be told

            What you describe there fiddle is straight out of the Dem's national playbook... grow the welfare class and lock in the votes. Paint corporations and business owners as the bad guys, and the Dems are here to make sure you get yours. The real suckers are those who keep voting this way.

  • Jason

    Nice work Capone. Rob a grocery store? Really. What kind of score would that be anyway, split $300 + some ground chuck? They would probably make more money if they just pulled together their collective $5 and just opened a lemonade stand in the corner.

    • Joe

      Spot on, Jason. However, thT would require initiative, hard work and non-dysfunctionalty. These are traits that are not found in the HUD housing, entitlement dependent subculture of animals that ate growing exponentionally.

      Of course, they would probably end up robbing themselves anyway.

  • WV Grad

    The "truth" comes to many youths today from the media; and the Judeo-Christian ethic and the Ten Commandments are no longer welcome in the majority of our schools--in the name of holy secularism and moral relativity.

    That ethic and those commandments were the glue that held America together and now in most public places it is gone. Without a moral compass such atrocities will continue.

    • Ethan

      Isn't secularism by definition not holy? Not sure where you're getting moral relativity from secularism but just keep going with all your misconceptions and generalizations about people. Additionally, you seem to have rewritten history with your claim that America was founded directly on Christian principles. While certainly Christianity did have some influence of the politics of early America. A very large portion of the founding fathers, Ben Franklin Thomas Jefferson John Adams etc., did not consider themselves Christians. Perhaps the greatest influence on early American politics was classical philosophy, John Locke David Hume Rousseau etc., which was based on an earlier Greco-roman tradition. But if you recite a bunch of confused brainwashed nonsense about the degradation of American morality be my guest.

      • SCOTT

        Dude, that kind of talk will get you no where on here....its God Guns and Guts and Conservatism that matters..oh and God...and Conservatism...mostly conservatism.....ok just conservatism...but they all have a direct line to God...so...its conservatism.

      • jcsmith

        Ethan you and the fiddle need the LORD.

      • like a fiddle

        Ethan, facts will get you no where when debating a man who only believes what he hears on TV or from his a fundamentalist shakedown artist on Sunday morning. Yep, if it weren't for the Enlightenment we'd all be worshiping a christian fundamentalist version of Allah and teaching that the earth was the center of the solar system. Morality has about as much to do with religion as ethics does with politics. True morality comes down to how you treat your neighbor and the love and kindness you spread, it is not the province of any dogma, religious or otherwise.

        • SCOTT

          Thats all DL has is Dogma...and he is a Republican first you betcha....DL....has the lord for sure...but his name is Rush or Ronald...

          not the God i was brought up to believe in.

        • Jed

          Fiddle, what type of "Enlightenment" are you speaking of? You mean the so-called morality that says that it's okay to kill a baby in it's mother's womb?

          Where does your morality come from, and what foundation does it stand on? Everything you claim just evolved actually comes from Judeo-Christian ethics.
          What rules do you follow that say that it's not moral to steal, murder or rape, and where did they come from?

          You can believe that liberal propaganda if you want, but here are a few quotes from our Founding Fathers.

          "“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” - George Washington

          "“The Declaration of Independence laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity.” – John Adams

          I could give you many more, but it probably wouldn't matter to you. You've obviously already decided that you already know everything.

          • Ethan

            If you were genuinely wondering, I believe Fiddle was referring to the Age of Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason. It started in the late 17th century and caused the scientific revolution among other things.

            On morality, my personal belief is that morality is not relative to particular situations but is rather quite definite. However, similar to scientific laws they are discovered rather than made and our understanding of them, while incomplete, increases. This concept is explained better and more completely by Matt Dillahunty in his lecture on "The Superiority of Secular Morality."

            As I stated earlier, while the abrahamic religions certainly played a large influence on the founding of America, they were not the sole nor even the largest influence. For example many aspects of the Greco-Roman tradition are present in the thoughts of our Founding Fathers, concepts which origins lie in Athenian Democracy, Plato's The Republic, The Roman Republic, etc. What's also interesting is how greek philosophy influenced judaism and early christianity, especially stoicism and neoplatonism. Additionally many other religions/philosophies made their mark on said theology including Mithraism, Gnosticism, Zorastrianism, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and various pagan and canaanite religions.

            As to the Founding Fathers, you got me. It turns out that John Adams considered himself a Christian.
            However he did state,"As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed?"

            However, many others weren't Christians at all. If you don't believe me, here are some quotes.

            Thomas Paine: "I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any Church that I know of. My own mind is my own Church."

            Benjamin Franklin: "My Parents had early given me religious Impressions, and brought me through my Childhood piously in the Dissenting Way. But I was scarce 15 when, after doubting by turns of several Points as I found them disputed in the different Books I read, I began to doubt of Revelation itself."

            However, nearly all of them whether Christian or deist were secular humanists which is one of the major reasons we have the first ammendment.

        • Jason412

          Not to mention shooting someone for nothing is as much of an American past-time as baseball.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Drug related I would expect.

  • MK

    Where the schools have truly failed is in the production of students who would commit such a crime for only $30!! I am calling for the immediate implementation of negotiation education in our schools. The more you know ...

    • ray

      you need to start at home first, everyone blames the schools including the parents of these idiots. Parents need to look in the mirror.

  • Low Rider

    Fine students of the Charleston school system.

    Our state capital is a crime ridden hole in the wall. I work in the city on occasion, and can't wait to get out at the end of the day.

    • Dumb Liberals

      All children of the liberal left indoctrination centers operated and infested by unionized instructors and entitlement driven controllers of the socialized, democratically controlled government. When a system works, don't screw with it. The animals they have bred are killing each other off at a rapid pace, with some collateral damage.

      • John

        You are just an ignorant person. Your statement is filled with exaggerations beyond belief and dignity. You probably get up in the morning, turn on your facet and refuse to drink the water because it is a liberal conspiracy to socialize water treatment and public health.

        • Dumb Liberals

          Keep drinkin' that blue porta-jon water, John Boy. That's called the elixir of the leftist, aka koolberry KoolAid. The drink of the m0r0n's m0r0ns. I believe its bottled on the Kan-a-wa-HA.

          • SCOTT

            you so funny....you should go on the road..or at least a radio...4 hours of Rush and then they bring in the big Gun....I cant wait to read your work every day.

        • really?

          No, I don't drink the water because it keeps getting poisoned in our liberal controlled state.

          • Ethan

            Yeah. It's a "liberal controlled" state's fault when a deregulated corporation leaks chemicals into a river because it hasn't been inspected in 20 years. No to government oversight and corporate responsibility!!!